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Long-distance movers in Las Vegas, NV

Experienced Las Vegas Long-distance movers you're going to love.

Making that Las Vegas long-distance move requires extra care and thought, which is why our dedicated and expert team of exceptional customer service representatives are ready to help you build a customized move plan.

How Long-Distance Moving with Bellhop Works in Las Vegas

Bellhop Trucks

Dedicated trucks

With Bellhop's full-service moves, you won't worry about hassles like sharing your truck space or move-day with anyone else. Opt for a dedicated truck packed with you in mind and driven directly to your new home, whether it's move one city over, or a cross-country move.

Long-distance Container Moves

We also offer the option to ship your household goods with a container - schedule when you'd like it to arrive, and our movers can unload it into your new home.


Precise pickup and delivery

There's no need to get held up by a vague or wide service window range. With Bellhop, you can relax knowing your crew of Las Vegas long-distance movers and belongings will be at your new home exactly when you've requested them.

Top-Rated Long-Distance Moving Company in Las Vegas

Bellhop was named a Best Mover of 2022 by U.S. News & World Report, based on criteria including services offered, cost, licensing, customer satisfaction, and probability of being on time. The independent evaluation, which analyzed an initial pool of more than 30 moving businesses, ranked Bellhop at #2 overall. (And yes, we have our sights trained on that #1 spot! But for now, we're pleased to be recognized along with some of the largest and most established movers in the moving industry)

Las Vegas Long-Distance Truck Moves Near You

Your Bellhop Pros and truck will arrive on the day of your choosing; the truck will be loaded and driven directly to your destination, where it will be unloaded on your schedule. Unlike other long-distance movers and van lines, you don’t have to worry about sharing your move day or truck space with anyone else. You can rest assured that your belongings and fragile items will arrive safely and promptly at your new home. 

When Is The Best Time to Move?

The demand for movers depends on the time of year. The most expensive and busiest time to move is during the summer, whereas the cheapest time is between the months of September and April. During the summer, especially for parents, it's a more convenient time because their kids are on summer break. But ultimately it's up to the individual/family to decide on the best time for them to move.

Long-Distance Moving FAQs

When looking for a professional and trustworthy moving service, make sure you understand the type of service that best fits your needs. Check their customer service reputation and reviews before hiring them as well as whether or not they provide clear upfront rates without any hidden additional costs, with each quote given out by prospective movers in order to have an easier time planning around your schedule while still being able get what we need from the company. High-quality reliable ones will also be able produce customized plans based off different types of homes/apartments which can lead both parties feeling more relaxed during stressful times such having someone show up at your doorsteps instead!

Booking a long-distance moving company is normally done at least several weeks in advance. However, with Bellhop you can get an affordable move in as little as eight days!

Book top rated movers in Las Vegas, NV.

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Bellhop is a federally regulated property broker that connects you with independent labor and/or transportation providers. For more information about our operations, please review our Terms of Service.

Long-distance Container Movers Near You

Together with our partners at PODS, Bellhop Pros will load your belongings into secure storage containers to be transported to your destination, where they will be carefully unloaded on a specified date. If you require flexibility with the timing of your long-distance move, or you need an interim storage solution (PODS containers can be kept in your driveway or in PODS’ storage facilities across the country), a storage service move is a convenient and cost-effective option.

Long-distance Labor Only Moves in Las Vegas

A team of Las Vegas Bellhop Pros will expertly load and/or unload a truck you’ve rented. While this more DIY option requires you to drive the truck to your final destination, it saves you time, energy, and unnecessary stress: our Pros leverage their years fo experience to pack your truck(s) with maximum efficiency – keeping your furniture and valuables safe in transit with no wasted truck space. And, as with our other long-distance move options, our labor only move services accommodate your schedule. If you're concerned with moving cost, this can be a great option.


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Customer reviews


Average rating


I recently used Bellhop Moving and the 2 guys were awesome. Cody was the lead but both guys were above and beyond. These guys were so awesome that it didn't even feel as if we were working. I would highly recommend bellhop Moving to anyone.

— Mr. Malcom, Las Vegas Nevada

Need Another Type of Moving Service Near Las Vegas?

Not all moves are the same, and at Bellhop, we have a variety of moving services that will help you get your life or your office to their new destination. For more information on each type of service we provide check out:

  • Las Vegas Local Movers
  • Las Vegas Last Minute Movers
  • In-state Moving Near You

    Booking intrastate moves can be tricky with other moving companies. You can book a local move, but you get hit with huge markups at the mention of “long distance.” Don't worry: Bellhop’s custom approach and dedicated move coordinators enable us to deliver the best long distance intrastate residential moves or commercial moves in Las Vegas without unnecessary fees.

    Interstate Moving and Cross Country Movers in Las Vegas

    When you need a interstate move or cross-country moving services, Bellhop can accommodate your partial or full-service long distance moving needs. As nationwide movers, we have the teams and the trucks to handle interstate or cross-country moves to virtually any geographic location. Whether your job involves a full house move, partial furniture move, or office equipment installation, we’ve got your back all the way.

    Long-distance moving like never before.

    Bellhop Dashboard

    Convenient booking

    Bellhop can build a long-distance move plan that fits your needs and budget. Receive a quote and book over the phone in minutes with the help of our dedicated customer service team – no need for an in-home estimate.

    long distance icon

    Ongoing Guidance

    From the moment you make your reservation, you'll get practical tips and updates, including an introduction with pictures of your team so that you’re greeted by familiar faces on the day(s) of your service. We can even help with additional services via our moving partners.


    Dedicated move support

    Our move coordination team is at your service to ensure that your long-distance move goes smoothly. Should any issues arise, you’ll have an entire team at your disposal to make sure everything is handled right away.

    Friendly Las Vegas long-distance movers

    Every long-distance move comes with a few surprises, but your movers shouldn't be one of them. You'll get photos of your professional, background-chekcked Las Vegas long-distance moving team ahead of time so you're greeted by familiar faces on move day. Gain peace of mind knowing there will be one less surprise on your long-distance move.

    Unparalleled customer service for a stress-free long-distance move

    Moving can be one of the most stressful experiences in life. Having the right moving team in place can help make it go smoothly. Bellhop provides unmatched customer service to make your long-distance move as easy and stress-free as possible.

    What sets us apart from other Las Vegas long-distance moving companies is our focus on superior customer care, not just speed or price. We offer a variety of long-distance and cross country moving options for different needs. Our goal is to make sure you have all the support you need, and superior customer service throughout the entire long-distance moving process, so that it goes smoothly.

    Now it’s your move.

    We understand that every move is unique, which is why you have the ability to tailor your services to best fit your needs. Not sure where to begin? Let us help you unpack your options.

    Book top rated movers in Las Vegas, NV.

    817 S. Main St., Las Vegas, NV 89101

    1 (702) 728-3359

    DOT #2878240

    Mon-Sat 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM EST

    Sun 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM EST

    Bellhop is a federally regulated property broker that connects you with independent labor and/or transportation providers. For more information about our operations, please review our Terms of Service.