Where Are Millennials Moving To In Dallas?

Where Are Millennials Moving To In Dallas?

We all know Dallas is packed with people and getting more packed every day. The Dallas-Fort Worth area is the fourth largest metro area in America, and Dallas itself is the third biggest city in the very big state of Texas. So who are those people moving to and around the Big D, and where are they going?

Well, over the past few years, Dallas has seen an influx of millennials — people born after 1980 — who now make up 15 percent of the total population. We at Bellhops care about where people are moving, so we built this cool graph to help show where millennials in Dallas are moving.

Looking at the map, it appears that somewhere between 50 percent and 70 percent of downtown Dallas is populated by millennials. They’re congregating between the river and North Central Expressway in an area known as the West End Historic District.

West End Historic District


As we dive deeper into this area, we see there are dozens of apartment complexes. Some notable apartments are 1900 Elm Street, Marquis West End, and Mercantile Place. These apartments know their target market, and it shows in the census data. They’re geared to the young, single professional who cares more about being within walking distance of restaurants and shops than having a yard and some privacy.

Nightlife and Food

What else is in the West End Historic District that might attract millennials? The food scene and nightlife. Some walkable food options are the Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse and Campisi’s.

Y.O. is the quintessential Dallas steakhouse, offering prime cuts of beef, elk, and boar. They also pair the entrees with a huge wine list, bringing amazing wines from every part of the world.

Campisi’s is a pizzeria that’s been serving customers since the ’40s. They say themselves that (in classic Dallas fashion) they’ve built their business on “handshakes and hello’s.” Though they’ve now expanded to multiple locations, one of the firsts was downtown Dallas. They serve pasta and salads but are known for their pizzas. We all know one of the main food groups for Millenials is pizza, so it helps that Campisi’s is within walking distance.

The scene in downtown Dallas for nightlife all centers around Main Street. This is the other amenity to living in the West End for Millennials. They’re able to walk to nice restaurants, but also walk to the cocktail bar afterward. Some of the favorite bars include the City Tavern and the Midnight Rambler.

The City Tavern is more of a down-to-earth pub that offers live music, while the Midnight Rambler caters to the higher-end crowd with specialty cocktails. Both are off of main street making them walkable for the millennial population in the nearby apartment complexes.

University Park

Looking back at the map, the other highly congregated millennial population is in University Park, a city located north of downtown Dallas. This is notable because of SMU, Southern Methodist University, which is located in University Park and is what the city is known for.

The university has brought a ton of student housing to the city to accommodate the huge millennial population. Economically, that has helped the city grow a bunch of locally owned businesses to cater to the almost 12,000 strong student body. Those businesses are located right off campus in Snider Plaza. This three-block strip houses locally renowned restaurants and stores, offering shopping for the students and the young families living in the park cities.

It looks like if you’re a millennial, moving to Dallas, and wanting to live near a bunch of people your age, you are going to want to live in either Downtown Dallas near West End or University Park. You will also be able to find like-aged millennials in all the subdivisions in-between. If you need help moving, choose local bellhops in Dallas to move you. Moving gets heavy, allow us.

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