So you just used Bellhops to make your move awesome. Now it’s time to celebrate! Here’s how to throw a housewarming party that’ll amaze old pals and attract new neighbors.


1. Party Theme:
Plan a party around a theme like Oktoberfest or a simple backyard barbecue. It could be a potluck dinner, a “come-and-go-as-you-please” open house, or a “stock-the-bar” party where every guest brings a bottle of something to, you know, stock your bar.

2. Good Grub:
Food is a sure-fire way to populate your party. Go with a lot of light appetizers to keep those guests happy and milling, unless you’re going with a themed party like a potluck or barbecue, in which case…pile on the entrees.

3. Cocktails:
Tasty drinks make a great party even greater, so go for big-batch options like Sangria or punch. Or if you want, tap a keg of quality beer. That’d sure bring us to the party. Lighter options like ambers or pilsners tend to appeal to most palates.


4. Tunage:
Music. Just make sure there’s music. Nothing cools a housewarming party faster than awkward silence bouncing off the walls that you haven’t painted yet because you can’t agree on a color and why are there so many grays anyway. Ha ha… don’t you wish there was music right now?

5.VIP List:
When making your invite list don’t forget those new neighbors. Housewarming parties are a great way to break the ice with lots of friends around to help with the breaking.

6. John Hancock:
Let your guests leave a mark on the new place. No, not with crayons on the walls, unless you prefer that to finally painting. Set out a big bottle of champagne or a large wooden initial of your last name with sharpies so your guests can leave well wishes or veiled threats, depending on how the food turns out.

7. Goodies:
Last but not least on the how to throw a housewarming party essentials list are goodies. To make sure they come to your next party, send guests home with a little gift. Bag up some mini candles or mini bottles, each with a note of thanks or threats, depending on how generously your bar gets stocked.

Congrats on surviving your move. If prepping a party overwhelms you, allow us. Book yourself Bellhops, sit back, and watch your house warm right up.

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