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Bellhop combines local expertise and manpower with nationwide coverage, all designed to make sure your commercial move is smooth and cost-effective. We specialize in office relocation services, from small retail operations to large corporate moves. With our professional staff on hand 24 hours a day 7 days a week it's no wonder we're one of the most trusted name in Glendale. So give us a call today!

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We have a fleet of great trucks that can handle whatever kind of office move you need for your business.

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Stay in budget with no surprises. Get an estimate for your business that includes everything down from office to workspace.

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There's no need to get held up by service windows. With Bellhop, you can relax knowing your movers 
and belongings will be there exactly when they've been requested to be there.

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Moving to the office can be a stressful and overwhelming experience due to all the facets of office moving. With Bellhop's full-time professional office movers, you get everything moved with just one tap.

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Bellhop was named a Best Mover of 2022 by U.S. News & World Report, based on criteria including services offered, cost, licensing, customer satisfaction, and probability of being on time. The independent evaluation, which analyzed an initial pool of more than 30 moving businesses, ranked Bellhop at #2 overall. (And yes, we have our sights trained on that #1 spot! But for now, we're pleased to be recognized along with some of the largest and most established movers in the business.)


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We loved the service Bellhop provided! Ross and Cody were a great team and I am completely amazed with their service. Everyone I dealt with in person, through email, and on live chat (which was spectacular, as there are barely ever real people on the other side of those "live" chats) were so helpful, personable, and kind. I love the idea of Bellhop and their service definitely did not disappoint. We met the Bellhop at the storage unit to have a huge fridge and a washer and dryer loaded (which they did in 6 minutes), then they met us at the apartment to load a 3 piece sectional, a love seat, a king bed, and tons of boxes that contained books. When we reached our final destination, these young men unloaded these large items with a good attitude and a smile, asked where we wanted each piece place. They definitely worked hard and wasted no time as they Tetrised everything into the huge truck. I appreciated the upfront rates without hidden charges or travel fees (we were inside the area) and the rates for Bellhop's work are totally reasonable. I will be singing their praises to anyone that will listen!

— Elyse D., Glendale Arizona

Need Another Type of Moving Service?

Not all moves are the same, and at Bellhop, we have a variety of moving services that will help you get your life or your office to their new destination. For more information on each type of service we provide check out:

  • Glendale Local Movers
  • Glendale Long Distance Movers
  • Glendale Apartment Movers
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  • Hire Office Movers to Make Your Office Move Easy

    We understand that moving your business can be a nerve-wracking time. By going the extra mile to make sure your Glendale business needs are met, we hope to make the move as smooth as possible. We make ourselves available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so that any questions or concerns can be handled quickly. Bellhop also provides assistance with packing your office items and unloading once you reach your destination so that you will have as little down time as possible.

    How to Prepare for Your Office Move

    Moving your office furniture, technology, and tools to a new location isn't just stressful, it's also some times costly. But there are things you can do in advance to make the process easier and less costly. These include: making sure that any necessary permits or licenses have been obtained; checking with utility providers about disconnecting service at the old site and reconnecting it at the new one; contacting all employees who will be moving their offices to let them know what day they should expect movers and to book your commercial movers once your have a date you need to move.

    What are the benefits of using us for your office move?

    The primary benefit of hiring us to move your workplace is that we will make sure that all items are properly packaged and labeled, so as not to be confused with anything else in the process. Also you can rest assured knowing that we have extensive experience at moving offices from one location to another - no matter how large or small the business is. Commitment to customer service, be sure to use Bellhop for a positive experience business moving experience.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Moving can cost a lot of money ($4000-5000) if you don't plan for it well, but with preparation, this price can be a lot lower. Whether you are preparing to move yourself or hiring movers to do the job, some simple steps can make your move a lot quicker and cheaper. These can include putting together a moving checklist, and coming up with an inventory of all items that need to be moved.

    According to the IRS, in order for moving expenses to be tax deductible, the new location must meet three requirements:

    1. The company's principal business or corporate headquarters must be moved.
    2. The employee conducting the move is a full-time employee of that company.
    3. The move is made within one year from your start

    Moving a warehouse can be an extensive process. Aside from the actual packing and moving, you have to make sure that each piece of equipment and storage device is properly accounted for at all times. If something were to be misplaced or broken during this process, it could mean months of lost profit for your company. We typically see warehouse moves between $1000 and $5000.

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