Congratulations! You’re moving or planning a move or have just arrived at your new home. You’re looking for unpacking tips after your short or long-distance move. We hope you are still in the research stage because the success of how you unpack in your new house can in many ways depend on the strategies and care you used to pack.  

 By the way, we’re Bellhop Movers, experts at local and long-distance moves. We’re a moving company that cares and we’d love to help you with an affordable long-distance move, or a quick dash across town.  

So read on to find unpacking tips that cover everything from: 

  • Finding essentials like your coffee maker, toiletries, or linens 
  • What are the most important rooms to unpack first 
  • How to get a good night’s sleep the first night. 

Plus, we’ve got great ideas how to make the unpacking process fun for your family, or at least bearable for you. 

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Moving is a Triathlon. Unpacking is the Final Event. 

The point we’re making is that it takes planning to finish well. And this moving company wants to help you with some unpacking hacks that work. That’s why we spend a little time on packing at your old home before the moving truck shows up. Moving is tough and can be painful (like this endurance race). The goal is to finish strong with a positive attitude. 

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5 Tips for Packing that Will Speed Up Unpacking at your New Home 

Preparing for a move is an art, and the way you pack can significantly impact the ease of your unpacking experience. Here are 5 essential hacks that help unpack after moving: 

  1. Label boxes by room. Clearly label each box so it end up in the right room, writing the label on both the top and one side. Consider using color coding stickers for a visual, easy-to-identify system. This method allows you and everyone to quickly determine where each moving box belongs in your new home, streamlining the unpacking process. 
  1. Prioritize Your boxes. Label each box by priority – ‘First box’ to Unpack for important items in each room, ‘Second to Unpack’, ‘Third to Unpack’, and ‘Leave for Later’. This system helps you focus on the essential items first like WIFI router and phone chargers, ensuring you have everything you need for the first night in your new home.  
  1. Photograph the box content. We prefer photos to a detailed inventory list. You can enlist young kids or family members to ‘treasure hunt’ for the toothbrush or silverware at your new home by scrolling through pictures of contents. Label the photo with the corresponding box number, either in the file name or directly on the image This is a lot simpler than if an inventory list was used. 
  1. Declutter now rather than painfully after the move.  It’s doubly painful to declutter after moving  because you paid to move the stuff. You’ll reduce packing and simplify the entire unpacking process. Leave behind real estate guides, half-used cleaning supplies, hair conditioner, that shower curtain. 
  1. Use wheeled suitcases for heavy items. ‘Wheely’ suitcases are easier to transport than moving boxes to their place in the new home and may offer additional protection for their contents. 
  1. Don’t skimp on good packing supplies: Bubble wrap, sturdy moving boxes and other packing supplies can ensure a happy move with undamaged items. 

We’ve got lots of info to help with the packing here

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10 Tips that Will Speed Up Unpacking at Your New Home 

  1. Unpack essentials first. Begin with the ‘Essentials’ boxes you packed earlier. This will give you immediate access to the necessary items like toiletries (toothbrushes, hand soap and toilet paper), linens, chargers, and basic kitchen supplies like silverware and your life-sustaining coffee maker. Having these essentials at hand will restart rituals you value. 
  1. Make a map for each room. Indicate the position to assemble (and place) heavier items like sofas and beds. Show where to position the room’s moving boxes so they are stacked only once and not moved (wasting your time later). Your kids can help turn this into a fun exercise. 
  1. Set up the bedroom and bathroom. A happy first night sleep is symbolic and important. After the essentials, prioritize setting up the bedrooms and bathrooms; the living room and dining room can wait.. Similarly, organizing the bathrooms with toiletries, towels, and shower curtains will add those little touches that signal comfort in your new home. 
  1. Tackle the kitchen next. The kitchen is often the heart of the home and can be the most time-consuming to unpack. Start by connecting major appliances and then move on to unpacking silverware, dishes, and other daily necessities.  
  1. Use a ‘zonal’ approach for unpacking. Approach each room as a separate project, completing one before moving to the next. This method prevents a cluttered home and builds a sense of accomplishment. Maybe accentuate it with a checklist and schedule planner you can post in the kitchen as proof of progress. Reward kids with a special activity if they finish their rooms on time. 
  1. Clear pathways. It’s hard to see over moving boxes and living room furniture when carrying. Likewise help by reminding excited kids to stay out of the way. 
  1. Designate a holding area for less important boxes. We don’t recommend offsite storage spaces as items are often forgotten. A garage is ideal, basement less so because of the stairs. You want these items nearby but not a daily obstacle or annoyance. Ideally your color-coding system identified the boxes so the moving company can simply deposit them without your guidance. 
  1. Be realistic about completion. Moving is mentally and physically exhausting. Kindness to yourself and family is more important. Take a dsay off and get out with the family. It will give you perspective on what you really have done. 
  1. Combine unpacking with a ‘pleasure routine.’  If you have a favorite routine like listening to a podcast, unpack those lingering boxes while you listen. This reward principle has proven successful to boosting motivation and setting routines for activities we shirk, like. Tackletackling those bookcases and bookshelves.. 
  1. Breakdown moving boxes, flatten bubble wrap and other packing supplies for recycle, sale or reuse as you go. Create a designated spot on each floor to stack unused supplies. Flattened and broken down they take up less room. They can be sold or kept for your next move. (The average family moves every five years). Five Tips for Working with Your Moving Company to Unpck Faster 

6 Tips for Using Your Movers to Speed up Unpacking 

Besides moving, professional movers are pros at packing and unpacking. Sure, it costs to have them help, but having the move completed faster is worth it. (It also may be covered as part of a company-paid moving allowance). Bellhop offers packing and unpacking help too. You can book us as part of a move or independently. 

The Better Way to Move
  1. Before moving anything inside, pre-walk the empty house with the moving company supervisor. Sketch a paper layout for each room about where to place bedframes, stack boxes, etc. Tape it to the each room’s door for fast visualization. 
  1. Let the movers assemble beds, dining room, living room furniture. Professional movers do it a lot. And fast. 
  1. Stack the boxes according to your priority.  Less important ‘C’ boxes go on the bottom, ‘A’s and Important on top. 
  1. Bring in food and beverages. They want to go non-stop. Help by asking their favorite food and drink. Have it delivered. Give them time to eat and stretch. 
  1. Ask their advice. They do this a lot and know how to get it done fast.  
  1. Let them take emptied boxes out as they bring others in. You can ask them to stack the empties in the garage or remove them. Bellhop’s movers will take them to recycle for you. 

Following these unpacking tips will help make the move- in process more manageable and enjoyable. Remember, unpacking is an opportunity to start fresh and create a comfortable, organized living space in your new home. 

Can Bellhop Help Plan Your Move? 

We hope this summary was helpful. If you need more info to help you pack, we have plenty of moving tips. Please reach out to your friendly Bellhop Movers. As we said, we coordinate local moves and long-distance moving services just about everywhere Check out our moving locations. You can get an estimate of just moving, or moving and packing / unpacking services here. Or, call your local Bellhop Movers’ office and we can help you estimate how much and how long it will take. There is no reason you need to do this alone; it’s stressful enough as is!  

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