Moving to Ohio is a great idea if you want a better cost of living and scenery that takes your breath away. Many people thinking about relocating to Ohio choose to move to Cleveland. If you have kids and think Cleveland might be a good fit for you, read on. 

We’re going to chat about what the best schools in Cleveland are and how to narrow down your options when there are so many on the table. We hope it helps with the decision-making process!

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How do you find the best schools in Cleveland?

If you add up Cleveland’s public and private schools, the number you’ll get is 543. That goes to show that while your options for Cleveland schools aren’t unlimited, they might as well be–considering just how many choices your kids have for preschool through 12th grade. 

To find the best schools in Cleveland, we looked at a few key pieces of information, including: 

  • What is the average high-school graduation rate? 
  • Are the reading and math proficiency levels above the state average? 
  • How are the schools rated in terms of academics, teachers, and college prep?

Follow along to see how different schools in Cleveland stack up. 

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How are public schools in Cleveland?

The majority of people who go to school in Cleveland are in the public school system (82%–to be exact). How good are the schools? It varies based on your location in Cleveland (e.g., whether you’re in the city or the suburbs). Ohio has an average math proficiency of 63% and a reading proficiency of 64%. Unfortunately, the public schools in Cleveland fall short of these numbers, with a math proficiency of 42% and a reading proficiency of 47%. 

When you look at Ohio’s public schools as a whole, Cleveland schools rank on the lower side. That means that if you want your kids to go to the best school in Cleveland, you’ll want to do some research to see how the schools rank in the suburbs or part of the city you have your eyes on. 

Another factor to look at in ranking is the high-school graduation rate. The Cleveland Municipal School District has a graduation rate of 76%, which is lower than the state average (83%). Of course, it’s important to remember that this is just one school district out of many. That means that there are other highly rated school districts in Cleveland that boast higher proficiency levels, graduation rates, and more.


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Top-rated public schools in Cleveland

Start here if you’re looking for Cleveland’s best public schools: 

Best Elementary Schools in Cleveland, Ohio:

Best Middle Schools in Cleveland, Ohio:

Best High Schools in Cleveland, Ohio:

What private schools are in Cleveland?

Cleveland is proud to have 361 private schools. If you want your kids to get a quality education, and you’re less concerned about the price, take a look at these schools: 

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Need more choices? Here are some additional schools that make the list of the best private schools in Cleveland: 

What are suburban Cleveland schools like?

In most suburbs you look up in Cleveland, you’ll see A+ ratings for schools, academics, teachers, extracurricular activities, and safety. The schools have small class sizes, which allows students to get a more one-on-one teaching experience. That can help them do better in school and give them a chance to build stronger relationships with different teachers.

We looked at South Russell, one Cleveland suburb, to see what the locals had to say about the schools. A resident says, “We have lived here about a year and came from a very populated suburb in Ohio. S. Russell is “semi-rural”…so quiet, extremely safe, plenty of amenities close by, charming Chagrin Falls minutes away, and a fantastic, small school district. The only negatives would be lack of diversity and major chains are 25-30 minutes away.

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What suburbs have particularly good school systems?

Solon, Glenwillow, and Pepper Pike are three Cleveland suburbs renowned for great schools. We’ll kick things off with Solon. This suburb has been called the #1 place to raise kids out of all the cities in Cleveland. About 22,858 people live there, and one resident says, “In the 17 years that I’ve lived here, I’d say Soloners are most proud of our school district (best in the state). Also, a marching band that’s at least as good as Ohio State’s. Our football team is good too but the marching band attracts more people to games.

Glenwillow is another beautiful suburb deserving of the title of being in the top-five places to raise kids in Cleveland. There are only 933 residents, but don’t let the small size fool you. The schools are still top notch, and there are abundant places to eat out and shop. 

That brings us to our third pick, Pepper Pike. It’s not just known for its schools but also for being one of the top places to move to in Cleveland. The population is roughly 6,319 people. If you want phenomenal schools, good restaurants, a quiet atmosphere, and plenty of scenery, Pepper Pike is a wonderful option. 

What are the best school districts in Cleveland, Ohio?

Here are some of Cleveland’s highest-rated school districts: 

Solon City School District

This school district is the best in all of Ohio, with As on all counts (academics, teachers, diversity–you name it!). About 4,521 students go there between grades PK and K-12. The math proficiency is an impressive 96%, and the reading proficiency is 94%. 

Hudson City School District

Have your heart set on Summit County? Check out the Hudson City School District. It’s the leading school district in the county, rated an A+ in everything from clubs and activities to college prep. The student population is approximately 4,571. How about the math and reading proficiency levels? They are 91% for math and 89% for reading. 

Beachwood City School District

If you want great all-around schools, teachers, and college prep, the Beachwood City School District is a good choice. There are roughly 1,631 students between grades PK and K-12. About 87% are math proficient, and 88% are reading proficient. 

Good luck with your school search

We hope we helped you sort through the best schools in Cleveland to decide which is best for your child. When you’re ready to move, don’t forget to contact us. Bellhop is a trusted local and long-distance mover in Cleveland that can help with everything from loading to delivery. With our assistance, moving has never been easier. 

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