Moving From California to Florida: Your Guide to a Smooth Move


Be honest: do you love the California sunshine but not so much the cost of housing? If so, maybe you’re looking into moving to a state that’s a little more affordable with the same warm weather you love so much about the Golden State.

If so, why not add Florida to your list of potential states? It’s a beautiful area with countless beaches, activities, amusement parks, resorts, and so much more.

Below, we’ll share some of the reasons why moving from California to Florida could be in your best interest.

Is moving from California to Florida worth it?

This depends on your goals. If you want to lower your day-to-day spending, Florida might be the perfect choice while still affording you the many luxuries you appreciate about California.

Florida contains over 1,300 miles of coastline and beaches. If you’re looking for a tropical-feeling place to retire in the U.S., the Florida Keys are a great choice, with multiple islands to choose from. You can also enjoy big-city living in Miami or small-town life in a smaller part of Florida, such as Safety Harbor, depending on what suits your fancy.

Ultimately, Florida is a wonderful place to live, and the chances are you’re going to love it there if you like California already. If you ask us, moving from California to Florida is worth it, as you’ll get the best of both worlds: warm weather and a much lower cost of living.

Moving from California to Florida: pros and cons

Below is a general overview of the things to think about when considering a move to Florida:

Benefits of Florida, compared to California

  • Zero income tax:There isn’t a state income tax in Florida, so you never have to pay taxes on pensions, retirement income, or Social Security.
  • Decreased cost of living:Florida’s cost of living is 2.8% above the national average. One report shows that an individual must make at least $30,825 a year to make ends meet, with that amount increasing when you add on dependents–and based on the city. (It’s obviously more expensive to live in a bigger city, like Miami.) Now, just for kicks, let’s look at California. The cost of living is almost 50%higher than the national average, meaning that it costs significantly more to live in California than Florida (and many other states throughout the country, for that matter). Sources suggest that you may need to make as much as $74,371 to get by as a single person in California (Los Angeles, to be exact).
  • Cheaper homes:The median rate for a home in California is projected to get as high as $800,000 in 2022, according to one article. It has also been said that less than a quarter of Californians can actually afford this increase in home rates, which contributes to why people are heading toward the Sunshine State. The home value in Florida increased by 28% between January 2021 and January 2022 but still is well below California’s median home rate. Where exactly does Florida fall on the list? Just over $348,000!

Downsides of living in Florida

  • Greater hurricane risk:Tropical storms can impact California but not like they do Florida. There is a good chance of a severe hurricane affecting Florida once per three years.
  • Worse humidity:It gets humid in California, but Florida takes it to another level. If you like the heat but don’t want to go to a place that’s more humid than where you already live, you might want to rethink Florida.
  • Must transport your belongings a long distance:There’s a 2,782.8 mile driving distance between California and Florida. If you choose to move to Florida, you’re looking at a long-distance move, which can get complicated fast–if you aren’t working with the right moving team. (The great thing about consulting a moving company is that you can get key insight on when to schedule the move to avoid weather mishaps and more.)

Benefits of moving to Florida from California

Here are some additional reasons to consider Florida for your new home:

  • Great schools
  • Beautiful scenery
  • Tropical weather
  • Diverse culture and wildlife
  • Discounts to attractions
  • Abundant sports games
  • The best key lime pie

The Average cost to move from California to Florida

Whether you need a moving truck, long-distance movers, packing supplies, and more can all contribute to the total cost of your move. In general, moving to California from the Sunshine State costs $5,000-$8,000.

Remember that when you move to Florida, you may want to put more aside for getting a new driver’s license, homeowner association fees, and any other costs to move into your new home or apartment.

Moving from California to Florida: tips

We hope we’ve helped you understand some of the major benefits of moving to Florida so far. Now, here are some tips to help with that move:

#1: Write a packing checklist

Like California, Florida is warm, so you won’t need to revamp your clothing on this move. However, one thing you _will_want to do is create a packing checklist so that you don’t forget the essentials. This can help with the decluttering process, making it easy to figure out what you consider as must-haves for your move to Florida.

On your packing checklist, be sure to add: order packing supplies. Some of the supplies you may find useful include blankets and plastic wrap for your furniture, as well as special boxes for appliances and electronics. You may also want to grab bubble wrap, packing paper, and mattress bags.

#2: Plan a virtual walk-through of your home or apartment

This is a handy one. Doing a virtual walk-through before moving to your new Florida home will help you feel more confident in your choice of home.

It’ll also give you an idea of where the stairs are in the home, which is important to tell your movers (if you hire them), as well as if there are any elevators or tight hallways. Don’t be afraid to ask questions during the walk-through. That’s what your sales rep is for!

#3: Request a dedicated moving truck

Dedicated moving trucks have something that batching and van line services don’t. That is, we can take you from your starting location all the way to your end destination. So, moving from California to Florida can be done without a hitch.

Bellhop has experienced, background-checked movers in both states who only need a week or so heads-up to schedule a long-distance move. We can handle the loading, unloading, transport, and storage sourcing. In addition, we’re happy to help you get your furniture set up at your new spot if you need a hand.

Also, we understand that moves can be expensive, which is why we offer fixed rates for our long-distance moving services. Our prices are competitive and economical, with no surprise fees. We also can help you with financing if you’re interested.

Start moving to the Sunshine State today

If you’d like to spend less on taxes and lower your cost of living while still enjoying the fun in the sun, Florida is the place to go, and Bellhop can help you get there. We have movers in Sacramento, Los Angeles, San Jose, and multiple other cities in California who are happy to help you move to Florida.

Our team can take care of the move from point A to B, all the way to Clearwater, Fort Lauderdale, Jacksonville, Kissimmee, or to wherever you decide to call home. We make moving from California to Florida stress-free. Find movers near you today.