Moving to Los Angeles, CA


Updated May 15, 2024

The glitz and the glamor, the beaches and the ski slopes, the opportunities and the communities—Los Angeles has it all. No wonder you’re thinking about moving there. We get you.

Home to the Kardashians, LeBron James, Will Smith, Justin Timberlake, and more, Los Angeles is not only a great place to call home but also a thrilling place to live and work. Let’s see why.

In this article, we’ll talk not only a moving company’s perspective on the City of Angels but also mine—as a former resident of Orange, I know the city! Let’s chat why you should move here, what neighborhood, and what to do when you get here.

We Got Numbers: Data, Cost of Living, Jobs, Jobs, JOBS!

Los Angeles keeps growing thanks to folks like. As of 2023, the Los Angeles metropolitan area has about 12,534,000 people, a 0.37% increase from 2022. The metropolitan area includes the city of Los Angeles itself, with a population of 3,847,400, but also Long Beach, Anaheim, Irvine, Orange, and Santa Monica, to name but a few. You’ve got options!

L.A. is the most populated city in California and is the second biggest city in the country (New York City edges it out). The city’s density is about 8,300 people per square mile—families, young folk, business owners, retirees, and, of course, struggling actors.

The Cost of Living in Los Angeles

The hot question on everyone’s mind (especially on Reddit)—how much does it really cost to live in Los Angeles? It’s not cheap—the cost of living in L.A. is about 51% higher than the national average. This is primarily driven by thecost of housing (more on this to come below) and transportation. You will save about 10% compared to the national average on healthcare.

The Los Angeles Job Market

Over the past few years, unemployment in L.A. has dropped substantially. While it's up slightly in 2024, it's still relatively low, at 5.2%, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Not only that, but the city boasts 1.1 million job openings! The time is right to move to L.A—you’ll find jobs in numerous industries.

Of course, the entertainment industry, centered around Hollywood, is famous, but numerous other industries thrive in Los Angeles—education, healthcare, aerospace, manufacturing, and other creative industries like fashion and art.

Top employers include the University of Southern California, UCLA, Kaiser Permanente, Walt Disney, NBCUniversal, Warner Bros. Discovery, Boeing Co., Northrop Gruman, and SpaceX.

Getting Around Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a city known for cars, highways, and traffic—do you really need a car? Not necessarily! It’s not all just highways in L.A.—nearly 200,000 people per day use the Los Angeles Metro, which includes Metro Buses, Metro Express Buses, Metro Rail, or DASH Buses (use a TAP card on all these!). It’s wise to know your options! Of course, cabs and Ubers are plentiful.

If you do have a car, plan accordingly—Los Angeles has the 6th worst traffic in the country. Rush hour might be lengthier than you’re used to—between 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. every weekday. The weekends can be even worse, especially if you’re heading downtown.

So, do you need a car? It depends, largely on where you live and your proximity to work! Westsidethrilla on Reddit says that “If you are on the west side near Santa Monica and Venice, no problem. The further inland you go the harder it gets [to live without a car].”

Where to Live in Los Angeles? Here’s a Mini Neighborhood Guide

You absolutely want to find the neighborhood that’s right for you. Whether you’re raising a family, living single, or retiring, Los Angeles has the place for you. Here’s a small sample of some of L.A.’s best neighborhoods.

Los Feliz - Great Schools, Griffith Park, and Small Town Vibes

Close to the Los Angeles Zoo, amazing hiking, and the Griffith Observatory, Los Feliz is great for families and young newcomers alike. Excellent schools, unique residential architecture, and a quick 17 minute ride to downtown, Los Feliz has it all. One commentator on Reddit says that “Los feliz is a big neighborhood and has lots to offer in terms of walkability, shops, restaurants, and of course, nice houses to look at. It’s definitely an artsier area.”

Downtown L.A.: Great for Singles

For that dynamic urban life, there is no better neighborhood in L.A. than Downtown. You’re walking distance away (in the third most walkable neighborhood in the city!) from the Walt Disney Concert Hall, the Museum of Contemporary Art, Grand Central Market, and Staples Center. For young professionals and singles, Downtown L.A. is ideal—bars, museums, and restaurants are everywhere.

If you live in Downtown L.A., there’s a slim chance you’ll need a car because most of your major amenities are within walking distance, or you can take public transportation. (Psst… Did you know that Downtown is considered the #3 “most walkable neighborhood in Los Angeles?”)

Eagle Rock—Safe, Quite, and Enjoyable

Eagle Rock, just south of Downtown L.A. and near Pasadena and Glendale, is a small town snuck inside of the big city—yes, you have easy access to the rest of the city, but also a small town vibe, headlined by Colorado Blvd.’s eclectic mix of restaurants and bars.

One resident says that Eagle Rock is convenient and “near all things I use and need. Close to all I know. I enjoy the events the community puts on, the community involvement and the way the community watches and alerts each other.” Sounds great for a young family! Overall, Eagle Rock is rated an A, with highly rated schools, from elementary to Occidental College.

Manhattan Beach: Fun and Low-Key

One person from Manhattan Beach says, “What I like about Manhattan Beach is the connected community that we live in. It is a safe environment for kids to be able to exist in, and overall it is a very chill beach town where anyone that comes to visit would enjoy their time.

Manhattan Beach is the third-best suburb in L.A., rated an A+ between its family-friendliness, public schools, nightlife, and more. It contains a wide variety of coffee shops, restaurants, and local parks that you can feel safe bringing your family to during the day. (Moving to Los Angeles with a family is a great choice when you choose a place like Manhattan Beach! Live in an oceanfront city and be able to enjoy the water anytime you want? Count us in!)

Moving to Los Angeles: Pros and Cons

So, why Los Angeles? In addition to the neighborhoods above, there’s also Manhattan Beach, Westwood, Venice—the list goes on! We have covered the many benefits of L.A., but let’s dig a little deeper. If you’re planning on moving soon, here’s more info to be aware of:


Diverse:No matter who you are—single, family, retired—you’ll find your people in Los Angeles. L.A. is considered one of the most diverse cities in the country. Los Angeles embraces this diversity, with numerous cultural festivals, like the Korean Food Festival, Dia de los Muertos, Nisei Week Japanese Festival, and the Pan African Film Festival.

Outdoor Activities:L.A. has gorgeous weather all year, with the temperature staying mild between 48 and 85 degrees, so you’ll be able to surf, hike, and take advantage of the amazing outdoors whenever you like—places like Venice or Santa Monica Beach. Not only that, but you’re a quick trip away from the mountains farther inland for skiing in the winter at ski resorts like Bear Mountain.


Home Prices:Let’s cut to the chase—Los Angeles can be very expensive. The median home price is about $1.2 million, a 21.3% increase since last year.That being said, apartments are not nearly as expensive—about $2100 for a two bedroom. In addition, there are cheaper neighborhoods to buy homes in, like Mission Hills or Panorama City.

Commute:Like we hinted at above, the commute can be rough—one article says that “the average one-way commute is about 28.2 minutes and 9.3% of commuters spend more than an hour on the road.” However, this is heavily affected by where you live—keep in mind that the commute tends to go up the more west or south you have to travel away from L.A.

Good Luck With Your Move to Los Angeles

There are many places throughout the world you could call home, and Los Angeles is a great option. But, moving to Los Angeles or another big city, we know, isn’t always the easiest–especially if you have kiddos and pets to think about.

Fortunately, Bellhop is here for you. As your dedicated local and long-distance moving company in Los Angeles, we can help coordinate your move quickly and affordably to ensure everything goes according to plan.

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