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Long-distance movers in Pittsburgh, PA

Experienced Pittsburgh Long-distance movers you're going to love.

Making that Pittsburgh long-distance move requires extra care and thought, which is why our dedicated and expert team of exceptional customer service representatives are ready to help you build a customized move plan.

Bellhop Trucks

Dedicated trucks

Don't worry about sharing your truck space or move-day with anyone else, let alone contractors for moves. Opt for a dedicated truck geared with all the boxes, durable packing material, and packing supplies with you in mind and make the entire moving process a stress-free moving experience.

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Affordable Moving Quote

One of the biggest factors movers decide on before relocating is how much it costs to make said move. Especially for those that are looking for quick and budget-friendly options for affordable moving services, we have great news for you! Instead of another moving company attempting to overcharge you for additional expenses or an obscene hourly rate or moving estimates, receive a guaranteed, all-inclusive flat rate price quote and then reserve your long-distance or cross-country movers without having to worry about hidden fees.


Precise pickup and delivery

There's no need to get held up by service windows. With Bellhop, you can relax knowing your crew of professional and reliable movers and belongings will be there exactly when you've requested them to be there, at record time and delivery schedule.

Don't just take it from us...

Bellhop was named a Best Mover of 2022 by U.S. News & World Report, based on criteria including services offered, cost, licensing, customer satisfaction, and probability of being on time. The independent evaluation, which analyzed an initial pool of more than 30 moving businesses, ranked Bellhop at #2 overall. (And yes, we have our sights trained on that #1 spot! But for now, we're pleased to be recognized along with some of the largest and most established movers in the business.)


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About Us

Bellhop is a federally regulated property broker that connects you with background-checked, friendly, Pittsburgh movers & a variety of professional packing services, ranging from long-distance moving services to various distance moving services, to short-term and long-term storage options, and to many other beneficial services, based on your specific needs.

When Is The Best Time to Move?

The demand for movers depends on the time of year. The most expensive and busiest time to move is during the summer, whereas the cheapest time is between September and April. During the summer, especially for parents, it's a more convenient time because their kids are on summer break. But ultimately it's up to the individual/family to decide on the best time for them to move.

Need Another Type of Moving Service?

Not all moves are the same, and at Bellhop, we have a variety of moving services that will help you get your life or your office to their new destination. For more information on each type of service we provide check out:

  • Pittsburgh Local Movers
  • Pittsburgh Apartment Movers
  • Pittsburgh Last Minute Movers
  • Pittsburgh Commercial Movers
  • In-state moving

    Moving in-state can be a catch-22. People can't book common kinds of moves like local ones, but you don't want the markups associated with most long-distance moves. Don't worry. Our concierge approach enables us to coordinate the necessary moving services without unnecessary fees.

    Long-Distance Moving and Cross-Country Hauls

    Whether you're moving to a neighboring state or moving cross country, our friendly and experienced relocation specialists go through a drug screen before they are hired and allowed to handle your move. In addition, we have dedicated trucks, and comprehensive moving services to help you go the distance.

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    Convenient booking

    Book on your schedule with a friendly moving specialist. We don't require an in-home estimate, so it's free to get moving quotes or a cost estimate within minutes.

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    A to B with no in between

    With a dedicated truck and experienced professional movers, we'll keep your precious belongings and items safe - from precious items, fragile items, prized household items, valuable items, etc. - and will be handled with the same level of care as you would, and will head straight to your new home and arrive right on schedule no detours in-between you and getting settled.


    Dedicated move coordinator

    Your move is guided by a single skilled and dedicated moving crew leader who organizes your crew of efficient movers and the entire relocation process from pickup to destination, ensuring an enjoyable client experience.

    The Best Long Distance Movers in Pittsburgh

    Friendly long-distance movers

    Every long-distance or cross-country move comes with a few surprises, but your interstate movers shouldn't be one of them. You'll get photos of your long-distance team of movers ahead of time so you're greeted by familiar Pittsburgh faces on move day. Gain peace of mind knowing there will be one less surprise on your long-distance moving journey.

    Exceptional Service for a Stressless Moving Experience

    Moving can be one of the most stressful experiences in life. As a broker unlike any Pittsburgh moving company, Bellhop provides customer service excellence to make that experience as easy and stress-free as possible. What sets us apart from other long-distance moving companies is that we go the extra mile, our focus on the dependable, high-level quality level of service through excellent customer experiences, not just speed or price. We offer a variety of long-distance moving options for different needs. Our goal is to make sure you have all the support you need, and superior customer satisfaction throughout the entire long-distance moving process, so that it goes smoothly.

    Tips From Bellhop Long Distance Moving

    Consider Your Commute

    When you find the perfect house in a new town, you're excited, but also nervous about how it'll work out. One of the most important things to consider is how far away the house will be from your office or school. Will it take too long to commute? Are there stores nearby that have what you need? Is there good public transportation nearby?

    Ask Friends and Family for Advice

    When looking for a new house getting input from your friends and family is important. Ask them what they think about it if there's anything you need to know or worry about, and how long their commute was from where they lived before. It also helps to look at some schools in that town too - are they good, are they overcrowded? How's the public transportation to your house and work/school?

    Make Sure You Feel at Home

    The final thing you need to do when looking for that perfect new home is to make sure it's a place where you can be yourself! It might seem like an odd choice on this list but there'll come a time when you need to make the call between a job or staying in your current location and it's not worth having that stress on top of everything else.

    Now it’s your move.

    We understand that every move is unique, which is why you can tailor your service requests to best fit your needs and help make your distance move seamless. Let us unpack what you're looking for. So whether you are in Pittsburgh, or anywhere else in Pennsylvania, we are prepared to provide a seamless and unparalleled service and ensure our cross-country moving services provide a seamless and painless experience and transition into your new home!

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    Bellhop is a federally regulated property broker that connects you with independent labor and/or transportation providers. For more information about our operations, please review our Terms of Service.