You might know Orlando as the home of Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando, and SeaWorld–basically making it every kid’s dream (and the dream of every child at heart). What you may not realize, though, is that while Orlando makes a great vacay spot, it’s also a great place to move your family to, no matter the ages of your kiddos. 

In case the move to Orlando starts sounding sweeter and sweeter, we’re going to cover one of every parent’s frequently asked questions, “What are the best schools in Orlando?” Let’s jump right in!

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How do you find the best schools in Orlando?

As with any major city, Orlando has both public and private school systems. There are 726 schools throughout the city, including 179 public school districts. In other words, you have options–lots of options–for schools between grades PK and K-12. 

One of the ways to figure out which school is best is to figure out if public or private school is better for you. For public school, you often are limited to where exactly your kids can go based on your physical address. Private schools have more choices that way, but it comes with a sometimes hefty price tag. 

Here are some other questions to ask yourself in the search for the best schools in Orlando, FL: 

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  • How does the high-school graduation rate compare to the state average?
  • What are the math and reading proficiencies? 
  • How are the classes and teachers? 

Now, let’s chat about the public school systems here in beautiful Orlando. 

How are public schools in Orlando?

According to Public School Review, roughly 88% of students in grades K-12 attend public schools in Orlando, FL, which is just above the average in the state of Florida (87%). 

When it comes down to it, the public schools rank in the lower half of public schools in the state. However, that isn’t to say there aren’t amazing schools with reading and math proficiency levels and graduation rates that soar high above the rest of Florida public schools. 

Recent numbers show that Florida’s high-school graduation rate is 88%. Orlando actually comes in higher than this, with the graduation rate being 89%

How are students doing in Orlando in math and reading? The math proficiency in this city is 54%, and the reading proficiency is 52%. For reference, the state’s average comes in at 59% for math and 56% for reading. 

Top-rated public schools in Orlando

These are some of Orlando’s best public schools: 

Best Elementary Schools in Orlando, Florida:

Best Middle Schools in Orlando, Florida:

Best High Schools in Orlando, Florida:

What private schools are in Orlando?

Orlando offers many top-rated private schools that can help your kids excel. Below are some of the city’s leading private schools: 

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And if you want more, we’ve got you covered. Here are some more of the best private schools in Orlando:

What are suburban Orlando schools like?

If your child goes to school in the Orlando suburbs, they’re in for a treat. There are many incredible opportunities there for elementary, middle, and high school students. Whether your child is interested in sports, a rigorous academic program, or exciting clubs and activities, many suburban schools will have those options. 

Suburban schools are generally rated well in terms of classes, teachers, and safety, so you’ll feel good knowing that your child has the best of everything if you choose that route. One of the things that make suburban schools so great is the low student-to-teacher ratio, which can make it easier for some children to learn. 

Just look at Osceola County School for the Arts in Kissimmee, an Orlando suburb, as an example. One student says, “The Osceola County School for the Arts (OCSA) is a school full of possibilities. The administration and teachers are amazing and supportive. It is the perfect setting for students aspiring to become artists. The multiple majors, clubs, events, etc. present opportunities that are unmatched.

And if your child is interested in a suburban school that offers more for kids outside of the arts, don’t worry. There are plenty of choices in the suburbs that do just that!

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What suburbs have particularly good school systems?

Oviedo, Chuluota, and Heathrow are three of the best options for suburbs. Oviedo is the city’s top suburb for raising kids. This suburb, which has 41,062 people, also scores highly in public schools, family friendliness, and diversity. Residents have dubbed it “a sleepy rural community,” which might be just what you’re looking for if you have kids.

Then, there’s Chuluota. This city has an impressive title as the top spot to purchase a home in all of Orlando. The public schools, housing, diversity, and kid friendliness all get As in Chuluota, which has roughly 1,939 residents

Finally, we have Heathrow (no, not the airport in London). As the top area to move to in Seminole County, this suburb offers something for everyone, from kids to adults. One resident says of this suburb, which has a population of 6,898 people, “Heathrow is a very nice community I love the elementary schools and the community feel. It’s a diverse community with a lux-rural feel.

What are the best school districts in Orlando?

These are some of Orlando’s top school districts: 

Seminole County Public Schools 

You won’t find better than Seminole County Public Schools, which Niche calls the city’s “best school district.” There are roughly 66,226 students between grades PK and K-12, with a math proficiency of 64% and a reading proficiency of 62%. Academics, diversity, and college prep are in it to win it in this school district. 

Volusia County Schools

Another one of the city’s top school districts, Volusia County Schools, serves 61,088 students between grades PK and K-12. The math proficiency is 53%, and the reading proficiency is 52%. Both college prep and diversity score highly in this school district. 

Orange County Public Schools

About 199,089 kids go to school at Orange County Public Schools when you add up the number of students in grades PK and K-12. The math proficiency level is 55%, and the reading proficiency level is 53%. Diversity, college prep, and clubs and activities all get an A. 

Good luck with your school search

There’s nothing like the weight lifted off your shoulders when you figure out the best schools in a city ahead of your move with kids. If you’re browsing for the best schools in Orlando, we hope we have given you some ideas and things to think about. As always, if you need local or long-distance movers in Orlando, we are here to help. 

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