Quick Tips for Storing and Organizing Christmas Decorations

The holiday season draws to an end. And then you begin a new year. Packing and organizing your Christmas decorations can feel like a chore. We have several quick tips to make repacking and storing your holiday decorations easy.

Your future self will thank you for planning ahead.

Declutter: Ben Soreff, a professional organizer, says that before packing your holiday items, take a good look at the quantity. Set aside the items you didn’t display this year. Toss items that are dirty or broken.

Think about selling: Some items may be high quality, but don’t fit your style. If you don’t plan on giving them away as a gift, consider selling. Caring Transitions, a company specializing in organization, says to look for items that are brand-name, vintage, never taken out of the package, or sell well online.

Sort by holiday: A.B. Richards, storage specialists, say to sort your remaining decorations into categories like indoor and outdoor decorations. You can also organize by the holiday. That way you can spend more time decorating and less time rummaging in your attic.

Organize your ornaments: Sorting your ornaments allows you to take inventory of all your holiday décor items. Kirsten Fisher, a Certified Professional Organizer says to consider gifting an ornament or holiday-themed item a new part of your annual tradition.

Ornament storage: For packing fragile ornaments, use egg cartons or ornament boxes. These can protect your decorations from damage during the storing process. Fisher, also recommends placing hand-made and food craft ornaments in a sealable sandwich bag to protect from humidity.

Caring for lights: Test each strand before putting it away. Replace dead bulbs, and discard strands that don’t work.

  • Marshall Weber, Storage and Organization expert at Stor-it, says to keep your lights free of tangles, start by taking down your string lights and laying them flat on the ground. Next, create cardboard dividers by taking a small rectangular piece of cardboard and cut a small slit on one side. Start by inserting the socket side of your string lights into the slit and wrap your lights around the cardboard.
  • Once your lights are wrapped, it is a good idea to invest in packing materials to cushion your delicate decorations. According to Weber, you can use packing peanuts, bubble wrap, or even leftover tissue paper can protect your bulbs until you need them again the following year.

Label your boxes:  A storage and organization expert at Stor-it, recommends filling each box with decorations from a single holiday and label them before storing. You can use sticky notes or even a sharpie. This can go a long way to help reduce holiday headaches the following year.

Protect trees and wreaths: Carefully fold your tree and place back in the original box or cover with a sheet. Kirsten Fisher, a Certified Professional Organizer, says to hang your wreaths in a garbage or garment bag to avoid dust and crushing. Use a specialty storage case if you have limited storing space.

Take a picture: Caring Transitions suggests you take a picture while your decorations are still up. Attach the photos to your storage bin for the corresponding items. Then you can refer to the photo to re-create your display.

You can apply these tips to any holiday’s decorations. Now that you’re packed and organized, next year’s decorating will be much easier.

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