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Decluttering Your Home Checklist – Get Organized Before a Move

Moving is a great chance to declutter. It’s like that old question: What would you grab if your house was on fire? But with moving, luckily, the fire is nice and slow. You have a few days, weeks or even months to grab everything you cherish and leave the rest. So, here a decluttering your home checklist for when you move (drawn largely from Marie Kondo’s amazing book).

Warning: this information is highly useful.

1. Set a Declutter Deadline:
Decluttering takes energy and purpose, and both can run out over long periods of time. So, set yourself a decluttering deadline. It can be your moving day if you want to declutter beforehand, or it can be three weeks after the move. Whatever the date, don’t miss it. Temporarily evict your roommates and pets if that’s what it takes. They’ll understand, right?

2. Start by Making it Worse:
Your first step is to lay all your clothes together on the floor. All of them. All at once. It’ll make a huge mess, but it’ll allow you to see all that you own. You’ll spot redundancies in your wardrobe and find all kinds of things you don’t need to keep. Then carefully organize what’s left. Move through all your possessions this way, starting with clothes, then books, “important” documents, and so on. It’ll look real bad at first, but it’ll feel real good real quick.

3. Finish Tasks:
Launching five projects at once will leave your home in worse shape than when you began. Don’t get halfway through organizing your clothes and move on to your books just for fun. Muscle through one project, and then focus on what’s next. Don’t be like that ADD slacker Leonardo da Vinci. Finish what you start.

4. Keep Items that Spark Joy:
Letting go of things can be tough, so focus on what you want to keep. Identify and cherish the possessions that actively bring you joy, and get rid of the rest. If your hardback copy of Eat, Pray, Love doesn’t make you happy, maybe it will for someone else.

5. Keep the Emotion, Not the Gift:
When it comes to gifts, it’s not so much the thought, but the emotion that counts. A successful present makes you feel loved. Once that emotional gift is received, the object itself has done its job. No need to keep the graduation present from your aunty. Just remember she loves you, then you are free to send the snuggie to Goodwill.

Good luck, and if you need some extra hands, book Bellhops. Give us a call at 1 (888) 836-3939. We love getting organized. We hope this decluttering your home checklist helps!

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