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Modified COI

Bellhop customers can access our standard Certificate of Insurance (COI) on their dashboard. Occasionally, customers require a modified COI, which they can request on this page.

To request a modified COI, please complete this short form and allow our broker two to four business days to make changes. Once it is complete, we will email you the modified COI. In the meantime, if your property manager has provided you with a sample modified COI, please email that PDF to coi@bellhop.com.

Please place the following in the Description field of the following form. (It's best to confirm these details with your property manager first.) First, list the name of the Certificate Holder (this is generally your building's management company). Then, include the Certificate Holder's address (this is generally the location of your building). Finally, add the names of any additional insurers your property manager may have informed you of.

Once you're ready to submit, please select "Certificate of Insurance Request" as your Primary Case Reason. If you have any questions, please email us at coi@bellhop.com.

Request a modified COI