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Local and long-distance moving services with a level of hospitality that makes them feel more like room service.

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It’s time to expect more from Knoxville's movers.

Unmatched value

Thanks to our technology and an amazing team of Knoxville movers, we can deliver outstanding moving services at a significantly lower cost.

Legendary service

Imagine if Knoxville movers treated you like a guest at the Ritz-Carlton. You can count on Bellhops to bring you that experience.

Epic punctuality

Unlike many Knoxville movers, your bellhops will be there exactly when they've been requested to be there.

Moving in Knoxville is as easy as 1-2-3

Here's how it works:


Build your moving plan and schedule online in minutes.

Tell us what you need, and we'll tailor your moving services and match you with the most-qualified movers in Knoxville. Book for free and pay nothing until your move is complete.


Meet your movers.

On the night before your move, you'll receive an e-mail that includes a photograph of each mover (we call them bellhops) so that you’re greeted by familiar faces on moving day.

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Relax while your bellhops carry out the job.

Your lead bellhop will get in touch on the day of your move to let you know your team of Knoxville movers is on its way. Once they arrive, they’ll conduct a brief walk-through, take note of any special instructions you have, and then get moving.

Reviews in Knoxville

“Friendly,” “Efficient,” and more than 10,000 other things people had to say about moving with Bellhops.

4.8 out of 5 from 1,295 reviews.

The bellhops in Knoxville were very courteous and packed the truck carefully at the beginning of the move. They also worked very efficiently. Our biggest concern was that the truck was dirty and beat-up inside and out. I also discovered after the move was complete that they had damaged one of our pieces of furniture before they put it on the truck. It was a china cabinet with a top piece that can be removed. When they took the top piece off they scratched it on the front of the bottom piece and left two deep sets of scratches at the front edge of the cabinet. In Charlotte, the bellhops were prompt and efficient, but not especially courteous. They weren't wearing Bellhops t-shirts like the crew in Knoxville, so I had trouble recognizing them when I arrived. They complained about the number of items we had and the fact that we were moving items to more than one location. Our couch cushions were dirty from being inside the dirty truck and they shook the leaves and twigs off of the cushions and just left it in the middle of the floor. I also had trouble communicating with customer service in Charlotte. They had the wrong phone number on file and didn't bother getting it sorted out until the day of the move. Overall, we were happy with the efficiency and price of our move, but we were disappointed with the customer service, cleanliness of the truck, and damage to one of our items.

a day ago

The men were pleasant and polite. They completed the job in a timely manner. They worked hard and were friendly. I would use them again.

a day ago

I should have gotten a call telling me that there was a hard stop time. We had no idea until the call saying in 10 minutes there is a hard stop time. Then the truck closed the door with stuff still in it and drove away. The two guys doing the moving were amazing. The truck driver was useless.the staff at the office very nice. Again the truck driver useless.

a day ago

Our Knoxville service area.

We have Knoxville covered.

Whether you’re looking for an extra pair of hands to help rearrange some boxes in a storage unit or a team of movers and a truck to cover some distance, we can accommodate moving jobs of any size and level of complexity throughout the Knoxville area.

  • Alcoa
  • Blaine
  • Maryville
  • Oak Ridge
  • Rockford
  • Seymour

Moving services we arrange in Knoxville.

Local moving

Get matched with the right team of bellhops to move to a new house or apartment within the Knoxville area.

  • Friendly, hardworking Knoxville movers.
  • A truck with a professional driver.
  • Dollies, blankets, and straps.
Long-distance moving

A member of our concierge team will help you build a customized plan for moving to another city.

  • A personal move concierge.
  • Local movers to eliminate travel costs.
  • Dedicated, sealed trucks.
Labor-only moving

For when all a project requires is a few skilled movers to load, unload, or rearrange your belongings.

  • Friendly, hardworking Knoxville movers.
  • Simple hourly pricing.
  • Last-minute availability.

The path to the perfect move

Throughout the experience of moving, customers in Knoxville enjoy:

Finally, movers who won’t let you down.

Maybe you’ve noticed that we’re not like most Knoxville moving companies. And you’d be right. Most moving companies in Knoxville are notorious for letting customers down. So we decided to start from scratch and focus on setting ourselves apart by finding friendly, hardworking movers and using technology to connect them with customers in a seamless way. The result is a moving experience that’s more efficient, affordable, and reliable—and we have the sky-high customer ratings to prove it.

The most on-demand moving service in Knoxville.

Bellhops can bring you the services you need…

…If you’re moving a few couches upstairs. If you’re moving Grandma’s room downstairs. If the taxes in your state have gotten too high. If you’re looking for an estimate that’s pleasantly low. If you’re moving your sister into her new boyfriend’s place. If you need to rent a storage unit to keep your home from looking like a storage unit. If the neighborhood that was cool in your twenties has stopped being cool in your thirties. If you feel like moving is the only way to get out of your gym contract. If those new loft apartments were impossible to resist. If you’re moving into your dream home. If you're escaping a nightmare roommate. If you’re moving for a new job. If you're moving closer to an old friend. If you’re moving to a better school zone. If you’re moving out of your comfort zone. If you’re upgrading. If you’re downsizing. If the commute to your office has gotten old. If one moment you were skimming Zillow for fun, and now you’re buying packing supplies. If you live too close to your in-laws. If you live too close to outlaws. If your neighbors take lawn maintenance too seriously. If you’ve decided it’d be better to walk to work. If you’ve decided you’d rather not work at all. If you need help as soon as you finish packing. If an old injury makes lifting hard. If you believe moving should be easy. If you only have a few items. If everything must go. If you’re looking for the best movers Knoxville has to offer.

Common questions from customers.

Is Bellhops insured? And are its movers background checked?

Yes, absolutely. We carry general commercial liability insurance as well as other relevant policies.

How much notice does Bellhops need to schedule a move?

Unlike traditional moving companies, Bellhops can schedule moves with as little as 24 hours notice.

What if I overestimate the amount of moving help I need?

Our pay-as-you-go structure enables you to build a moving plan without having to worry about overbooking.

Bellhops brings moving services to Knoxville, TN.

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