First settled in 1630, the city of Somerville, MA, is an appealing option for families with children of any age. Massachusetts is at the top of this ranking of public schools in the United States and has the highest math and reading test scores. Also, bullying rates in Massachusetts are among the lowest in the country. The state is the best educated in the nation and is also considered the top choice for teachers. So, finding a quality school not far from your home here is a breeze.

In total, there are 40 schools serving Somerville, including 32 preschools, 14 elementary schools, 11 middle schools, and two high schools. Of these 40 schools, 11 are public district schools, and 29 are private schools. Getting the best education for your children is only possible when you choose the right school. Our short guide aims to streamline your decision-making progress and match you with the best school for your family.

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How are Public Schools in Somerville, MA?

Massachusetts schools are some of the finest in the United States, and the schools in Somerville are no different. Figures from the U.S News and World Report paint a great picture of schools in Somerville with 46% of elementary school students achieving at or above the reading proficiency level. 28% of the same students also tested at or above the same level in math. Middle schools in the area have 41% of students testing at or above the requisite level for reading. Whereas 24% achieved that level in math. 58% of Somerville high school students reached or exceeded the proficient level for reading, with 43% also reaching that level in math.

In Somerville, nearly all teachers are licensed, with an impressive 99.1% holding relevant licensure. Experienced teachers are common, too, with 73.3% having at least three years of hands-on experience. However, the student-to-teacher ratio is slightly lower than the state average of 12, with 11 students to one teacher in Somerville schools. Also, the Somerville school district has 16 full-time counselors on its staff to keep students happy and safe during their education. Teaching is of a high standard in the Somerville Schools district, and with just over a quarter of teachers in their first or second year of work, your children are in safe hands throughout their learning journey.

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Some of the best-performing schools in the district are Benjamin G. Brown Elementary School, West Somerville Neighborhood School, and Somerville High School. The high student-to-teacher ratio of 15 to 1 at Benjamin G. Brown Elementary School hasn’t impacted the results students produce there with at least 52% of students proficient in math and 77% in reading. At the West Somerville Neighborhood School, approximately 27% of students are at least proficient in math with this figure reaching 47% for reading.

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What Private Schools are in Somerville?

Just 9% of all K-12 students in the Somerville Schools district receive their education in private schools. This number is slightly lower than the state average of 12%. Somerville Schools district has two high schools, neither of which are private, so high school students must attend schools in neighboring communities. Nearby private schools include the prestigious Boston University Academy and the well-regarded International School of Boston. However, there are a few private elementary and middle schools. The top-rated, according to Private School Review, is St. Theresa of the Child Jesus School, a Catholic school that instills hard work and morality in its students.

What are the Best School Districts in Somerville? states that Somerville Public Schools is an above-average public school district on a nationwide scale and ranks it in the top 100 in Massachusetts. With above-average test scores, qualified and competent teachers, and various prestigious schools to choose from, Somerville Public Schools is a fantastic district for children of all ages. There are options for elementary, middle, and high schools meaning your family can settle in Somerville and stay there.

How are Schools in Cambridge, MA?

Cambridge, MA, is home to some of the best-rated public schools in the state. A total of 6,612 students across PK and K-12 attend 18 schools in the district. A significantly lower than-state-average student-to-teacher ratio of 9 to 1 ensures students make the most of their time in the classroom. Students in this district boast high scores in math and reading, with 42% and 59% of respective students proficient in the subjects. The average graduation rate across the district sits at 89%.

How are Schools in Everett?

Everett Public Schools is the district serving Everett, MA. 6,813 students attend 17 schools through PK and K-12. The student-to-teacher ratio is in line with the state average of 12 to 1. State test scores are below average, with around 26% of students proficient in reading and just 15% in math. Everett Public Schools district has an average graduation rate of 75%. The district ranks well as a district with the best teachers and the most diversity, according to

How are Schools in Medford?

Medford Public Schools consists of nine schools with 4,024 students across grades PK and K-12. The student-to-teacher ratio is slightly lower than the state average at 10 to 1. Student math and reading proficiency sits at 29% and 48%, respectively. The average graduation rate is high, with 89% of students graduating in 12th grade. Medford Public Schools’ strong points include a low student-to-teacher ratio and high diversity.

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Choosing the best school in Somerville for your children is tricky, even with the help of Bellhop’s guide. Getting the greatest education with the best tuition fees is tough, especially if you have to consider a nearby private high school. Results, teaching quality, and student satisfaction are high in Somerville and the surrounding communities, which makes the city an excellent place to raise your family. Let us make the most of your time and energy and make moving to Somerville a straightforward and stress-free process. We have Boston movers ready to help when you’re looking to set up a home in the city.

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