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Join Our Team

Become a mover with Bellhops.

Every day, bellhops enter people's lives and handle the physical and emotional demands of moving in a way that makes us proud to work with them. In return, we do everything we can to celebrate their talent and hard work.

Pay bills, gain skills

Enjoy a job where you can set your own hours and feel proud about what you did with them.

Make great money

Earn on average $21 an hour, including tips and bonuses. Get paid weekly, and receive extra compensation for referrals and great performance.

Build your own schedule

Construct a work routine that fits with your life and can be adjusted each week.

Boost your career

Develop real-world service and problem-solving skills without being stuck behind a desk

How the process works

Enter your schedule in the Bellhops app and get matched with people who need help moving.

Arrive on time, meet your team, and get to work.

Keep working and keep getting paid every week. Strong performance will earn you preferential jobs, as well as leadership opportunities and a chance to make more money.

Strong Character

What it takes to become a bellhop:

Each bellhop can quickly determine what customers need and then carry out the job with consideration and care. To do this, they:


Approach life with optimism and enthusiasm.


Show deep care for others by putting them first.


Work well with the team.


Constantly identify opportunities to improve and serve.


Get things done the right way even when it’s the hard way.


Complete the task at hand, at the highest level.

Strong Resolve

Bellhops have a firm handle on moving

In addition to having dedication and heart, each bellhop must be able to manage all the physical and logistical aspects of the job.


Be over 18 years old


Be able to lift 100 pounds


Own a smartphone


Be responsible for their own transportation


Complete the Bellhops interview process


Pass a free online background check


Have a standard checking account with a qualified financial institution

We’re changing the way people feel about moving in 74 cities throughout the United States.

Some people work hard, and some people work smart. If you can do both, consider joining your local community of bellhops.