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Bellhop makes it simple to determine the price of your move. Simply fill out the name of your current city, destination, number of bedrooms, and projected moving date on our moving cost calculator to find out how much you should budget for on moving day. With this handy calculator and our tips on how to cut costs during your move, staying on budget is easier than ever.

Typical cost of hiring movers

The cost of your move depends on which moving company you hire, where you are moving and the services you are looking for. Below are some general estimates on how much movers cost around the country:

Full-service local moves with a truck rental

  • Studio Apartment:$600-$700
  • 1 Bedroom:$650-$750
  • 2 Bedrooms:$800-$900
  • 3 Bedrooms:$1000-$1,300
  • 4 or More Bedrooms: $1,150-$1,450

Labor-only moving help

  • Studio Apartment: $250-$400
  • 1 Bedroom: $300-$450
  • 2 Bedrooms:$500-$600
  • 3 Bedrooms:$700-$800
  • 4 or More Bedrooms: $800-$1000

Long-distance or interstate moves

How much do movers cost for long distances? In general, you can expect to pay $1,500 or more depending on what you need.

What affects the cost of moving out?

Many factors go into the price of moving out. Here’s a quick breakdown:

Moving date

If you’re moving at a busy time of the month (first week and last week), your moving rates are likely to go up. Consider moving Monday through Friday in the middle of the month to keep things affordable.


As you might expect, local moves are generally more economical than long-distance moves. When you move far away, you have to factor in the cost for a large truck rental (since you may not want to or have the ability to easily make multiple trips), gas, equipment, food, and more.


If you have multiple bedrooms and will be hauling it all to the new location, the chances are that your move will be on the higher end. Usually, the more items you have (or the larger items you have), the more a move will cost. (Don’t worry if you have a large house. We have tips below to help make this move as affordable as can be!)

Equipment and supplies

Are you moving a washer and dryer or other large appliances? Moving equipment, such as a dolly, can come in handy. You may also have to consider the cost of packing supplies, including tape and boxes of assorted sizes to fit everything from your picture frames to your kids’ toy collections.

Moving company

Every mover’s rates can vary based on the distance you are moving, the services you select (whether that’s local or long-distance moving help–or hourly labor), and the number of workers needed. At Bellhop, we strive to make things affordable as you relocate, despite the size of your move.

Storage needs

Don’t have enough space for your items or are undecided if you want to bring them to your new home? Storage units are a great option. (To make things easy for you, Bellhop Partners Self Storage Solutions offer a great place for your things. You can stop by 24 hours per day and seven days per week in our secure, climate-controlled partner facilities.)

And more

  • Transportation
  • Cleaning products and/or services
  • Insurance
  • Deposit, first month’s rent, and pet fees at the new location (if applicable)
  • Hotels and eating out until your items arrive and can be unpacked

…The list goes on!

How to save money and cut moving costs

In our many years as a moving company, we have found that local moves range from as little as $150 for a small apartment to a few thousand dollars for a large home depending on the number of rooms and belongings that must be transported. Here are some tips to lower costs during your big move:

Schedule your move during the fall or winter.

When the weather is warm, moving companies’ phones ring off the hook. Arrange your move in the off-season if you’re worried about the cost of movers.

How much do movers cost in the summer? While it depends on your moving needs, summer moves tend to be higher than the winter. Save yourself money by hiring a mover when it is cold out. (Bonus: You likely won’t have to wait as long to get someone to help!)

Declutter before your moving day.

Moving from a studio apartment is often more affordable than moving from a four-bedroom family home. However, if you do plan to move from a large home, consider going through your belongings before packing everything into boxes. (Of course, this can be helpful when moving from a studio, too!)

Ask yourself if you’ve used something in the last three to six months or if you may need it in the future. If you can replace it easily, donate that item to someone who may find a use for it now. That will save you money on moving, as the more boxes you have, the more your move will cost.

Go digital with your files.

If you work remotely, you likely have just-in-case paperwork on hand that you might never need to refer to again. To save space and help with the decluttering process, go through the paperwork, and figure out what you need a hard copy of and what’s okay to put in a digital format.

You likely can take down the paperwork to a few binders with only the essentials, leaving you plenty of room for your other belongings. Once you have your papers sorted and know what you only need an online copy of, add those papers to a box, and take it all to your local office supply store for shredding.

Pack your items yourself.

Packing is one of the longest, most important parts of the moving process. How much movers cost can go up quite a bit if your movers have to pack your items into boxes, in addition to loading them up onto the truck and delivering the truck to the new location.

A great way to save money is to pack your belongings on your own. You can do it over the course of a few days or weeks if you write out a plan beforehand. (Try doing one room per day if you live in a large house.) Bellhop saves you money by giving you the opportunity to pack your items yourself. We’ll take care of all of the heavy-lifting.

Schedule hourly moving help.

Whether you’re moving locally or far away, you’ll likely need a hand loading boxes up into the moving truck. If you'd like to keep costs down, you can hire a moving company for only the services you need.

Our labor-only moving help allows you to pay by the hour instead of scheduling a full-day move for services that might not fit your budget. This gives you more control over your move and helps you stay in your target price range.


What moving services do you offer?

Bellhop provides multiple moving services, including truck rentals, unloading, loading, delivery, and much more.

Can you pack my home for me?

We do! Our team can arrive before your move to pack your belongings. We do ask that customers provide packing supplies - but we're happy to include them separately. This includes moving boxes, mattress bags, sofa moving covers, moving labels, packing tape, bubble wrap, packing paper, and beyond.

Learn more about our packing services.

Can I use my personal truck?

You are welcome to move using any vehicle. However, our moving team is only authorized to drive our moving trucks. These trucks are insured and maintained to the highest standard to ensure that your belongings are safe while in transit.

They also include all the essential moving equipment (dolly, pads, straps, wrap, etc.), which can save you money and keep you from needing to get these items yourself.

Learn more about our hourly labor services.

Who will be helping me move?

Bellhop works with movers across 26 states and the District of Columbia. Before your move, you’ll get an email that includes the names and pictures of those who will be helping out.

The lead team member will reach out to you before coming over to touch base and see if there’s anything special they need to bring or things they should know about. This might include elevators, narrow hallways, stairs, where to park, etc.

At this point, you should have decluttered enough where you’re only bringing the essentials. Let your mover know if you need any additional packing supplies or if you have any large, bulky items that you will be transporting to your new location so that they know how to plan.

When should I schedule my move?

At Bellhop, we do our best to accommodate your moving needs. In general, we ask you to let us know at least three days ahead of the move. However, if you need help moving sooner than that, simply book a move online, or give us a call at 1 (888) 856-1531 so that we can see what we can do for you.

Why you should use the moving cost calculator to get a quote

Our moving cost calculator provides an instant estimate for your move so that you know how to budget. Not only will you know how much money to set aside for moving day, but you can also use that estimate to figure out:

  • The best time to move
  • How much you should declutter
  • What you need to arrange for storage
  • Which services and supplies to select
  • How many movers you’ll need
  • And more!

Thanks to our moving calculator, making your move has never been easier. The answer to “How much do movers cost?” might be different from company to company, but when you choose Bellhop, we assure you that you’ll get competitive rates, quality services, and experienced workers who you can count on.

Check out our moving cost calculator today for a free estimate.

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