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It is always difficult to move, but when you are moving long distance with dogs it can be even more stressful. Dogs feel the nervousness and anxiety that come with relocation, so you need to take care when choosing a future home for them.

Dogs are just like members of the family. They will always be there for you, no matter what is going on in your life or theirs. Dogs need special attention when traveling to a new place and it’s important that we follow these tips so they can adjust as easily as possible.

They may not understand that they have a new home now and will need time for adjustment before being able to roam the neighborhood freely again; so how do we make this transition less traumatic? Keep reading!

What to do when moving long distance with your dogs

Locate what your dogs need in your new city

The time of moving is an exciting experience and it’s important to be prepared for this new adventure. As a pet owner the first thing you’ll need to do when starting your journey in a new space, will be locating the various shops that are needed such as veterinarian services, boarding facilities or stores with supplies like dog food. You might also want try out some local recreational areas so make sure they’re located close by!

One rule of moving is always checking if your new location allows pets – some associations or owners may have limits on pets per household allowed, what size they can be (such as cats but not dogs), or even just their type (e.g., fish). Make sure to do research ahead and choose an animal-friendly place before relocating. You may also want to find a pet friendly hotel for a night or two while you get settled in your new home.

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Make your moving plans dog friendly 

Planning ahead for a long-distance trip with your dog is the best way to make it an easier process. If you’re unsure about what supplies and items are needed, take some time before hitting the road to figure out these details: food, water bowls medications treats carriers/leashes waste pickup and disposal products (if necessary).

Hotels are notorious for their pet restrictions, but with a little advance planning you can find one that will indulge your furry friends as well. Just call ahead to double check the rules of any hotel on your list and make sure they’re willing to house your dogs.

Where you’ll stop for food and bathroom breaks is just as important of consideration when traveling with your dogs. Leaving pets in the car alone can result in injury, so make sure to plan out where will be good places to eat or go to the toilet. If they’re not allowed inside businesses like restaurants or shops then look into areas that are more dog-friendly such as parks! Pet stores are also great options since most allow animals inside – it’s up to personal preference whether this type of place works best for your trip but many people have found convenience here too.

Keeping your dogs safe when moving long distance

In the hustle and bustle of moving, dogs can get confused or scared. Have a safe room ready for them with everything they need (food, water bowl, toys) so that someone else is able to care for your furry friend while you carry out furniture.

If you have a lot of people coming and going, remember to put up one or two signs about your dogs. You should also try to keep things the same as much as possible when it comes feeding and walking them, even if there are more than usual visitors in house.

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Only use sedatives under extreme conditions

If you are taking a long road trip with your dog, make sure to leave out sedatives. Dogs can become more anxious or excited when given this option and they may not work as well over time. If you want your dog to remain calm while traveling, use natural remedies. If you want some company on the journey, consider professional pet transporters such as Bellhop! They help take dogs across the country while ensuring their safety along every step of the way.

Keeping your dogs safe and well cared for during the road trip

Traveling with your dog can be fun, as long as they are kept safe and cared for. Keep them secured in the back seat or cargo area by using a crate, harness and pet seatbelt to keep them secure during travel. To make sure that their needs are met while traveling, it is important not to pack items around their cage so that there’s enough airflow inside of the car.

It may be best to let your dogs travel on an empty stomach if you are concerned about motion sickness. Just be sure to keep them hydrated. Setting up ice chests in front and back seats, and keeping the vehicle cool with fresh air, can also help.

Shipping your dogs can be risky

Travelling with your beloved friend is a big undertaking, and while there are some options for ensuring that your dog travels safely or comfortably to their next home once you’ve moved on, not every scenario can be covered. One such situation may arise when it’s unsafe or unwise for the animal in question to travel by ground transportation (such as if they’re too old). In this case–and others like it–you might wonder about different ways of shipping them cross-country without breaking the bank.

When moving from one place to another, it is important for pet owners and their dogs to consider the best way of traveling. Your dogs are counting on you; they need a safe trip with plenty of comfortable stops along the way. Bellhop can help make your journey stress-free by providing reliable service that will ensure that every aspect of your relocation goes smoothly.

Finding the right moving company

Relocating with pets is a lot of work. There are lots to consider, and ground transportation services can be costly for you as well as stressful on your pet because it’s unfamiliar surroundings for them. It might even put their safety at risk!

Make sure that when looking into this option, there aren’t any hidden dangers or costs before making up your mind about what route you want to take so that everything goes smoothly the whole way through while keeping both people and animals safe in the process. Here is our guide on tips for comparing moving company quotes for a bit more information costs examination.  

If your dogs can’t travel with you, explore the different options for pet-friendly moving. Your pets have counted on you to find them a safe and comfortable way of getting from point A to Point B. Bellhop is here to help make your move as smooth as possible!

It may be difficult at first but a long distance move doesn’t always need to be stressful if you plan properly ahead of time and rely on our team’s assistance throughout the process – we’ll get everything done in no time so that everyone can enjoy their new home sooner rather than later!

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