With your big move coming up, you need someone on your side who can handle the heavy lifting. That’s where a moving and storage company comes in.

Today, we’re going to spill our best tips for finding a provider. We hope this helps your moving day go smoothly.

9 tips for choosing the best moving and storage company

When it comes to movers, you’ve got many choices. Here are some suggestions for choosing the right moving and storage company: 

#1: Find out about all their moving services and capabilities. 

Not all local and long-distance moving and storage companies are the same. If you need help loading items onto a moving truck and delivering them to a storage unit, ask if the provider can take care of those tasks for you. 

Knowing the types of moving services offered before moving day can help the move go much more efficiently. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. That’s what customer service teams are there for. 

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#2: Consult your friends and family members. 

A great way to find a reliable moving and storage company is to talk to your loved ones. They generally won’t steer you wrong. Instead, they’ll be more likely to share the good and the bad about the companies they’ve hired.

That will save you time in figuring out those things yourself. Instead, you can put that time toward packing your items so that they’re ready to go come moving day. 

#3: Get an estimate from at least three companies. 

The cost of moving varies greatly depending on your needs. You can be looking at anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars depending on the scope of your move. Then, you have storage to consider, which can range from $90 to $300 a month or so. 

To get the best bang for your buck, talk to a few certified moving companies. That will help you stay within budget so that you’re not spending more than necessary for your big move and storage needs. Here is an article with a few additional tips on comparing moving quotes.

#4: See if they offer long-term and short-term storage. 

How long will moving companies store your stuff? That depends on whether they offer short-term and long-term storage. If you only need storage for a week or two, short-term storage might be sufficient.

However, if you’re not sure how long you need your items stored, it’d be worth it to find a storage provider that offers long-term storage so that you don’t have to move your items once they’re in the storage unit (at least not until you’re ready to do so). 

#5: Verify that they are licensed and insured. 

Moving and storage companies have a lot of responsibility, including transporting breakable items and safely loading them on and off a delivery truck to the end location (whether that’s a storage unit or your home). 

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If you’re going to work with a company for your moving and storage needs, don’t forget to ask about their licensing and insurance. That will ease your mind about problems during the move and give you the reassurance that something can be done in case there is any damage or loss. 

#6: Figure out their availability.

You don’t want to wait forever to get a moving company out, and the same goes for storage. If the storage provider can’t fit your items for one to two months, it’s best to go with another provider so that you don’t have to delay your move simply for the sake of storage. 

When you call the company, find out how soon they can get a mover out and how quickly your items can be stored. That will give you peace of mind that your move can go off without a hitch and not stay in limbo. 

#7: Ask about security and climate control. 

Some examples of security elements in a storage unit include good lighting, video surveillance, padlocks, gates, and keycards. Talk to the provider about what security measures they have in place so that you know your items will be safe while in their hands.

Climate control is also important to keep your belongings from getting damaged while in storage. The reason for this is that summer temperatures can impact your furniture, causing it to break or bend in unnatural positions. That can affect the overall quality and require you to purchase a new set of furniture in the future, costing you money. 

#8: Ensure you get 24/7 access to your storage unit. 

Imagine needing something that you know is in your storage unit, but the unit is closed. While it might not be a big deal at the moment, you never know when you’ll need something inside, and it’s better to have 24/7 access just in case.

The best storage providers require a keycard or code to get inside. That ensures that no one needs to be on-site for you to enter your storage unit. You can go in anytime that works for your schedule, which is especially helpful for busy people. 

#9: Make sure the storage unit is in a convenient location.

It can be challenging if your items are in a different city or far from your house or place of business. If you’re going to get storage, see if you can find something in close proximity to you. 

That way, you don’t have to spend hours in traffic trying to get one or two units from your unit. Also, if you’re wondering whether movers will go to a storage unit, the answer is that they’re a lot more likely to be able to if it’s nearby. 

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