Austin, Texas, the Live Music Capital of the World, is not just about its vibrant music scene and eclectic culture. It’s also recognized for its diverse neighborhoods offering varying lifestyles and amenities. Whether you’re moving to Austin for the exploding tech scene, the amazing restaurants and nightlife, the University of Texas, or just the weather, safety is a significant factor for residents and potential newcomers alike. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the safest neighborhoods in Austin, providing insights into their features, amenities, and community vibes.

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How do you define Safety in Austin?

Before delving into the specifics of Austin’s safest neighborhoods, it’s crucial to understand how safety is measured. Various factors contribute to a neighborhood’s safety, including crime rates, quality of infrastructure, access to emergency services, and community engagement. Data from local law enforcement agencies, community surveys, and crime mapping tools like NeighborhoodScout and AreaVibes help in evaluating safety levels. The data shows that Austin was the safest big city in Texas in 2022, and crimes have dropped from 2023. Both the property crime rate and violent crime rate dropped year over year!

Numerous Austin neighborhoods are known for their safety, but we’ve picked out six of the safest and most desirable Austin neighborhoods for you to explore. Not only are the some of the safest neighborhoods in Austin—they’re also some of the best neighborhoods in Austin.

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Austin’s Safest Neighborhoods

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Westlake Hills:

Nestled just west of downtown Austin, Westlake Hills is renowned for its scenic beauty, upscale residences, and exceptional safety. Boasting top-rated schools (read more about Austin’s best schools) and a low crime rate, this neighborhood attracts families seeking a serene yet sophisticated lifestyle. The area is characterized by spacious estates, lush greenery, and proximity to outdoor recreational areas like the Barton Creek Greenbelt.

– Scenic Beauty: Westlake Hills offers picturesque views of rolling hills and lush landscapes, providing residents with a tranquil setting.

– Upscale Residences: The neighborhood features luxurious homes with spacious lots and high-end amenities, appealing to affluent homeowners.

– Top-Rated Schools: Families are drawn to Westlake Hills for its excellent private and public schools, ensuring quality education for children.

– Low Crime Rate: With its well-established community and proactive policing efforts, Westlake Hills maintains a low crime rate, enhancing resident safety.

– Proximity to Outdoor Recreation: Residents enjoy easy access to the Barton Creek Greenbelt, offering hiking, biking, and outdoor activities amidst nature.

Circle C Ranch

Situated in Southwest Austin, Circle C Ranch offers a perfect blend of safety and suburban charm. This master-planned community features well-maintained parks, exemplary schools, and a tight-knit atmosphere. Residents enjoy amenities such as swimming pools, hike and bike trails, and community events. With its low crime rates and family-friendly environment, Circle C Ranch is a sought-after destination for homeowners.

– Master-Planned Community: Circle C Ranch is meticulously designed with a focus on community living, featuring parks, trails, and recreational facilities for residents to enjoy.

– Exemplary Schools: The neighborhood is served by top-rated schools, making it an ideal choice for families seeking quality education for their children.

– Family-Friendly Amenities: Residents have access to a wide range of amenities, including swimming pools, playgrounds, and community events, fostering a family-friendly environment.

– Tight-Knit Atmosphere: Circle C Ranch boasts a strong sense of community, with residents actively participating in neighborhood activities and events, creating a supportive and welcoming atmosphere.

– Low Crime Rates: The neighborhood’s commitment to safety is evident through its low crime rates and proactive community policing efforts, ensuring peace of mind for residents.


Formerly the site of Austin’s municipal airport, Mueller has transformed into a vibrant and open mixed-use development known for its safety and sustainability initiatives—perfect for young families and retirees! Located just northeast of downtown and the University of Texas and across Interstate 35 from historic Hyde Park, this neighborhood emphasizes walkability, green spaces, and modern amenities. Mueller residents have access to parks, retail shops, restaurants, coffee shops like Bottega and Halycon, and community gardens. The area’s commitment to environmental stewardship and community engagement fosters a secure and inclusive environment. This is a stellar East Austin place to call home.

– Mixed-Use Development: Mueller offers a diverse mix of residential, commercial, and recreational spaces, creating a vibrant and dynamic neighborhood.

– Walkability: The neighborhood is designed with pedestrian-friendly streets, making it easy for residents to walk or bike to nearby amenities and attractions.

– Green Spaces: Mueller features ample green spaces, parks, and community gardens, providing residents with opportunities for outdoor recreation and relaxation.

– Modern Amenities: Residents enjoy access to a variety of amenities, including retail shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues, enhancing their quality of life.

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– Sustainability Initiatives: Mueller is committed to sustainability, with initiatives such as green building practices, renewable energy sources, and water conservation efforts, contributing to a healthier environment for residents.

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Nestled along the picturesque shores of Ladybird Lake, Tarrytown exudes timeless elegance and safety. Characterized by tree-lined streets, historic homes, and proximity to downtown Austin, this neighborhood appeals to affluent residents seeking a tranquil yet convenient lifestyle. Tarrytown offers excellent schools, recreational facilities, and a strong sense of community. Its low crime rate and proximity to nature make it an ideal haven for families and professionals alike.

– Tranquil Setting: Tarrytown offers a peaceful and picturesque setting, with tree-lined streets and scenic views of Lake Austin, creating a serene ambiance for residents.

– Historic Homes: The neighborhood features charming historic homes alongside modern residences, adding to its unique character and appeal.

– Proximity to Downtown: Tarrytown’s close proximity to downtown Austin provides residents with easy access to a wide range of dining, shopping, and entertainment options.

– Strong Sense of Community: Tarrytown fosters a tight-knit community atmosphere, with residents actively participating in neighborhood associations, events, and initiatives, creating a sense of belonging and camaraderie.

– Low Crime Rate: The neighborhood boasts a low crime rate, thanks to its well-established community and proactive policing efforts, ensuring a safe and secure environment for residents and their families.

Barton Creek

Encompassing luxurious estates and sprawling golf courses, Barton Creek epitomizes exclusivity and safety in Austin. Located southwest of downtown, this gated community offers privacy, scenic views, and resort-style amenities. Residents enjoy access to championship golf courses, spa facilities, and hiking trails in the nearby Barton Creek Greenbelt. With its 24/7 security patrols and upscale living options, Barton Creek provides a secure retreat for discerning homeowners. Moreover, you’re a quick drive from restaurants, shopping, and music venues on South Congress and a bike ride away from legendary Zilker Park.

– Luxury Living: Barton Creek offers upscale living options, including luxurious estates, gated communities, and exclusive amenities, catering to affluent homeowners seeking a high-end lifestyle.

– Resort-Style Amenities: Residents have access to a range of resort-style amenities, such as championship golf courses, spa facilities, tennis courts, and fine dining options, providing a luxurious and indulgent lifestyle.

– Privacy and Security: Barton Creek is a gated community with 24/7 security patrols and strict access controls, ensuring residents’ privacy and safety.

– Scenic Beauty: The neighborhood boasts breathtaking views of rolling hills, lush landscapes, and the Barton Creek Greenbelt, creating a picturesque backdrop for residents to enjoy.

– Outdoor Recreation: Residents can explore the nearby Barton Creek Greenbelt, which offers hiking, biking, and nature trails amidst pristine wilderness, providing opportunities for outdoor recreation and relaxation.

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Situated in North Central Austin, Allandale combines suburban tranquility with urban convenience, making it one of the city’s safest neighborhoods. Known for its mid-century homes, tree-lined streets, and vibrant local businesses, Allandale fosters a strong sense of community pride. Residents benefit from proximity to major highways, parks, and top-rated schools. The neighborhood’s active neighborhood association and low crime rates contribute to its appeal among families and young professionals.

– Suburban Tranquility: Allandale offers a peaceful and suburban setting, with tree-lined streets, spacious lots, and well-maintained homes, providing residents with a tranquil retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life.

– Mid-Century Homes: The neighborhood features a mix of mid-century homes, modern residences, and newly constructed properties, adding to its architectural diversity and charm.

– Vibrant Community: Allandale boasts a vibrant community atmosphere, with residents actively participating in neighborhood associations, events, and initiatives, fostering a strong sense of belonging and camaraderie.

– Convenient Location: The neighborhood’s central location provides residents with easy access to major highways, public transportation, parks, schools, and amenities, enhancing their quality of life and convenience.

– Low Crime Rates: Allandale maintains low crime rates, thanks to its proactive community policing efforts, neighborhood watch programs, and strong sense of community vigilance, ensuring a safe and secure environment for residents and their families.

There you have it – Austin’s Safest Neighborhoods

Choosing the right neighborhood is a significant decision, and safety is paramount in the selection process. Austin, with its diverse array of neighborhoods, offers options catering to different preferences and lifestyles. Whether you prioritize suburban tranquility, urban amenities, or waterfront living, there’s a safe haven waiting for you in the Live Music Capital of the World. We should also mentioned neighborhoods like Hyde Park, Windsor Park, and Rosedale, just to name a few others! By considering factors such as crime rates, community engagement, and access to amenities, you can find the perfect neighborhood to call home in Austin. Whether you’re moving locally within Austin or making a long distance move to Austin, Bellhop has you covered! 

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