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Meet the Bellhops

When you put your life in boxes, it matters who carries them.

The most important people we work with are the ones who enter your home, the bellhops. As they perform their walk-through, they’re not just assessing the most efficient way to move your belongings. They’re also determining what will make you feel comfortable and in control. It’s this hospitality instinct that makes them more than just movers.

Bellhops know how to read a room.

Sure, strength is important. But it takes more than just strength to be a great mover. It takes experience and a great attitude. Prior to joining our platform, every bellhop undergoes a background check and a thorough interview process to ensure they:

  • 01

    Approach life with optimism and enthusiasm.

  • 02

    Show deep care for others by putting them first.

  • 03

    Work well with the team.

  • 04

    Constantly identify opportunities to improve and serve.

  • 05

    Get things done the right way even when it’s the hard way.

  • 06

    Complete the task at hand, at the highest level.

The mission of bellhops

The power of our people.

Take a quick look at our reviews and you’ll see that customers in every city we service refer to bellhops by their first names. It’s because moving is an intensely personal experience, and when it’s done right, a connection occurs. Achieving this connection is the goal we’ve built our company values around.

See what we value


Atlanta, GA [119 moves]

I like working for Bellhops because I can choose my own hours and it feels like playing a sport—it has that camaraderie factor to it.

More About Jeffrey

  • Majoring in finance at Georgia State University.
  • Aspires to own a professional baseball franchise.
  • Has a 2-year-old daughter, Ava.
  • Is the great-grandson of jazz musician Fats Waller.


Chattanooga, TN [119 moves]

I joined the Marine Corps to prove to my mother that I was tough enough to take care of her. When I got out, I thought I wanted to take time off to be a student but figured out that wasn’t really my style, so I pursued the most physical job I could find.

More About Ace

  • Studied at the Microsoft Academy.
  • Aspires to pursue a career in server and cloud administration.


Chicago, IL [77 moves]

I like working for Bellhops because it falls in line with my desire to make a difference in people’s lives.

More About Carlos

  • Aspires to pursue a career in computer science.
  • Enjoys reading, writing, and painting.
  • Originally from Chicago but also lived in Missouri, Utah, Texas, and Germany.

The life of bellhops

From home to home, together.

Bellhops respect that they’re not just entering your home—they’re entering your life at a time of change and, often, stress. Their job is to provide comfort by guiding you through the experience and eliminating the burdens—both physical and mental—of moving.

Cities we call home

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