If you’re planning to move soon, you’re probably wondering what the differences are between local moverslong-distance movers, and hourly labor movers and which type to choose for your move. 

Different types of moves

A long-distance move is typically any move of more than 400 miles. 

A cross-country move is a move that crosses state lines, no matter what the distance is. 

What is a short-distance move?

A short-distance move, sometimes called a “local move” is one within 50 miles of your current location.

Hourly movers can be hired to load or unload a truck you’ve rented, or to help you with projects such as moving furniture in your home or business, re-organizing your garage or basement, or setting up for an event.

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So, if your move is within a couple of hours drive of your current location (within the same state), you want a short-distance moving service. And even though the defining mileage is an industry standard, not all short-distance moves are priced the same – check out our guide on how to compare moving company quotes.

Now, let’s delve into how you can choose the best short-distance moving company. And, since you’re no doubt wondering why you should trust our advice, let us introduce ourselves first.  We’re Bellhop, and we make moving a better experience. But we’re not going to tell you to simply choose us (although we’d love it if you did, of course). The info below can be used to evaluate any moving company. 

Why You Should Hire Local Movers Through Bellhop Bellhop Blog

Check out the reviews.

What better way is there to vet a mover than to read first-hand about other customers’ experiences? Reviews say a lot about a company, from how they handle large and small moves to how they price their services and how they communicate with their customers.

At Bellhop, we have completed over 300,000 moves, and we have more than 20,000 reviews (with a 4.8-star average rating – which we are very proud of). Curious about what others have to say about our moving services? We could pick the best reviews and share them here, but instead we’ll urge you to check our reviews – and our competitors – for yourself. Don’t depend on the reviews displayed on a moving company’s own web site, especially if they are all complimentary! Use Google, check out Yelp, see what people are saying on social media. Check for complaints to the Better Business Bureau too, along with how the complaints were reconciled. 

And look too at how the company handles bad reviews, especially on social. Do they respond to each negative comment with the exact same generic response? Or are answers personalized? Look at the negative reviews to see if what they have in common. People may have concerns that aren’t a big problem for you – maybe the problems are all happening in a different location than yours, or maybe you don’t care that the movers don’t supply a particular type of packing tape. Look for issues that do matter to you. 

#2: Ask around.

Another great way to find short-distance movers is to talk to your friends, coworkers, and family members. The chances are that at least one of your connections has worked with local movers before, and they may have valuable insight that can help with the decision-making process.

The Better Way to Move

Here are some questions you might ask:

  • How was your moving experience?
  • Was it affordable?
  • Would you work with the moving company again?

#3: Get a moving quote beforehand.

The cost of a move is calculated by the amount of belongings you want to have moved (generally based on the number and type of rooms in your current home), how far you are moving, the number of movers required, and whether you need extra services (like packing up fragile items/art/etc.) and whether you want the movers to provide packing supplies. 

Some moving companies will only provide a price after an in-person walkthrough of your home. This can be difficult to arrange if you work long hours, have kids with busy schedules, or just aren’t home all that much. When you choose movers like Bellhop, we don’t require an in-home walkthrough. Simply complete our online booking form or use our moving cost calculator for a free estimate. 

#4: Make sure the movers are background-checked. 

Working with movers who have gone through background checks can give you a lot of peace of mind during your move. You can trust that your family’s things will be safe in these movers’ hands, whether you’re moving locally or to another state. 

When you choose Bellhop, you’ll get background-checked movers and pictures of these movers before moving day so that you know exactly who to expect at your door. That will make you feel safer inviting movers into your home and allowing them to transport your belongings.

#5: Verify that the trucks are insured and well-equipped.

A move can quickly be delayed if your movers don’t have what they need come moving day. Ask your movers whether the moving truck is insured and what types of equipment (hand trucks, dollies, wraps, straps, pads, etc.) they will bring with them. Determine what you will pack, and what the movers will pack. Ask the movers if they have any guidance for packing that will make their (and your) life easier.  

The right short-distance movers should have all you need, so the only thing you should have to do is pack your items before they arrive so that they can be easily loaded onto the moving truck. If you’re working with Bellhop for your short-distance move – just pack and relax – we’ll take care of the rest. 

What’s the average cost of a short-distance move?

The price of your short-distance move depends on the type of moving services you need, your location, and the size of your move. Typically, base pricing will be similar across all professional moving companies, so beware of very low quotes. Things that can increase costs is what a company charges for variable fees such as storage, stairs, or waiting time. Here are some ways to decrease the costs of moving, along with info on the other financial aspects of moving. 

Generally, you can expect to pay between $300-$600 for an apartment move, $400-$650 for a 1-bedroom move, $500-$850 for a 2-bedroom move, $600-$1,150 for a 3-bedroom move, or $850-$1,350 for a 4-bedroom move. 

If you use our moving cost calculator, you can input your starting location, property type, and how much you’re moving to get a free, no-obligation estimate for your specific move. (Bellhop has local teams in multiple states, including but not limited to Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, New York, Texas, and Washington. We also serve multiple cities in between those states, so please check our website for detailed information, where you’ll find our online booking form too.) 

Benefits of working with local, professional movers 

  • Local movers know the city inside and out, which means they know how to avoid traffic and where to park. They also know about local requirements, such as permits. 
  • They can save you money and make your move more efficient by coordinating everything from start to finish. 
  • They can save you the headache of moving by taking care of everything you need besides packing (though we can bring you packing supplies and offer tips).
  • Local movers know the best places for self-storage and can even set you up with a reputable storage partner. 
  • These movers know how to keep your moving costs down and help you move as quickly as possible while keeping your items safe along the way.

So if you have been googling for the “best movers near me?” Bellhop is here to help. We are a team of highly rated short-distance movers with plans and services to fit moves of all sizes and budgets. Not only do we offer top-notch residential moving services, but we can help on the commercial side, too. And one of the best parts about our service (apart from the fact that we’re friendly and fun) is our clear, transparent pricing. We don’t do hidden fees – just great service! Find movers near you today.

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