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A pest infestation can be a real nuisance, especially if you’re looking for storage solutions for your belongings in a storage facility. You may not realize this until you find bugs crawling on your high-priced items within storage! These critters often make their way into storage units, and you can rent a clean, pest-free storage facility and most advanced storage unit in your area and still, bugs will find their way inside!

Of course, bugs are more likely to find their way into the dirtiest facilities than high-quality storage facilities and they don’t just crawl around on the floor – sometimes these critters will make themselves at self-storage units inside sealed packages, polyester furniture, or even food items. If left untreated for too long, damage from pest infestation could cause significant damage by burrowing through soft materials like wood, laying eggs that could hatch later when temperature changes occur (say during winter), chewing up textiles such as clothes and carpets, contaminating stored foods with what might seem like harmless but ultimately deadly bacteria from droppings all over everything else! 

Nobody wants to see bugs or any other kind of pest when they open their storage unit. The best news is that with little, regular effort, you can take steps that will help to keep bugs out of your property, and thus protect them from harming your belongings. Here are some pest prevention tips you can do to help ensure your storage unit is bug-free, and your belongings protected:

Check the overall condition of the storage facility

People love deals as much as anyone does but it’s a bad idea to let your focus on finding something cheap cloud your judgment about pest control at self-storage facilities or any type of place where people store their personal belongings while away from home for long periods. If you go with the cheapest option, it costs more in other ways: higher rates of bugs and rodents that come along for storage owners’ cut-rate prices – no matter how well maintained a facility may be on the outside. You don’t want to save money by risking the safety of your goods and belongings. It’s often a recipe for disaster. And even if you keep your unit bug-free in a pest-infested facility, pesky critters from neighboring storage units can crawl into yours.

When you go to check the storage facility, look around for bugs or insect indications. Trouble signs include garbage bins overflowing or badly maintained, a trail of urine, and dead bugs and other pests scattered around. Although even the best-kept storage units are not 100% bug-free, the cleanliness of the environment is a solid indication that they’re doing their best to eradicate bugs. Be sure to ask the storage manager about their policy on pest prevention. 

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Use airtight containers whenever possible

Even if you’re not using the storage unit for food, bugs could still find their way in looking for something to eat. It’s a fantastic idea to keep your items, especially precious items like photo albums, inside of airtight containers to prevent pest damage. If you’re storing larger items, think about putting shrink wrap around them to discourage insects from getting inside.

Cardboard boxes for storage may seem like the cheapest, easiest storage solution, but they are an open invitation for bugs and mice. If you must use cardboard boxes, carefully seal up the seams with heavy-duty packing tape. However, plastic storage containers with airtight lids are a better choice. They are chew-proof and don’t have crevices that will allow creepy-crawlies into your stuff. Plus, they are perfect for stacking.

Prepare your unit

Don’t waste any time. Take some time to verify your vacant flat before you move in. Find any openings and fissures to allow insects and rodents to enter. Don’t clear away spider webs. To establish a barrier, you can spray the unit down with bug spray. A few drops of peppermint oil on cotton balls can work as a pest deterrent if you prefer to pursue a non-toxic route. Remember that only a few drops of peppermint oil (balls in peppermint) are needed to plug holes or cracks. The smell of peppermint is known to be very effective against pests. On the other side of the door, also use a cotton ball. Using mousetraps or mothballs or cedar blocks around the apartment can help to keep mice away.

Implement your pest control measures

You don’t have to wait until there are bugs in your storage unit, or threatening to get inside. You need a form of defense pest control measures. For relatively little cost, you can use natural pest deterrents or buy an insect spray, traps, and other tools to help keep insects out. Put them in spots you believe they may be drawn to go to. Make sure to check on them periodically to see whether any bugs have found their way into your traps. The best thing you can do is tell your manager about any potential problems as soon as you become aware of them.

Never store food in your unit

Storing food of any form is like an open invitation to bugs and other hungry critters into your storage unit. All kitchen appliances must be completely clear of food residue before storage. You can further safeguard them by storing them in plastic bags or plastic wrap. Keep in mind that your unit shouldn’t be used for storing human foods. Also, never consider storing, cat food birdseed, or other non-human food in your unit. These food items are all buffet to pests!

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Sweep your storage unit regularly

One of the finest things you can do to avoid bugs from inhabiting your storage unit is to sweep the floor and keep your storage unit tidy. When you regularly clean remnants from foods you ate on your last visit won’t be a temptation for bugs and other pests. While you don’t have to be meticulous about storage unit cleanliness, you should follow these guidelines if you have company inventory or family belongings in your storage unit: at least cleaning the unit a few times a year, especially if you have this type of merchandise inside.

Wrap your upholstered items

For example, plush furnishings, such as furniture that is upholstered, are attractive to bugs and other pests because they provide many nesting opportunities and nesting materials. Wrap things in heavy-duty plastic and to keep couches, plush chairs, and the like secure. Properly wrapped mattresses should also be used. As well as helping keep bugs and rodents away, if you can raise these things even slightly off the ground, this will help deter pest populations.

Keep your stored items off the floor

One thing you can do to discourage bugs from infiltrating your system is to keep items higher up in your unit. Storing inventory, packaging up furniture, and putting boxes on pallets is a wonderful approach to get things done. Because of this, bugs have fewer places to hide, and it will be more difficult for them to get there. By storing goods away from the floor, pests are deterred. You should hang your items from shelves or racks if your apartment has them. Small pallets can be used to raise goods a bit off the ground.

Visit your storage unit regularly

Getting rid of bug and pest infestation is easiest when they are identified early and dealt with quickly. Every other month or so, we advise you to visit your storage unit. Always check your storage unit for any bug damage whenever you visit. Bugs, rodent droppings, or new holes can indicate that you have a new issue to address. Look out for these items, and let management know as soon as possible. Ensure that the company has completed the inspection and addresses the problem swiftly.

Insure your stored items

Even the best-kept storage unit can sometimes have a pest problem, no matter how often you maintain it. In the unlikely event that you might lose valuables to local crawling and nibbling creatures, you should ensure that your insurance policy includes coverage for pest damage.

Pick a company that is active and responsive for pest control

To save your belongings from bug and pest damage, take all required safeguards. A climate-controlled space can help safeguard musical instruments and antiques by limiting humidity. Active and responsive pest control equipment provides further protection by controlling the environment in which pests live. In the case of pest control units, knowing that your possessions are being well cared for gives you peace of mind.

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