Moving to a new city is always challenging. And a large part of that challenge is looking for a place to live. There are so many things to consider when weighing your options-house styles, neighborhood safety, quality of schools, the convenience of location-it all can be quite overwhelming. That’s why we’ve researched the 5 best places to live in Minneapolis, just for you!

The 5 Best Places to Live in Minneapolis Bellhop Blog

You’ve no doubt seen our Minneapolis City Guide, which includes a short section on a few of Minneapolis’ most popular neighborhoods.

This list and our “Up and Coming Neighborhoods in Minneapolis,” “Best Suburbs of Minneapolis,” and our “Best Neighborhoods for Families in Minneapolis” lists are more in-depth neighborhood guides meant to examine what it’s like living in each of these highlighted areas, with links to popular destinations, as well as available houses for sale and apartments for rent (and by the way of introduction, we’re Bellhop—movers in Minneapolis and beyond).


A Little About Minneapolis

Minneapolis’ metro area offers great schools, community events, arts, and shopping. And with incredible parks and lakes, Minneapolis is one of the best cities for outdoor lovers in the country. It was only a matter of time before we delved into the busy streets and searched for the best hubs and hoods.

The city is split into 31 neighborhoods, and five better-known sections: West Broadway, Downtown, Northeast, South, West Bank, and Cedar-Riverside. Minneapolis is one of the most bike-friendly cities in the US, has a vibrant arts and entertainment scene, awesome nightlife options, and is quickly blooming into a craft beer city. The area has one of the best-educated populations in the country and is home to plenty of public and private schools. 

So, whether you’re looking for a newly developed residential space or a hopping place to party late, we’ve found the top pockets of the city. Look below for our list of the 5 best places to live in Minneapolis.

Linden Hills

Linden Hills is one of Minneapolis’ best spots for families who love to spend time outdoors. Wedged between Lake Harriet and Bde Maka Ska, Linden Hills is webbed with parks, walking paths, and biking paths. And as the name hints, this neighborhood offers a tranquil environment with softly rolling hills and tree-lined streets. 

Linden Hills is a quiet pocket in a bustling city and is also one of the safest neighborhoods in Minneapolis. It puts an emphasis on sustainable living and loves to preserve and enjoy the surrounding natural beauty. Linden Hills has a more residential, suburban feel than the more metro-feel in the rest of the city. Homes have larger yards and the area has a small-town charm.

What’s Happening in Linden Hills

While this eclectic urban town fits families well, it’s far from vacant when it comes to enjoyable things to do. The Lake Harriet Band Shell hosts live music and events regularly. Locally owned stores filter residents most hours of the day. And classic, as well as recently opened great restaurants, sit side by side. Check out the popular bistro-style spot, Tilia. Or grab the kids and join other families munching on ice-cream cones. at Sebastian Joe’s,

Schools in Linden Hills

Schools in the area include Armatage Montessori School, Sheridan Hills, and Kenwood among others.

Homes in Linden Hills

This quaint neighborhood offers houses young and old, from refurbished historical homes to new constructions. Find bungalows, cottages, and townhomes or apartments, and check out what’s currently available for buying and renting in the area.

North Loop

Even in a bike bike-friendly city, North Loop stands out as a cyclists’ haven. North Loop is one of the most up-and-coming neighborhoods in Minneapolis and it’s packed with singles and young professionals who are looking for a place to live with lots of nightlife options, great shopping, and options for close-by work. 

Since the area has transformed from being formerly known as the warehouse district to a thriving cultural hub, North Loop has a lot of startup businesses and many locals have found work in their own neighborhood. Commuting to downtown, though, is quick and easy, so a lot of locals find work in the surrounding area. 

Because North Loop is packed with entertainment and housing options, it’s transformed into a walkable compact section of the city. The neighborhood is also home to some of the trendiest venues in the city. So music lovers snag spots in this neighborhood when they get the change or visit there often.

What’s Happening in North Loop

The Stone Arch Bridge is one of the best spots to explore via bike, or you can ride over to catch a baseball game at Target Field. This neighborhood’s signature style is old-warehouse. But its once-vacant buildings have been transformed into hopping bars, clubs, shops, art galleries, restaurants, and apartments. 

North Loop sits just west of downtown and walking between work, home, and a brewery is a breeze. Check out The Bachelor Farmer for some exceptional local grub and top the night off at Fulton Brewing’s taproom and try their super popular Lonely Blond Ale.

Schools in North Loop

Schools in the area include North Community High School and DeLaSalle High School among others.

Homes in North Loop

Housing in North Loop includes historic lofts, new constructions, and waterfront townhomes. Here are the current houses for sale and homes for rent in the area.


Northeast is Minneapolis’ artsy hub. The space has over 400 local artists and dozens of galleries in addition to its great taprooms, local bars, shops, and restaurants. Northeast is actually split into 13 small neighborhoods. But the area is lumped together by many locals. It stretches against the historic Mississippi Riverfront, which offers its own load of coffee shops, delis, restaurants, breweries, and galleries,

Northeast is a great place for young families due to its close commute and proximity to downtown and affordable housing options. The area is a center for entrepreneurs and startups, it’s extremely walkable, and locals are commonly found pushing strollers between errands and grabbing lunch with friends.

What’s happening in Northeast

The neighborhood is rich in the vibrant cultures from Minneapolis’ history, and this cultural blend is evident in Northeast’s quirky restaurants, shops, nightlife, and events. Join neighbors at the annual Art-A-Whirl fine arts show. Check out Erte & The Peacock Lounge and Young Joni for some great food and drinks. Looking for craft beer? Check out Fair State, Bauhaus, Indeed, and Dangerous Man. But fill your belly first with a European-inspired sandwich at Kramarczuk. 

Schools in Northeast

Schools in the area include Yinghua Academy, Pillsbury Elementary Schools, and Spero Academy among others.

Homes in Northeast

Northeast is home to a blend of old architecture, modern condos, and industrial areas. There are duplexes, bungalow-style single-family homes. Here are the current houses for sale and homes for rent in the area.


Uptown sits adjacent to downtown, which offers residents a great commute into the city as well as awesome nightlife options. The neighborhood is packed with stores and shops as well as some of Minneapolis’ best outdoor recreation opportunities. Many young professionals and young families fill in the area’s charming housing in this neighborhood. And community events unique to the area draw people from throughout the city.

What’s Happening in Uptown

One of Uptown’s biggest events is its Art Fair. But there are so many options for entertainment and activities in this beautiful green corner of the city. Home to great eateries like Libertine and The Lowry, as well as some of the Twin Cities’ most popular bars, Uptown is not only a great place to live but also a very popular place to visit.

The outdoorsy types flock to this neighborhood. The two lakes – Lake of the Isles and Bde Maka Ska press against the border of Uptown and the area offers tons of walking, jogging, and biking paths as well as water activities like paddleboarding, kayaking, and canoeing. Uptown is one of the most walkable areas in the city, so locals easily run their errands or pop over to Chino Latino for a drink with friends 

Schools in Uptown

Schools in the area include Lyndale Community School, Wellstone International High School, and City of Lakes Waldorf School among others.

Homes in Uptown

Uptown housing ranges from newly developed high-rises to old-fashioned four-plexes. Residents find everything from affordable apartments and condos to lakeside mansions and estates. Here are some of the current houses for sale and homes for rent in the area.


Downtown is where the city is most alive. Locals walk a few blocks and have access to some of the city’s best restaurants and shopping. The city’s long winters bring fun cold-weather activities like outdoor ice-skating surrounded by trees wrapped in twinkle lights. The area boasts of three stadiums, theaters, music venues, and river walks. 

What’s Happening in Downtown

Spend an evening at the Walker Art Center, one of the most visited modern and contemporary art museums in the country. Sample some local grub at Brit’s Pub, The Local, Barrio, or The News Room. Pop into the Dakota Jazz Club for a night of live music, or view a performance from the Minnesota Orchestra. 

Schools in Downtown

Schools in the area include Emerson Spanish Immersion and DeLaSalle High School among others.

Homes in Downtown

Downtown offers a wide plethora of housing options. Here are some of the current houses for sale and homes for rent in the area.

There you have it: the 5 best places to live in Minneapolis!

We hope this was helpful, and if you decide to take the plunge, don’t hesitate to reach out to your friends here at Bellhop. As we said, we coordinate local and long-distance moving services in Portland, and we would love to help.

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