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Flexible scheduling
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Clear & simple pricing
No hidden fees for
mileage, fuel or large items.
Seamless payments
Pay and tip in one
cashless transaction.
Next-day moves
Book today and move
as early as tomorrow.
Only pay for the
time we work.

Bellhops is a San Antonio moving company made just for you.

We're the first San Antonio movers to combine the muscle of a moving company with the efficiency of a tech company.

Everything we do is focused on making your move as safe, straightforward, and painless as possible. We provide instant online moving estimates and booking, clear and simple pricing, and a young and talented team of movers ready to deliver phenomenal moving service. We’ve got you covered anywhere in our San Antonio service area, from Alamo Heights and Stone Oak to Vance Jackson and anywhere else within the metro area. Go ahead—it’s your smartest move!

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San Antonio Moving Services

Most moving companies are anything but flexible. In order to get a quote you either have to wait for them to call you or wait to schedule a time for them to come visit your house. Once you have your quote, they offer a one-size-fits-all approach to your move. But here at Bellhops, we're a little different. With our tech-enabled operation, we are proud to offer a far more customizable and flexible approach to the world of moving services.

Want a local move where you don't have to go through either the hassle of renting a truck or the pain of loading it? We’ve got you covered. Just need some extra help loading or unloading your own truck? We can do that too. Just looking for furniture rearrangement services or some extra muscle to assist with a task around the house or office? Again, we can help with that. Below, check out the moving services that we offer in San Antonio—whatever your situation, we’re confident that we can offer the moving help you need to make your moving day a breeze.

Truck Moving Services

Local Move
Truck + bellhops
  • Pay-as-you-go moving help
  • Dolly, Straps & Blankets
  • Moving truck and driver
  • All Fuel and mileage

Everything you need for a smart low-stress local moving experience.

Just need extra moving help in San Antonio?

Load or Unload
Bellhops Only
  • Pay-as-you-go moving help

Just need help on one end of your move? Moving items in or out of a storage unit? Bellhops can assist with loading or unloading in a single location.
In-Home Move
Bellhops Only
  • Pay-as-you-go moving help

Looking for an extra pair of hands or a few strong backs? Hire Bellhops to help lift large items or rearrange furniture in your home or workspace.
Average cost of Bellhops moves in San Antonio
A studio apartment
Studio Move
A one bedroom home
1BR Move
A two bedroom home
2BR Move

Customer Reviews in San Antonio

4.9/5 (403)
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Our Review Policy

Reviews displayed here are from actual Bellhops customers and have been consolidated across move sizes, service types and rating-levels into one at-a-glance reference. We do not omit or edit customer reviews. In the spirit of full transparency, you will find an honest representation of the range of our customer experiences below.

Local Reviews in San Antonio

They were awesome and it took a lot to get the elliptical into the room. Thank you
5 days ago
Efficient and friendly.
5 days ago
Movers were strong, pleasant and not intimidated by what we thought was an impossible job
7 days ago
Kerry and Erick were both very professional and helpful.
17 days ago
They guys were extremely helpful! Austen and Caterius worked the whole time. Definitely recommend them. They were very careful with everything.
22 days ago
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Your Smartest Move

Once you’ve booked your move, Bellhops in your area will receive a notification through our smartphone app and claim your job. On the day before your move, you’ll receive a confirmation email containing details on your move and a photo introduction your Bellhops.
When our Bellhops arrive at your location on moving day, they’ll clock in through the app, work with you to lay out a plan for your move, and get to work. They’ll clock out as soon as your job is complete, and you’ll authorize the time they’ve worked before your final bill is issued.
This app-based workflow enables us to communicate with our Bellhops anytime, anywhere, and eliminates the need for traditional brick-and-mortar locations, 9-5 schedules, and massive call centers. We take these savings on overhead and transfer them directly to our customers.

San Antonio Moving Resources

Whether you're moving to San Antonio from across the country or you're already here and just changing neighborhoods, we know that packing up your life and relocating can be stressful. While we might not be able to be there for you in those busy weeks leading up to your move, we can offer a few resources to make that time easier on you. For moving tips, packing pointers, city guides, and articles on projects and organization, visit our Smart Moves Blog.

Moving Checklist
Moving Checklist

You're getting ready to move, but do you really have everything done or have everything you need? A moving checklist might be nice, huh?

15 Moving Hacks
15 Moving Hacks

Moving is tough and through our 50,000+ jobs, we've learned how to make it easier. Here are 15 moving hacks we've discovered through our years in business.

Bellhop Spotlight
Will Flores

Will Flores

76 moves

"Bellhops is an innovative moving company that provides fast & efficient help when you need it, at a better price, with superior customer service. I manage our full-service moves by both driving the truck and assisting in the moves. I'm thrilled to work with a such a flexible schedule and very communicative team!"

Bellhops app seeks to perfect the DIY...

Bellhops app seeks to perfect the do-it-yourself moving experience

Company pairs college students with do-it-yourselfers

Our Bellhops attend

Northwest Vista College
Palo Alto College
San Antonio College
St. Mary's University
St. Philip's College
The University of Texas at San Antonio
Trinity University
University of the Incarnate Word

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