Tipsy Tuesday isn’t complete without your favorite bottle of wine. That’s why it’s important to make sure it’s packed right if you’re in the middle of a move. Now, moving from one side of a city or down the block is another. 

However, moving to a different city or state is another ballpark. That means you’ll want to take precautions if you’re transporting alcohol of any kind–but especially your go-to bottles you love so much. (After all, no one wants those to break!)

Read on to find out just how to pack liquor and wine bottles for moving. We’ve got you covered, friend. 

How to pack liquor and wine bottles for moving 

Here are some suggestions on how to pack liquor and wine bottles for moving. Follow these tips, and feel a little more relaxed about transporting wine and liquor from your old home to your new home. 

Tip #1: Declutter your alcohol stash

Have many opened bottles you haven’t touched in years? Maybe a collection of wine bottles you received at holiday parties that you forgot about? Got several bottles of red wine that you never drink since you’re more of a white wine person? 

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A declutter could do you some good (and also make moving your liquor and wine bottles more affordable since there won’t be as much weight). So, when it comes time to pack your alcohol, put all of your bottles on the table first. 

If they haven’t been opened yet, ask yourself if you could see yourself drinking them in the next two months or whether you’d be better off giving them to a friend or dumping them down the drain. (If you do dump your alcohol, just remember to recycle the glass afterward!)

bottles of wine laying side-by-side

Tip #2: Invest in a wine shipping box or cell divider box

What are the ways on how to pack liquor bottles for moving? How about wine? While you can use a regular moving box to transport alcohol if you pack it right, it’s worth the extra dollars to get a wine shipping box or cell divider box. 

The first has styrofoam dividers that prevent your bottles from shifting around. The latter has dividers made of cardboard, which also help keep things in place, though cell divider boxes are generally less durable than wine shipping boxes. (Keep in mind that cell divider boxes can be more affordable than wine shipping boxes, though. If you’re on a budget, this can be a great option that you’ll just need to take the time to pack right.)

The Better Way to Move

Add cardboard to the bottom if needed

A moving box can make or break things (literally). If the box you choose for your alcohol bottles feels flimsy at all, tape a supportive piece of cardboard to the bottom of the box. Then, tape over that multiple times to make sure the box is secure. 

Put your wine and liquor bottles into the moving boxes

…And don’t forget your packing paper! That adds a little extra cushion to your bottles to prevent them from breaking during the moving process. Gently wrap the packing paper around each bottle, and place it in the respective spot within the divider for peace of mind.

Start labeling

Don’t want your favorite liquor or wine to go missing during the move? Labeling can help! Write down what is within each moving box, alcohol or not. 

Of course, if you are transporting alcohol, you’re dealing with a lot of glass. That means that you will want to label the box “fragile” so that everyone who comes into contact with it is extra careful. 

More questions about transporting wine and liquor for a move

Here are some other things you might be curious to know about packing liquor and wine bottles:

What are the best moving boxes for liquor bottles?

As long as the liquor bottles are small enough, a wine shipping box is often your best moving box. The styrofoam dividers are a huge help since they can keep the bottles in place and prevent them from getting damaged. 

How do you go about moving alcohol across state lines?

Every state has different laws. The easiest way to find out how to move alcohol between states is to look up the requirements in your specific state.

How can you transport wine bottles in a car?

Using a wine shipping box is important. You can also set the box on the floor behind one of the seats or the floor of the passenger seat (never the trunk). Turn your air conditioner on while the wine is in the car.

Tyler Brown