On the hunt for an apartment? Here is a list of things to consider when apartment shopping that will save you time and money. Looking for a house? We’ve got tips for you here!


Washer and Dryer

Ask yourself: is having a washer and dryer in your apartment a non-negotiable? If you don’t mind making small talk with your neighbors while folding your clothes, you can typically save money by choosing an apartment with a shared laundry facility. 

Heating and Cooling 

When taking a tour of a place, ask the apartment manager the estimated monthly price of the unit’s heating and cooling bills in the winter and summer, respectively. If you notice that either price is abnormally high, the building may not be energy efficient (many older buildings require more energy to heat and cool than newer buildings). Other factors like the size of your apartment and the state you live in will largely determine how much you’ll pay monthly; check out this post from Move.org for some benchmark averages.


It’s important to ask yourself what amenities are truly important to you. Be realistic about what you’ll actually utilize on a daily basis (versus “nice to have” amenities).As you’re touring, keep a mental note of the amenities – e.g. a pool, gym, or dog park – that stand out to you.



Be aware of what the parking situation is like when you tour. The rent might seem reasonable, but does it come with accessible parking? Ask if parking is included in rent, an extra expense, or free-for-all street parking. 

The Better Way to Move
Bellhop - "Best Movers Ever'


Location, location, location! Don’t let a beautiful apartment in a less-than-convenient place win over your heart. Consider things like your work commute, proximity to friends and family, and ease of access to the interstate. All of these things will affect your quality of life on a daily basis, even if they seem insignificant in  the moment.


Finding a safe area is a must! Read through the apartment building’s reviews, as well as neighborhood reviews, and prioritize what is important to you (Niche.com is a great resource for neighborhood-level data in many towns and cities). If your apartment is in a newly developed area, you’ll want to find out if there is going to be constant, noisy construction in the vicinity. Speaking of noise, it’s usually a good idea to consider your neighbors. For example, if you want to live in a relatively quiet place, you’d be wise to avoid an apartment building with lots of college kids. 

There are a lot of considerations to take into account when you’re choosing a home, but hopefully, these tips will help you hone in on what’s most important. Good luck!

Lastly, if you’ve found the perfect apartment for you, here’s a guide that may assist with selecting a moving company to help with the transition.