In a survey done by OnePoll, they found that 45% of Americans believe moving is the most stressful life event. You’ve got 1,001 decisions to make about your move, and one, is going to be about ‘what to do about the mattress.’ Here you’ll find helpful answers. 

A mattress can be one of the most personal items in your household. We spend one-third of our lives in bed. A good mattress is an investment in comfort and your well-being. Yet they are bulky to move and given their size can quickly fill up a moving van. So, deciding to move a mattress is a big deal. In this article we will cover both pros and cons of moving, or disposing of a mattress, plus give tips to help. 

If you decide to move your mattress, check with your local Bellhop Movers. They can help you move across the country, or simply across town. They are expert at moving mattresses, and the information you share will help them determine key metrics, like the size of the truck needed. 

A Mattress with a cat on top of it | Bellhop Moving
Make sure there are no cats on your mattress prior to moving it.

5 Reasons to Move Your Mattress 

Best Night’s Sleep Ever! – This ranks high because it is so important. We all know how grumpy we can feel when we get a crummy night’s sleep. Why risk a change or a crabby partner? Stick with a winner and sleep baby sleep!  

Attachment – Memories matter, and families particularly know the joy that comes when young kids pile on the bed, at the right time, of course. Who when little, didn’t jump up and down on their parents’ bed?! 

Bellhop - "Best Movers Ever'

Replacement Cost – A good mattress can easily cost $1,000 – $5,000, depending on size. Given the costs of moving, it may be better to not spend on a replacement at your new home, just now. 

Still in Great Shape – The average life of a mattress is seven to ten years. Better made can last longer. And we all sleep differently, so like they say with cars, ‘your mileage may vary.’ 

Yeah, it’s big, but honestly, not that hard – Movers always assume there are mattresses to deal with. Systems and supplies make it routine. Mattresses always want to flop over; two expert Bellhop movers make moving one easy. 

How to Dispose of a Mattress 

Maybe it’s time for a fresh start. Moving is a great reason to reconsider keeping all the items in your household. Decluttering makes sense and can save on moving costs. Disposing of a mattress can be an easy decision. Wherever you are moving, it seems like mattresses are always on sale. Not sure what to do with yours? Fortunately, you have options. 

Before you start, research your state’s and city’s rules. They can vary even by town. Be honest about the condition of your mattress. Is it heavily stained? Maybe a few years too old? Mattresses accumulate all sorts of yucky stuff like dead skin and mites that can limit your options if the mattress doesn’t look good. Give it a good vacuum or spot cleaning first before you decide. 

Worried about hauling it away? Call your local Bellhop Movers. When you hire our labor-only movers, you can pay by the hour for help hauling things outside, moving around your garage, preparing for furniture recycling, and hauling away. 

Note: While we are laser-focused on your mattress, the recommendations in this section can also be applied to all the extra items that together may make up your ‘bed’ – like a mattress topper, bed boards, box springs, frames, and slats.  

Donate Your Mattress

Local charities may be willing to take your mattress depending upon its condition. Check with your local Goodwill, Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity, or other similar large charity. Many may come and pick up. (Typically, only the larger charities have the resources to handle mattresses). 

Selling Your Mattress

Used mattress sales between individuals are typically allowed. (Check online given your location.) Federal standards and labeling apply when a retailer wants to sell a used mattress. These don’t apply to peer-to-peer sales. Still presentation does matters. Spending a little time on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace can give you a better understanding of this option and suggested pricing. If listings are dated, (look old),  it may mean that used mattresses are a bit hard to sell where you live. 

The Better Way to Move

Recycling Options for Mattresses

Depending upon the composition of your mattress, the components can be repurposed (always a good option!) Some municipalities support mattress recycling. If yours does, there are typically specific locations that will accept them. So check before loading it. 

Mattress Junk Removal

Last resort is to dispose of it at your dump center. Landfills are challenged now, and a mattress will add a lot of waste. If your mattress can have a second life, we recommend against this choice. 

Is a Mattress Bag Worth It? 

Yes! Your mattress is most likely white or cream colored. Moving exposes it to handling and conditions that can dirty it quickly. No one wants disappointing surprises like a dirty mattress after the move. 

We recommend spending a little more on a mattress bag with handles. Handles solve the biggest problem with moving a mattress: how do you grab it? Mattress bags are available at local big box and hardware stores, and online. You can save a little moving time and expense by putting the bag on yourself. Or your Bellhop Movers will be glad to. 

How to Move a Memory Foam Mattress 

Wasn’t it cool to watch your new memory foam mattress expand when you first opened its box?! Amazing. Now, you are wondering how to move it. 

Roll a mattress, don’t bend it.

Bending can leave creases that won’t come out when you later unroll it. Creases are as bad as ‘peas’ if you remember that fairy tale about the princess and the pea under her mattress. 

Squash it like a sleeping bag

If you ever camped, you know the challenge of getting that sleeping bag back in its much smaller stuff sack. Start on one end, pushing down to compress the foam, with elbows straight applying as much weight as possible. For a little fun add kids standing (and laughing) next to you to help. Slowly twist and curl up the compressed foam, then repeat. 

Don’t forget straps!

Have them handy to scoot underneath and around to keep it compressed. Consider wide, 2-inch straps, at least two. Stand it on end and then put it in a mattress bag. 

Consider a mattress vacuum bag

These sealable bags have a one-way valve that fits a standard vacuum cleaner tube. Connect and turn on the vacuum. It’s almost as magical watching the foam mattress shrink as when you first unrolled it. Then roll it up while still in the bag and secure. These bags aren’t that more expensive that a regular mattress bag and are definitely worth it.  

Be cautious with this if you have children in your home; they may wish to crawl inside if it is left unattended. 

What Not to Do When Moving a Mattress 

Don’t try and move it by yourself. Mattresses can weigh between 50 and 150 pounds. It looks easy to move when it’s flat. Stand a mattress up and it immediately starts fighting you. Get a friend or hire someone to help. Then it’s easy. 

Be extra careful on stairs and stair landings. Sliding a mattress on the stairs sounds good until it speeds up. Given its weight, a mattress quickly gains momentum. The person on the bottom can be knocked off balance and injured. Not good for friendship. To prevent this, the person on the top stairs needs to be braced in anticipation and holding it back. 

When You are Ready for the Big Move, Use Bellhop 

At Bellhop, there’s nothing we want more than for our customers to have a smooth move. We hope this article on how to move a mattress helps and saves you some time and research. If you’re ready to get moving, our local and long-distance movers can be there in a jiffy.  

Warren Sly