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Bellhops provides friendly, low-stress local moving services.

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Instant online bookingEstimate move costs
and reserve in minutes.
Flexible schedulingNo arrival windows
or wait times.
Clear & simple pricingNo hidden fees for
mileage, fuel or large items.
Seamless paymentsPay and tip in one
cashless transaction.
Next-day movesBook today and move
as early as tomorrow.
Pay-as-you-goOnly pay for the
time we work.

Bellhops is a modern moving company.

We combine technology with a young and talented workforce to provide a unique, cost-effective and stress-free moving experience in 20+ cities. Our app-based workflow enables us to quickly communicate with our movers anytime, anywhere, eliminating the need for traditional brick-and-mortar locations, 9-5 schedules, and massive call centers. We take these savings on overhead and transfer them directly to our customers.

Estimate costs and book your move online in minutes.

Select a service, day and time that work for you.

Choose your preferred number of bellhops and the amount of time it will take to get your stuff loaded, transported and unloaded.

Reschedule your move at no charge up to one full calendar day before your move date.

Meet your Bellhops.

Once your move is booked, bellhops in your area are notified through our app and claim your job.

You’ll receive an email with photos of your bellhops the day before your move.

We handpick hardworking, courteous college students and train them to be the best movers you'll ever meet. Each one is fit, friendly, fully background-checked, and dedicated to giving you a moving experience full of big smiles and a positive attitude.

Relax while bellhops do the heavy lifting.

Your bellhops arrive on move day and clock in through our app. They’ll work with you to lay out a plan for your move and get to work. Once the truck is loaded, you’ll caravan with your bellhops to your final destination, where they’ll complete your move.

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Finish, pay and tip in one simple step.

Once your bellhops have completed your move and clocked out, you’ll receive a link to approve the time they worked. You’ll pay, opt to tip and leave a review in a single cashless transaction.

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