Are you searching for reputable movers who can help with loading, unloading, and the works? If so, look no further than college movers. 

At Bellhop, we work with many experienced, professional movers who are currently attending a university and are committed to helping your move go smoothly.

In this blog, we’ll do a deep dive into all you should know about hiring college movers to help you know that you’re making the right decision. Let’s get going. 

Reasons to hire our college movers for your upcoming move

College movers are a convenient, great option for other students, families, and even companies in the middle of a move. Below are a few reasons why:

#1: Competitive rates

It shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg to move. That’s why we work with movers in college who can take on the tasks you need at a fair price. 

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If you require full-service moving services, you can expect it to cost anywhere from $300 for a studio to $850+ for a 4-bedroom home. You can also pay by the hour for small jobs. 

#2: Reliable and background-checked movers

Moving professionals handle a lot of personal items that you don’t want to get damaged. We make sure to background-check all of our movers so that you know you can trust our team.

We will also send you pictures of the movers before your moving date. That way, you know who will be helping you, and you can feel free to contact them at any point with questions or concerns. 

#3: Timely service

Student movers want to get your move done as quickly as you do while keeping your items safe. Our team can schedule a move as long as we have at least a day’s notice (when availability allows it). 

As long as you schedule your move three days or more away, you can almost always guarantee that your moving date is good to go. That makes it much easier to make arrangements with internet providers, electric companies, garbage companies, landlords, etc.

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#4: Responsiveness

Whether you’re working with college movers in Seattle or college movers in Phoenix, one thing is for certain: responsiveness is a key difference between a great moving experience and a not-so-good one. 

Our movers are quick to respond, friendly, helpful, and ready to assist with all of your moving needs. You’ll never be left in the dark about your move. Instead, you can feel confident that your move will go well and without surprises. 

#5: Easy to book

It only takes a few moves to book a move online with Bellhop. You don’t even need an in-home consultation. That’s because our cutting-edge technology utilizes data from thousands of moves, which helps us figure out the appropriate cost for moving to your area based on the home size and scope of your move. 

You’ll have the option to choose a truck and movers or movers only. Everything is streamlined and simple to use, making it easier than ever to schedule a move. 

List of college moving services

Our movers can help you with nearly everything, from loading your items up in a delivery truck to delivering those very items to a dorm room or another type of student housing. Here’s a quick breakdown of our college moving services:

  • Local Moving: Relocating from one side of the city to another? Not a problem. We have movers in countless cities across the U.S., helping make your move as seamless as possible. 
  • Long-Distance Moving: Whether you’re moving across the state or across the country, we can help. We have movers in 23 states, including Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, New York, Oregon, Tennessee, Virginia, and beyond. 
  • Hourly Labor: If you don’t need movers all day, you can hire them by the hour to make your life easier. You can also save yourself money while you’re at it. 
  • Apartment Moving: Moving to another apartment? College movers are experts at navigating stairways, elevators, and narrow hallways. 
  • Last-Minute Moving: You can’t always plan for the unexpected. Sometimes, you need flexibility, and that’s why we offer moving services on short notice. Whether you have to move out faster than you expected or have an emergency, we can handle your move so that you don’t have to stress about it. 
  • Commercial Moving: Not all movers have the experience and skills needed to relocate a business. Our movers are well-versed in office moves and have worked with equipment for many years, giving you peace of mind that we have your move handled from start to finish. 


If you’d like, here is a guide with a few tips on comparing moving company quotes.

We can also connect you with a reputable self-storage provider. The bottom line is this: if you need a responsible, experienced mover who can make sure everything goes smoothly from point A to B and lift upwards of 100 pounds, student movers are an easy choice. 

Jobs for college movers

Are you a college mover? If so, there are many places to find work these days. Bellhop, for one, is a great place to work where you can create your own schedule, get paid as much as $21/hour, and grow a long-term career. Find out how to become a mover.

Ready to work with some of the “best college movers near me?”

Bellhop is at your service. If you need local, long-distance, apartment, or commercial moving services, our college movers have it handled. You can trust that we’ll get the job done affordably, professionally, and without delay. 

Book a move online today. 

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