When you’re moving with your family, there are so many things to consider when weighing your options: house styles, neighborhood safety, quality of schools, and the convenience of location. It can be overwhelming.

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You’ve no doubt seen our Knoxville City Guide, which includes a short section on a few of Knoxville’s most popular neighborhoods. Here’s the lowdown on the best family neighborhoods.

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Knoxville and Its Most Family Friendly Neighborhoods

Knoxville is the third-largest city in Tennessee, after Nashville and Memphis. 

As one of the largest cities in the Appalachian region, Knoxville has preserved Appalachian culture. It sits as an entry point to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, opening up opportunities for locals and visitors to access beautiful Appalachia and the surrounding outdoors. 

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Knoxville is home to a rich arts community and hosts tons of festivals throughout the year. Well-attended events like the 17-day Dogwood Arts Festival and the eight-week Knoxville Christmas in the City traditions make us think that this city isn’t slowing down anytime soon. 

Read below to see the top 5 family-friendly neighborhoods in Knoxville, truly a growing and charming city. 


Forest Heights is full of beautiful, historic homes and is one of our favorite family neighborhoods in the city. 

Located just 10 minutes away from downtown Knoxville, Forest Heights claims a great location. It features high-performing schools, parks, picnic areas, and community-thrown events. This private pocket has been looked over, but the ideal location and peaceful ambiance make it an excellent spot for a family.

What’s Happening in Forest Heights

Residents of Forest Heights can easily access Sutherland Avenue and Bearden, with plenty of local shops, ethnic restaurants, and organic grocery stores. 

The neighborhood is within walking distance of the restaurants and stores on Kingston Pike. And residents’ homes are very close to the scenic Greenway walking trail, which leads to the campus area of town.

Schools in Forest Heights

Schools in the area include Bearden Elementary School, Sequoyah School, and Knoxville Catholic High School among others. 

Homes in Forest Heights

Tudor, Georgian, and Cape Cod homes are popular in this area of town.


This beautiful and conveniently located neighborhood is full of many 20-somethings, families, and retirees. 

Sitting about 5 minutes from the heart of downtown, residents of this neighborhood have easy access to plenty of restaurants and specialty shops in the city center. Rent is relatively cheap in the area, and while Fourth and Gill have seen a lot of change recently, there’s still potential for advancement and growth. 

Redevelopment in the neighborhood has been a group effort, and the tight community works together often to continue the improvement of their homes. Residents commonly gather for community events (like their ice cream social or porch hops) or get together with a mission to improve the neighborhood as a whole. 

What’s Happening in Fourth and Gill

Fourth and Gill has undergone a lot of renovations. A walk through the charming streets, spilling with small gardens, is an activity commonly enjoyed by residents. And the nearby Broadway Ave. provides the Fourth and Gill area with easy access to shopping, groceries, and other necessities. 

Tucked in the center of the neighborhood is a charming 1-acre park. This park features a beautiful gazebo, picnic tables, and a playground, all shaded under a canopy of large trees. 

Residents of Fourth and Gill form a tight community. The neighborhood hosts friendly competitions like The Golden Shovel Award for the best yard. And a neighborhood bulletin board posts information on wildlife habitat information. You’ll also find info about local events, artwork, and poems completed by residents on this board. 

Schools in Fourth and Gill

Schools in the area include Christenberry Elementary School, Holston Middle School, and South-Doyle High School among others. 

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Homes in Fourth and Gill

Fourth and Gill is known for its charming, Victorian-style historic homes, many of which were built in the late 19th-century.


This suburb is located about 17 miles east of Downtown Knoxville and sits snug against Fort Loudoun Lake. 

The area features top family-friendly neighborhoods like The Cove at Turkey Creek, Fox Den, and Bridgemore. These neighborhoods within Farragut house great shopping destinations, quiet residential streets, marinas, golf courses, and country clubs. 

What’s Happening in Farragut

You’ll have your fill of great shopping, dining, and drinking options in this suburb. Farragut also has a long and constantly updating list of family-friendly community events, like their Sounds of Summer Concert Series, 3-day Dog Daze event, and the “Q, Crafts, and Brew” Festival. 

You’ll have no trouble getting outside in Farragut: this suburb contains 4 parks, 10 miles of greenways, and 18 sports fields that you can explore here.

Schools in Farragut

Schools in the area include Farragut Primary School, Farragut Middle School, and St. John Neumann Catholic School among others.

Homes in Farragut

You’ll find a wide range of housing options in Farragut, whether you’re looking for a fancy new construction or a humble fixer-upper.


Oakwood is a popular family spot in the city, but also is home to many singles and retirees. 

Located in North Knoxville, Oakwood features a unique and aesthetic architectural style. It’s known for its good quality schools and safe streets. But the area is still very affordable, making it an ideal spot for a first home or real estate investment. 

What’s Happening in Oakwood

Mainly residential, Oakwood’s action can be seen largely in the redevelopment of its homes. But there’s plenty of neighborhood spots as well, like Fanatic Brewing Company and Wild Love Bakehouse. For a little more energy and action, Knoxville’s Downtown is just 2.5 miles away. 

Schools in Oakwood

Schools in the area include Whittle Springs Middle School, Fulton High School, and Beaumont Elementary Magnet Arts & Honors Academy among others.

Homes in Oakwood

Many of Oakwood’s homes were built between the ‘20s and ‘50s and feature beautiful front porches. 


Within the west side of the city are several family-friendly pockets. The Kensington Subdivision, in particular, would be our top pick for families in the area. 

This subdivision features gorgeous high-end homes that sit on large lots. The community is quiet, yards are well maintained, safety is high, and traffic is low. You’ll find excellent educational options in the area, and local parks give the family room to stretch their legs or meet up with neighbors.

What’s Happening in West Knoxville

There are plenty of things to do in West Knoxville. Locals are familiar with the area’s large shopping centers, like the nearby Turkey Creek. Located close to Kensington, you’ll find West Hills, which features a popular shopping mall, over 20 restaurants, and one of Knoxville’s biggest film theaters. 

You’ll find a large list of great eateries, breweries, and bakeries along Kingston Pike. Visit Sequoyah Park for a stroll along the riverside. Or stop in at the Historic Westwood mansion built-in 1890.

Schools in West Knoxville

Schools in the area include Rocky Hill Elementary School, West Valley Middle School, and West High School among others. 

Homes in West Knoxville

West Knoxville features many large new constructions along quiet cul-de-sacs.

Busy street in downtown Knoxville.
Best Neighborhoods in Knoxville Bellhop Blog

There you have it: the 3 most family-friendly places to live in Knoxville!

We hope this was helpful! For more information, check out our other lists, “Up and Coming Neighborhoods in Knoxville” and “Best Places to Live in Knoxville.”
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