If you’re getting ready to move, it makes sense to explore all of your options. One of those options is a shared moving truck. 

So, what exactly are shared moving trucks, and are they the right choice for your move? Let’s chat! 

What are shared moving trucks?

Any moving truck can be a shared moving truck if they allow items for two or more moves on board. Shared moving trucks are typically used if you only have a small number of items to move (particularly a long distance), and you’re looking to save money in the process. 

The idea behind sharing your moving truck is that by working with movers that fill the truck with more than one move, you only pay for the space you need. That means you can cut costs during the move, which–let’s be honest–is helpful. After all, we all know how expensive long-distance moving can get.

If a mover is already driving toward your location, they can unload or drop off your belongings at your home or business along the way, helping you to get your items quickly and at a relatively low price. 

How do you share your moving truck?

First, you’ll want to find long-distance movers that give you the option to rent space in a truck for moving and have an upcoming move that will go by your location. Not all movers offer shared trucks, so it’s important to ask. (You can also check out pickup truck sharing apps, U-Haul Truck Share, etc.)

If the option is not on the table with your preferred mover, there are still many more affordable ways to move across the country or to another state. (We’ll cover this below.) 

Is it the most affordable way to move?

That depends on the amount of space your items take up. All in all, taking up partial space in a moving truck can be the cheapest way to move. However, as with anything, there are disadvantages of shared moving trucks as well.

For instance, your items could go missing if they’re unloaded at the wrong location. They could also be delivered late if someone else’s move takes longer to load or unload than anticipated or if there are any issues along the way. 

Tips: Make sure to get insurance for your items before moving day so that they’re protected in the event that something goes wrong. Also, clearly write your name on all boxes and containers so that there’s a higher chance that they’ll end up in the right location.

What are some other budget-friendly options for moving to another city or state? 

If you don’t feel like truck share is a good fit for you, don’t worry. You have plenty of other options to choose from.

#1: Ship your items

If you only have a handful of items to send, shipping might be the fastest way to get your items to your new place. Talk to your local UPS, USPS, or FedEx to estimate the cost of moving your items.

If it surpasses the cost of a moving truck, you always have this option:

#2: Hire local or long-distance movers

Putting two families’ items on one truck doesn’t guarantee a cheap move. However, working with the right movers can help keep your moving costs as affordable as possible. Hire movers like Bellhop to get a guaranteed long-distance moving quote before your move. 

That means no surprise fees–just great rates! This can help you to budget since you’ll know how much your move will be in advance. We also offer a dedicated truck that goes from point A to point B, with only your things in tow. 

#3: DIY your move

It’s only fair that we mention this option if you want to save money on your move. Moving yourself is one of the most budget-friendly moving options. However, depending on whether you’re heading to your new home right now or at a later date can make a difference in whether this is actually cost-effective for you.

You may find that while moving yourself saves money, on the one hand, it can add up if you weren’t planning to make a trip over to your new house yet. Also, because shared moving trucks are generally used for small moves, you might find it easier to skip driving altogether, have your items delivered with a shared or dedicated moving truck, and even fly over. You’re never out of options. 

More tips to keep costs low for your intrastate move 

Below are a few more ways to stay on budget during your big move: 

Get multiple moving quotes

It can’t hurt to get an estimate from more than one mover, whether they have a shared or dedicated moving truck. That can help you keep costs down. 

Move during the off-season

Another great way to save money besides paying for a truck share is to move in the less busy times of the year. That means October to April for most movers. Also, if you want to keep your costs even lower, try to plan your move out in the midday and between Monday to Thursday. 

Good luck with your move

Ready to get your move on the road and don’t want to wait on shared moving trucks? Bellhop has reliable movers and dedicated moving trucks that can help things go as planned. Whether you need long-distance moving, local moving, apartment moving, commercial moving, or last-minute moving, we’re here to help you out. 

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Harrison Stevens