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Long-Distance Move: Frequently Asked Questions

Booking Confirmation

You will receive a confirmation email soon after your order is booked. You can log into your customer dashboard to confirm your move details by visiting Bellhop.com and logging in using your confirmation number (found in confirmation email) and your starting zip code. Please reach out to your booking agent if any of these details are incorrect. Please save the confirmation email, as this is your booking confirmation. Once booked, you will also be connected to your move coordination team via email, who will be your point of contact for any questions, updates, or requests that arise leading up to and during the move.


Long distance moves are quoted at an all inclusive flat rate.

You will be charged a 5% deposit 48 hours after booking, and then an Authorization in the amount of your final payment will be placed 48 hours prior to your load date. 48 hours after your unload, your final payment will be charged.

Absolutely! At booking, let your sales agent know you would like to pre-pay and we will get everything charged so you have one less thing to worry about with your move.

We understand the need for flexibility as you finalize your move plans. and can certainly accommodate reschedules or cancellations. Binding prices are based on the move date and time agreed upon at booking, therefore, you will receive a new Revised Binding Price for the rescheduled move date and time. Reschedule & Cancellation fees may apply - please see your contract for more details. Email or call your move coordinator if you need to make any adjustments to your move date.

Move Preparation

Please note that your services do not include packing and unpacking, unless you have booked a separate packing order. Please be sure to have your items packed and ready prior to your bellhops arriving on site.

To ensure that your move goes smoothly and efficiently, please complete the following steps prior to your move date. You will receive a call from your move coordination team one to two days prior to your move to walk through the following details and answer any questions.

  • Empty all drawers

  • Dismount, disconnect, and properly box all electronics, including TVs*

  • Seal all boxes with packing tape and mark them with their destination. Include the term “fragile,” if appropriate.

  • Disconnect and drain all appliances. (here’s a video to help)

  • Arrange alternate accommodations for the following list of items we do not move:

  • Perishable Items: Foods that require freezing or refrigeration, alcoholic beverages, and cooking and cleaning liquids, etc.

  • Dangerous Items: Firearms such as guns, ammunition, and flammable liquids, etc.

  • Illegal Items: Drugs or drug paraphernalia, diamonds, top-secret documents, and any stolen items, etc.

  • Oversize Items: The maximum weight for any item we move is 300 pounds

Move-Day Details

On your moving day, a team of skilled Bellhop Pros will arrive to pad, wrap, and load your belongings. Bellhop Pros can also help disassemble furniture and other large items. After the truck is loaded, the driver will directly transport your belongings from your original location to your new location. The truck is solely dedicated to your move. This means that your possessions remain secure and untouched until they reach your final destination. At the new location, another team of Bellhop Pros will unload your belongings and reassemble any furniture disassembled at your original location. If at any point you have questions, please reach out to your move coordination team to help resolve any issues.

Absolutely! Your moving truck will arrive with a full set of moving equipment including dollies, furniture blankets, and stretch wrap. We’ve got you covered.

Your move time will largely depend on the amount of items being moved and the distance between to your new location. As a reference point, an average two to three bedroom move typically takes three to four hours to load, and three to four hours to unload. Additionally, we will adhere to the guaranteed pickup and drop-off time determined at booking.

Have Further Questions?

If you have further questions or specific needs regarding your move, the Bellhop move coordination team is here to assist. Please call 423-641-0764 and someone from your team will help answer your questions.