Moving From Colorado to Texas


Many things bring people to Colorado. It’s a beautiful state with an abundance of career opportunities for young professionals and senior executives alike. It also has a below-average crime rate, which makes it a great spot to raise a family.

And the outdoor activities in Colorado? They’re endless! There are 115-300 sunny days per year, with tons of places you can explore, such as the Mesa Verde National Park, Rocky Mountain National Park, Vail, Aspen, and more.

However, Colorado isn’t the only great place to live in the U.S. Texas is just one other incredible place you could call home, and in this blog, we’ll cover all the details about moving from Colorado to Texas to help you figure out if this move is a good option for your family.

Why are people moving from Colorado to Texas?

There are several reasons why people are making a move to the Lone Star State from Colorado. The weather is a big one. Colorado can get icy-cold in the winter, with snow to boot.

Usually, the temperature stays between 22 and 89 degrees. Texas, on the other hand, ranges between 39 and 96 degrees. The summer gets warm and toasty, and while it can feel humid in some parts of Texas (such as San Antonio), you might find it worth it if you appreciate warm weather around the clock.

There are also no income taxes in Texas, and there are multiple universities to choose from if you plan to go to school here (or if you want to be near your kids). (These include but are not limited to the University of Texas at Austin, Texas A&M University, University of Houston, and Texas Tech University.)

Let’s chat a little more about moving from Colorado to Texas below.

More pros and cons of moving to Texas from Colorado:

Below are some things to consider about Texas:


  • Decrease your cost of living.It is more affordable to buy a home, go grocery shopping, and get healthcare services in Texas than it is in Colorado in general. Texas’s cost of living is well below the national average, whereas Colorado is approximately 21.1% above it. (That means that compared to Colorado, Texas is a lot cheaper. Also, when it comes to Colorado vs. Texas for taxes, Texas wins.)
  • Find a small town or a big city that feels like home.There are 191 rural counties in Texas, so if you’re looking for a quaint, small town to raise a family, Texas is a great place to do it. Maybe you want a faster-paced lifestyle in the big city, though, and if so, there’s Dallas, San Antonio, Houston, and Austin waiting for you.
  • Go to as many sports games as you want.Like basketball? Check out the Dallas Mavericks, San Antonio Spurs, or Houston Rockets. Football fan? Texas has the Dallas Cowboys and Houston Texans. There are multiple sports teams throughout the state, so if you’re looking for something fun to do on the weekend, Texas has you covered.


  • Pay more in property taxes.There are only two other states in the U.S. with a lower property tax rate than Colorado–and Texas is not one of them. Texas actually has higher property taxes than the majority of the U.S., coming up seventh on the list of the highest property tax rates.
  • Say goodbye to the Rockies.Texas has a flat landscape, as opposed to the mountainous terrain you’re probably used to living in Colorado. You’ll find that this is especially true if you move to North Texas, South Texas, West Texas, or the Gulf Coast. However, don’t let this dismay you too much. Texas has its own beauty, with plenty of outdoor activities.
  • Planning out a long-distance move can be stressful.It’s about 619 miles between Colorado and Texas, and with that many miles, you’re not going to want to make the trip twice. For that reason, you’ll need long distance movers. Otherwise, you may get stuck figuring everything out yourself, such as how to safely pack your furniture and appliances, where to get storage in Texas, and when the best times are to move.

The Average cost of moving from Colorado to Texas

Typically, it costs $2,600 to $4,000 or so to move to Texas from the Centennial State. That includes the cost for movers, packing supplies, a delivery vehicle, and more.

Some other things you’ll want to think about are the cost of gas, insurance, storage, license and vehicle registrations, security deposits, cleaning costs, food, and HOA fees (if applicable).

Tips for your move to the Lone Star State

If you’ve decided to move to Texas, here are a couple of tips from our movers:

#1: Get packing

You know how it is when you’re left packing at the eleventh hour for a big move. Why not avoid that hassle and start packing early on? Consider packing up one room a day (or week), depending on the size of your home. That way, it will all be ready for the movers to load onto the moving truck.

Below are a few packing suggestions:

  • Select a different color for each room, and label your boxes to track down everything quickly.
  • Label boxes that contain glass as “fragile” to prevent breaks.
  • Splurge on boxes specifically designed for electronics, kitchen appliances, and office equipment so that everything stays intact on the move.

#2: Get a parking permit if needed

Depending on where you’re moving to in Texas, you may need a parking permit to avoid getting towed as you’re bringing your items into your new home. Getting this squared away before moving day should be an utmost priority.

(On the other hand, if the permit process is too overwhelming, you can work with a moving company to help you coordinate these things.)

#3: Attend a virtual walk-through of the place with your sales representative

Let’s say you want to move to Texas, but you don’t have the time to check out homes before you drive over. Not to worry! A great way to get around that is to schedule a virtual walk-through of the new home. This can give you a good feel for your home and whether you could see yourself living there before signing anything.

Also, when you do a virtual walk-through, you can learn more about the property’s hallways, stairwells, parking, and more. This will give you the opportunity to alert your movers about these things before you move in.

#4: Get a good moving company

The best moving companies are those with movers in both the city you’re moving from and_the city you’re moving _to. That makes it easier for you, knowing that you’ll have someone who can deliver your items from one home to another without worry. Also, think about how convenient it is to have your movers know the ins and outs of both locations, where to park, how to avoid rush hour traffic, etc.

When you work with Bellhop, you’ll receive all of that and more. We have a dedicated support and coordination team that helps you organize and plan your big move, as well as a reliable team of movers who are available to help with any of your moving needs (aside from packing, though we do offer packing supplies).

We can assist you by loading your items onto the moving truck, delivering them to the new location, unloading the items into your new home, and matching you with a good storage company in Texas. Another thing we do that’s handy is furniture disassembly and reassembly.

At Bellhop, we never charge by the weight of your items, so pack as much as you need. If it fits on our truck, we’re golden. If there’s anything we can do to help with the move, we are at your service. We even provide financing options to make your move less stressful.

Schedule your move to Texas today

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