Conveniently straddling I-85 for easy commuting and shopping, Gastonia offers a variety of neighborhoods with an emphasis on family-friendly living. Even neighborhoods whose residents’ average age is closer to retirement are welcoming to families making their roots in this popular community. The city has a Recognized Communities program that connects neighborhood organizations with government staff members, helping each neighborhood to thrive as part of the community as a whole. Gastonia is a great place to raise a family, but when you’re looking to move in, how do you choose your future neighbors and friends, schools and parks, and shopping? At Bellhop, as your movers in Charlotte  and throughout the greater Charlotte area, we make sure that your final step in finding a new home goes smoothly. We’ve looked ahead to find likely destinations where your family can feel at home, and enjoy life in a community that offers the resources you want.

Life in Gastonia

Bordering on Belmont, NC and a suburb of Charlotte, Gastonia has grown to 80,000 residents as of 2020. The city is welcoming residents into its many neighborhoods, from quiet cul-de-sacs to busy residential areas combined with shopping and other businesses. With three-time recognition as an All-American City and recipient of the U.S. Conference of Mayors top Livability Award, Gastonia received a dual stamp of approval. Once for its accomplishments in targeting the needs of its residents and successfully meeting them, and a second time for making ongoing responsive government a priority.

Gardner Park

Gastonia offers family-friendly neighborhoods that range from established, walkable neighborhoods with tree-lined streets like Gardner Park to more urban settings. In Gardner Park, families can enjoy recreation simply by stepping out of their doors, without the need to travel to a nearby park.

What are schools in Gardner Park like?

A diverse mix of students at Gardner Park elementary has been evaluated by GreatSchools as somewhat slower in progress than the average school in the state. The ratio of students per teacher is 14, slightly higher than the state average of 12. It’s rated at a “good or better” level.

What is Crime like in Gardner Park?

On a ten-point scale, crime in Gardner Park is rated about a 7. Gastonia’s overall “per 1000” crime rate is about 8.76, compared to 4.3 for North Carolina overall.

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Parks and Playgrounds in Gardner Park

The local elementary school offers tennis courts and play areas, and the city of Gastonia offers over a dozen places to play sports, walk and hike, swim, play traditional and frisbee golf, and more.

How much are houses in Gardner Park?

Gardner Park homes tend to be larger, with between three and five bedrooms. Median price is approximately $291,000, over 50% higher than average NC neighborhoods.

Armstrong Park

Historic downtown locations like Armstrong Park present a traditional, urban feel and homes which connect families with the history of the area and living in closer connection with others. Residents appreciate this area for its ease of access to the freeway, as well as a peaceful atmosphere, local businesses, and safe area to explore including dog walking and meeting neighbors.

What are schools in Armstrong Park like?

GreatSchools has evaluated three schools in the Armstrong Park area as “good or better” in quality, including Gardner Park Elementary and Ashbrook High School.

What is Crime like in Armstrong Park?

Armstrong Park is rated about a 6 on a scale to 10, with some exposure to property and violent crime possible. Residents say they feel safe, however, and enjoy peaceful living in this area.

Parks and Playgrounds in Armstrong Park

Parks like Martha Rivers Park, Ranlo Park, and Lineberger Park provide playground, cookout, and sports facilities along with outdoor relaxation. Residents in Armstrong Park have nearby access.

How much are houses in Armstrong Park?

Armstrong Park has a variety of home sizes, ranging from the $200,000s to $600,000 and above for a 4 bedroom house.

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Kendrick Farms

For those who prefer newer construction, Kendrick Farms offers good schools and a family-friendly community feeling. Your modern home is part of a thriving neighborhood, good schools, and space to breathe.

What are schools in Kendrick Farms like?

Residents of Kendrick Farms have access to schools in the Gaston County School District including East Gaston High School, Mount Holly Middle School, and Pinewood Elementary School. Parents and GreatSchools rate them good or above.

What is Crime like in Kendrick Farms?

Kendrick Farms has a moderate crime rating of 6, indicating some exposure to the city’s somewhat elevated criminal activity.

Parks and Playgrounds in Kendrick Farms

In addition to Gastonia’s many parks and playgrounds, Kendrick Farms borders green spaces and Dutchman’s Creek, providing nearby natural areas to explore.

How much are houses in Kendrick Farms?

Homes in Kendrick Farms are older, dating back to 2004, and larger with 3 to 6 bedrooms. Median home sale price is $325,000, and recent closings range from $280,000 to $455,000.


Residents of Sedgefield come together in a community way, while enjoying diverse housing styles. If you prefer to have a home that’s visually unique and special, this might be your destination. Away from the central area of Gastonia and located closer to Belmont and Charlotte, it has a slightly lower crime rating.

What are schools in Sedgefield like?

Sedgefield homeowners have access to schools like Gardner Park Elementary School, Ashbrook High School, and Holbrook Middle School, with ratings “good or above” by GreatSchools and varying ratings by local parents.

What is Crime like in Sedgefield?

Sedgefield has a rating of 5 for property and violent crime, somewhat lower than much of the Gastonia area, but not the lowest.

Parks and Playgrounds in Sedgefield

Sedgefield is not far from George Poston Park, with everything from batting cages to a dozen miles of multi-use trail. It’s dog-friendly, with a lake and picnicking area.

How much are houses in Sedgefield?

Recent homes for sale in Sedgefield have tended to be smaller 3 bedroom houses, with listing prices in the $200,000s to $300,000s. This neighborhood has seen fewer open listings recently, as families find their dream home and move in.

Choosing from the Best Neighborhoods in Gastonia Might Not Be Easy!

It’s bound to be fun imagining yourself in each part of the city, walking down tree-lined streets or exploring a nearby park. Skirt downtown and stop at a cafe or restaurant, or just enjoy your recently built home and say hi to the neighbors. Knowing that each of Gastonia’s unique communities has a direct connection to city government for support and information is a plus. This is a place where you can connect with others, and build a life as part of a community. When we help you prepare for your move, at Bellhop we provide transparent costs, clear scheduling, your choice of moving labor and packing options in the greater Charlotte area, and much more. We want to be part of your success as a new resident of Gastonia, or wherever your family’s dreams take you.

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