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Long-distance moving has never been easier.

Moving to a new city requires extra care, which is why our customer service team is ready to help you build a custom long-distance moving plan.

Expect more from your long distance movers.

Dedicated truck option

Don't worry about sharing your truck space or move-day with anyone else. Opt for a dedicated truck rental packed with you in mind and driven directly to your new home.

A guaranteed long distance moving quote

Receive a fixed price, personalized quote and then reserve your move without having to worry about hidden fees.

Precise pickup and delivery services

There's no need to get held up by service windows. With Bellhops, you can relax knowing your movers 
and belongings will be there exactly when they've been requested to be there.


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Amazing experience all around. From scheduling to payment, Bellhop made my long-distance move so much less stressful. I won’t use any other long-distance moving company again!

— Emma S., Customer in Knoxville

In-state moving

Intrastate moves can be a Catch-22. You can't book a local move, but you don't want the markups associated with most long-distance moves. Don't worry. Our concierge approach enables us to coordinate the necessary services without unnecessary fees.

Interstate moving

Whether you’re moving to a neighboring state or moving cross-country, we have the teams and the trucks to help you with your interstate move. Full house moves, installing furniture and office equipment, or just a few items, we got you!

Long-distance moving like no one else.

Convenient booking

Book on your schedule with one of our dedicated customer service agents. We don't require an in-home estimate, so it's free to get a quote.

A to B with no in-between

With a dedicated truck, your belongings will head straight to your new home and arrive right on schedule—no detours in-between you and getting settled.


Dedicated move coordinator

Your move is guided by a single move expert, who organizes your experience from the second you book until the moment when you realize you're home. We make sure you'll get a seamless, easy, and unforgettable long-distance moving experience with amazing customer service.

Now it’s your move.

We understand that every move is unique, which is why you have the ability to tailor your services to best fit your needs. Let us unpack what you’re looking for.

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Long-distance moving FAQs

When looking for a professional and trustworthy moving service, first make sure you understand the type of moving services you need, check out their customer service reputation, and make sure they provide clear upfront rates without any hidden additional costs. High-quality, trustworthy, reliable movers will also be able to provide a customized move plan and a stress-free moving experience. Also, check online reviews. Read the customer reviews on Google, Yelp, and Foursquare to see what kind of moving service experience their past long-distance moving customers have had.

When scheduling most long-distance moving companies, you need to give them several weeks' notice to book. However, if you book with Bellhop, you can book long-distance movers in as little as eight days before your move.

Average long-distance moving costs vary greatly according to size and distance to travel. However, according to the American Moving and Storage Association, the average cost of a long-distance move is $4,300. This was calculated after accounting for the cost of moving resources such as supplies, accommodations l(ike hotel costs), etc. Customers can find cost savings by comparing quotes between companies, using a pod storage container, or using a labor-only moving service such as Bellhop.

Long-distance and cross-country moving checklist

Pack your belongings in storage bins. You can have a few loose items, but the vast majority of your packing should ideally be in cardboard boxes or plastic containers. This will make it is easier on the movers who will be packing, loading and unloading everything from your home.

You may find it helpful to label each box with the room it will go in at your new home ("kitchen," "bedroom," etc.) for easier unloading.

You should also bring an inventory list with you so that we can help match your belongings to their respective boxes and packing containers when they arrive at your new home. This will make unpacking much easier since everything is identified from the get-go.

You will need to find a local moving company who offers long-distance services—like Bellhop. You can either start booking online or just contact one of our helpful customer service agents and we'll connect you with a team of movers and a truck in your area.

Establishing a timeline with the movers will help you stay organized. Also, have them give you an estimate of the cost of your move. Don't forget to ask about additional costs like gas fees or per-mile charges that are in addition to their standard quote. This way, there won't be any surprises when they come to your house on moving day.

This may seem obvious, but we see many people forget it. When packing up your items, be mindful of what is going to fit in the new home and if it's necessary for your new location. For instance, if you don't have a lot of space to store clothes or shoes then get rid of any clothing or footwear that won't fit in the new home. Additionally, if there are any items that can't be used at the new location (such as appliances) then get rid of them before you move so they don't take up space on your truck. If not, you may end up having to pay for a storage unit or temporary storage for items you aren't even using.

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Consider your commute

When you find the perfect house in a new town, you're excited, but also nervous about how it'll work out. One of the most important things to consider is how far away the house will be from your office or school. Will it take too long to commute? Are there stores nearby that have what you need? Is there good public transportation nearby?

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Ask friends and family for advice

When looking for a new house getting input from your friends and family is important. Ask them what they think about it, if there's anything you need to know or worry about, and how long their commute was from where they lived before. It also helps to look at some schools in that town too - are they good, are they overcrowded? How's the public transportation in relation to your house and work/school?

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Make sure you feel at home

The final thing you need to do when looking for that perfect new home is to make sure it's a place where you can really be yourself! It might seem like an odd choice on this list but there'll come a time when you need to make the call between a job or staying in your current location and it's not worth having that stress on top of everything else.