Moving to a new city is always challenging. And a large part of that challenge is looking for a place to live. There are so many things to consider when weighing your options. You may be concerned about house styles, neighborhood safety, quality of schools, the convenience of location—it all can be quite overwhelming. That’s why we’ve researched the best up and coming neighborhoods in Omaha for you, so you don’t have to (and by the way of introduction, we’re Bellhop—your friendly Omaha movers). We’ve examined what it’s like living in each of these highlighted neighborhoods. And we’ve created in-depth guides with insider scoops on close-by, popular destinations. Soon, you’ll be living like a local.

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Up and Coming in Omaha

While Omaha has gained a reputation as a flyover city, there’s far more to its metro area and residential options than this quick-judgment suggests. Omaha features great communities, arts, culture, and entertainment. The area also appeals to sports fans and hosts the NCAA Men’s Baseball College World Series each year. 

Throughout the year, locals and visitors enjoy art events, outdoor concerts, and numerous ethnic festivals to celebrate Omaha’s rich history. Street markets, block parties, trick-or-treat events, and music festivals fill up the calendars of Omaha locals. 

The city also boasts cutting edge business innovation and high-ranking education options, including several award-winning schools and nationally recognized universities. And its school districts rank with high graduation rates and academic success. 

Omaha is known for being family-friendly, and families make up most of the local population. But you’ll also find many young professionals and younger residents who are attending the local colleges and universities. 

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While suburb-livers have to depend on their cars for transportation, Omaha’s Downtown area is very walkable and offers The Metro transit system and the B-cycle public bike-share system. Here, you’ll find great dining and drinking hubs, parks and outdoor recreation, and popular entertainment and historic districts.

It’s this metro area that’s been growing over the past five years, adding thousands of residents to its city center. So, whether you’re interested in an investment property or you’re looking to buy smart, we’ll show you where your money and local community will grow. Below, we’ll explore the five best up and coming neighborhoods in Omaha. 


This historic neighborhood was founded in the 1880s by Czech immigrants. For years, the community was anchored by the Bohemian Cafe, which served authentic European dinners for family get-togethers. In 2016, the restaurant closed, but the area is still full of history and well-loved local dining spots.

While Little Bohemia has been the wonderful home of its residents for decades, recently it’s been stealing the spotlight. New revitalization includes a two-million-dollar redevelopment plan for urban art exhibits, a new barbershop, bakery, outdoor dining areas, and more.

Little Bohemia has arrived as a highly desirable neighborhood district. And the area is poised to get a $17.8 million apartment complex with new 107-unit rentals just steps from it’s growing commercial strip, making it first on our guide to the up and coming neighborhoods in Omaha.

What’s Happening in Little Bohemia

Little Bohemia has become a mix of bars, retail outlets, local shops, and popular spots like The Prague Hotel and The Omaha Creative Institute. Several historic buildings in Little Bohemia are being transformed into unique local businesses, like Amplify Arts and Vincent Outfitting. New coffee shops, breweries, and stores are setting up shop in this popular little neighborhood. 

Little Bohemia’s cultural past can still be seen in this historic hub. Reviving some of the community’s story was on Bill Baburek’s mind when he started the Infusion Little Bohemia Beer Hall in the Bohemian Cafe’s old space. Today, you can still sip Czech Pilsner on tap there.

Other unique local hubs include Beercade 2, where you can sip a bubbly and play arcade games. Archetype Coffee also opened its second location here and has become the go-to spot for a morning brew.

Schools in Little Bohemia

The top schools near Little Bohemia include Bancroft Elementary School, Castelar Elementary School, Norris Middle School, and Central High School among others.

Homes in Little Bohemia

Little Bohemia is the perfect spot to invest in Omaha. Quaint homes sell for as little as $94K a block away from $350K homes. There’s plenty of room to buy a first home, make some improvements, and sell for a profit if you’re ready to upgrade. You’ll also find luxury condos as you move north toward Old Market.


Next on our list of up and coming neighborhoods in Omaha is Leavenworth. Leavenworth is located in the heart of Omaha. Known for its affordable homes, beautiful parks, top-notch schools, shopping, and nightlife, Leavenworth is becoming a hot spot for young professionals. The neighborhood is also extremely walkable. Many areas are being revitalized with new retail spots, restaurants, apartments, and local shops. 

Now, millions are going into Leavenworth. Plans for a retail and restaurant community center called Leavenworth Pointe are underway. The large lot northwest of 38th and Leavenworth Street is about to be filled with a $28-million, six-story apartment building. The future is looking big for Leavenworth, and now’s the time to get in.

What’s Happening in Leavenworth

About a decade ago, the neighborhood opened up Midtown Crossing at Turner Park. This small residential area features its own shops, restaurants, and community events. 

Drinking spots like 5168 Brewing Tap Room and Black Oak Grill sit close to tasty eateries like Cantina Laredo and Cafe Costa. For dinner, check out Culprit Cafe, Della Costa, The Grey Plume, and Leadbelly. Looking for something vegan? Visit Modern Love. Parched and sleepy? Stop into Thirst Tea Cafe.

For local shopping, tour through Hutch (for new homeowners), The Afternoon (for gift-givers). Or Long Dog Fat Cat (for pet-lovers). Locals can grab some fresh produce and charcuterie board goods at the 100-year-old Wohlner’s Grocery & Deli. Other hot spots include Spielbound Board Game Cafe and Farine & Flour.

The area also hosts amazing city events. Don’t miss the popular neighborhood get-togethers like Yoga Rocks the Park, Turner Park Night Market, Monday Night Movies, Playing With Fire, and Jazz on the Green. 

Schools in Leavenworth

Schools near Leavenworth include Liberty Elementary, Castelar Elementary, Jefferson Elementary, Norris Middle School, and Mercy High School among others.

Homes in Leavenworth

You’ll find a variety of housing options in Leavenworth. Historic brick homes sell for $440K older and smaller houses sell for under $165K. Chic and modern townhomes land somewhere between $200K and $300K. 


Nestled in the heart of Omaha, Dundee sits just a few miles west of Downtown. This neighborhood is full of charm and features pretty, historic homes. Residents are part of a strong community and keep the area beautiful and clean. 

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Dundee is also one of the safest areas in Omaha. And the American Planning Association named it one of the 10 best neighborhoods in the nation due to its beautiful architecture, natural outdoor areas, top school districts, and amenities.

Recently, Dundee’s Downtown has seen a major rehab. The Dundee Theater, built in 1925, has been transformed and re-awakened. It now includes a bookstore in addition to its theater rooms. Dundee is also the proud home of Paul McCartney, and Warren Buffett has lived in the neighborhood for over 60 years, making it a very interesting choice on our list for up and coming neighborhoods in Omaha. 

What’s Happening in Dundee

This neighborhood is extremely walkable. It features popular spots like the eCreamery ice cream shop, the hip Pitch Pizzeria, and the award-winning Legend Comics and Coffee. Many of these well-loved local hubs are just a few blocks away from the maple tree-lined residential streets in the neighborhood. 

Residents of Dundee throw regular community events like the annual Fourth of July Parade. But for the best experience and Dundee’s biggest celebration, visit during the annual Dundee Day street festival. This event invites locals and visitors to enjoy a parade, a 5K run, art and craft vendors, a book sale, breakfast foods, food trucks, live music, and local beer. 

When residents aren’t partying together, they enjoy the nearby vibrant retail center and numerous local restaurants and taverns. Dundee is also home to several popular parks, like Elmwood Park. Its biggest and best green space, in our opinion, is Memorial Park. This park has picnic spots, walking paths, a baseball field, hosts concerts, and is speckled with hundreds of rose bushes.

Schools in Dundee

Dundee’s great schools include Dundee Elementary School, Neihardt Elementary School, Brownell Talbot College Preparatory School, and Mercy High School among others.

Homes in Dundee

Dundee’s housing market is very competitive, with numbers higher than 60% since last year. Homes can be found between $215K and $450K. Many of its homes, though, can still be snagged at a more affordable price of around $200,000. 


Located right on the border of Downtown, and less than a mile away from all Downtown’s offerings, sits the tiny Old Market. Spread across only a few blocks, Old Market is packed with amenities and residents. 

This tiny section of the city is one of the most popular places to live. Packed with high-rise luxury condos that sell for $1.5-million, Old Market has been up and coming for a while now. But it’s not going down anytime soon. And less than three blocks away, you can still find condos for under $170K, though we don’t expect those prices to stay low for too long.

What’s Happening in Old Market

This area is known for its quirky antique shops, old rehabbed factory buildings, and bright murals. The cobblestone streets are packed with shops, restaurants, breweries, cafes, and hotels.

The district hosts the Omaha Farmer’s Market every Saturday from May to October and packs in vendors selling grass-fed beef, free-range eggs, locally grown produce, and handmade crafts. This little neighborhood also hosts one of the largest blues festivals each year, In the Market for Blues. 

Schools in Old Market

Old Market’s nearby best-rated schools include Liberty Elementary School, Jackson Elementary School, and Central High School among others. 

Homes in Old Market

Old Market is Omaha’s most historic neighborhood. But amidst its historic streets are many newly built apartment and condo buildings. Within the neighborhood borders, you’ll find gorgeous condo buildings housing exquisite units that sell between $315K and $1.5-million.


Benson sits just five miles northwest of Downtown. This historic neighborhood was originally planned and mapped out in 1887. But today, it’s a hot nightlife district. It’s loaded with popular drinking hubs like the Benson Brewery, Barley Street Tavern, The Sydney, Krug Park, and Burke’s Bar.

Thanks to its central location and thriving local businesses, Benson has become known as the heart of Omaha. Its happening main streets are balanced with long-standing historic buildings and great local parks. And the area nearby Maple Street is thriving and diverse. 

What’s Happening in Benson

Besides beverages, Benson is packed with plenty of the best dining options in the city. Check out 1912 Benson for juicy, cheesy burgers and a rooftop deck. Or, for a fancier night out, spend the evening at Au Courant Regional Kitchen and sample their European-style dishes. Other great spots include Burrito Envy and Tequila Bar, Barchan Beer Garden, Lot 2, and Hardy Coffee Co.

This neighborhood is a top spot for foodies, but also popular among artists, musicians, and young professionals. Residents enjoy the area’s numerous locally-owned businesses like Yoga Now, Omaha Bicycle Company, The Waiting Room music venue, and several boutiques. 

This hip neighborhood’s downtown area also hosts numerous annual happenings, like the popular Benson SummerFest. Locals can fill the rest of the calendar with special one-off neighborhood events like live concerts, food festivals, and fundraisers. 

Schools in Benson

For families, Benson offers several highly-rated schools closeby, like Benson West Elementary School, Hartman Elementary School, Monroe Middle School, and Benson High Magnet School among others.

Homes in Benson

Benson is set up in a block system with small, quiet streets, lined by large trees and featuring smaller, charming homes. The houses in this coveted neighborhood sell at a wide range from $30K to $450K. You can expect to pay somewhere around $150K for a home here, though prices are rising fast. 

There you have it: the 5 up and coming neighborhoods in Omaha!

We hope this was helpful! If you decide to take the plunge, don’t hesitate to reach out to your friends here at Bellhop. As we said, we coordinate local and long-distance moving services in Omaha, and we would love to help.

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