Looking to move to Kansas City? Needless to say, Kansas City is a unique place to live with lots to offer families and young people alike. So, what are the schools like? Let’s talk about this.

How are public schools in Kansas City?

Kansas City has 181 public schools, and Kansas City Public Schools alone consists of 35 schools and 14,113 total students. The math proficiency in the city is 36% (Missouri’s state average is 42%), and the reading proficiency is 41% (again lower than the state average of 49%).

Now, you might be curious about the high-school graduation rate. Spoiler alert: it’s 74.9%. That is below the state’s graduation rate of 89.6%.

However, you can rest assured that while Kansas City comes in lower in some categories, there are still many good schools you can send your kids to when the new school year comes around. The suburbs, in particular, are a wonderful choice that comes with great ratings for classes, clubs, and activities overall.

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Top-rated public schools in Kansas City

Take a look at some of the best public schools in Kansas City below:

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Best Elementary Schools in Kansas City

Best Middle Schools in Kansas City

Best High Schools in Kansas City

What private schools are in Kansas City?

Here are some of the highest-rated private schools in Kansas City:

What are suburban Kansas City schools like?

If you move to the suburbs, you’ll find that the schools there fit the bill as some of the best in the city. Why? As with most students, there’s a smaller student-to-teacher ratio, helping students thrive. In addition, suburban schools tend to be rated the best when it comes to education, safety, and the works.

What suburbs have particularly good school systems?

If you’re looking for the best schools in Kansas City, here are the suburbs to look at:

What are the best school districts in Kansas City?

These are a few of the best school districts in Kansas City:

Good luck with your school search!

We hope this Kansas City school guide has been helpful. If you’re looking to move to Kansas City, let us know! We’re movers in Kansas City, after all.

Tyler Brown