Columbus’s population is soaring, with the current population sitting at 929,492. Word has it that it gets 1.29% bigger every year, and there are no signs of slowing down (unlike many other cities in Ohio). 

That said, if you’re going back and forth about moving to Columbus, OH, we get it. Let us help you out by answering one of the biggest questions we see from parents. That is, “What are the best schools in Columbus, Ohio?” 

Let’s get right into it!

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How do you find the best schools in Columbus, OH?

Columbus is not exactly a small city. In fact, it’s the 14th biggest city in the U.S. That comes with 623 total schools, which range from preschool to high school. So, with that many schools, how do you know which is best? 

One of the biggest things you’ll have to think about is whether you want your kids to attend public or private school. Why? The reason for this is that your kids might be restricted on which public school they can attend based on where you live, so if you move without settling on a good school first, you might have to go with whatever is there–or go the private school route.

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In searching for a good school in the area, here are some questions to think about:

  • What’s the graduation rate? Has it improved or gotten worse?
  • What percentage of kids are math and reading proficient?
  • How are the teachers and academics? 

Read on for some more handy information about the best schools in Columbus, Ohio. \

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How are public schools in Columbus? 

Fun fact: you’ll find some of Ohio’s best public schools right here in Columbus. The graduation rate is different for all schools. Some schools (e.g., Columbus Alternative High School, Eastmoor Academy, Fort Hayes Arts and Academic High School, and Centennial High School) have a 96%-99% high-school graduation rate

As for Columbus City Schools, the city’s biggest school district, the graduation rate is 72%. The state of Ohio’s graduation rate for public schools is 83% as of the most recent school year. In other words, some schools have a little bit to go to hit or surpass the state average, while others are soaring well above it. 

All in all, about 47% of students are math proficient, and 52% are reading proficient in the city. Both of those percentages are below the state average (63% for math and 64% for reading), according to Public School Review

It’s a good idea to evaluate the graduation rates and proficiency levels in a handful of schools if you’re thinking of moving to Ohio–or Columbus in particular. That way, you can know that your child is going to a good school, and you’re living in a good part of the city or in the suburbs. Just be sure that the school offers the clubs and activities your child is interested in for the best chance of adaptation. 

Top-rated public schools in Columbus

Here are some of the best public schools in Columbus, Ohio: 

Best Elementary Schools in Columbus, Ohio:

Best Middle Schools in Columbus, Ohio:

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Best High Schools in Columbus, Ohio:

What private schools are in Columbus? 

There are roughly 401 private schools in Columbus. That means that your kids have a plethora of potential schools. Here are some good places to start looking: 

…And if that’s not enough, here are some more of the best private schools in Columbus to consider: 

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What are suburban Columbus schools like?

A great way to find out what suburban Columbus schools are like is to check out reviews. We took a look at Grandview Heights, for starters. One resident says, “It really is the perfect location with its close proximity to downtown and the university. It’s extremely safe and has great schools. The downside to its growing popularity is 1. It’s now extremely expensive and 2. all the new construction is causing the town to lose some of its charm.

The suburbs are generally good places to send your kids to school when it comes to Columbus. Many suburbs (Grandview Heights included) are renowned for highly rated schools, family friendliness, and safety. You’ll also generally notice that there are fewer students per teacher in many Columbus suburbs, which allows your kids to get the best support.

What suburbs have particularly good school systems?

If you’re searching for the best schools in Columbus, OH, set your sights on Powell, Dublin, or Bexley. Powell has been named the top place to live in Columbus and is praised for its great public schools, beauty, and general family friendliness. The population is 13,353 people.

Dublin is another wonderful suburb for schools that happens to be rated Franklin County’s top spot to live in. With 47,824 people living there (many of which are families), your kids will have a fun time meeting new friends and attending classes. (Public schools are rated an A+ there, by the way.) 

Of course, we can’t forget Bexley. It’s another leading suburb with a highly rated school system, despite its small size. (The population is just 13,805 people!) One student says, “We may be a small school/suburb area but I think that’s a big factor in what makes this community so unique. Class sizes are smaller; which allows everyone to get to know each other, between students or teachers or even the interactions between students and teachers. This allows great relationships to be built between students of different ages and provides students with lots of helping resources because the teachers want to see the students succeed.

What are the best school districts in Columbus, OH?

You’ll find some of the city’s top school districts below:

Dublin City Schools

Dublin City Schools (PK, K-12) is rated Columbus’s #1 school district. It gets an A+ in multiple categories, including but not limited to teachers, academics, and college prep. Roughly 16,254 students attend this school district, which has an 81% math proficiency and 80% reading proficiency. 

Olentangy Local School District

Like Dublin City Schools, Olentangy Local School District (PK, K-12) also gets a #1 rating–specifically for being the leading school district in Delaware County. With both gifted programs and AP classes available, your kids are sure to find challenging curriculums at Olentangy that help them prepare for college in the years to come. About 22,089 students go to this school district. Both the math and reading proficiency levels are 89%.

New Albany-Plain Local School District

New Albany-Plain Local School District (PK, K-12) is another one of Columbus’s best school districts, coming in with impressive ratings for teachers, academics, college prep, and more. The student population is approximately 5,043. Roughly 88% of students are math proficient, and 86% are reading proficient. 

Good luck with your school search

Your kids deserve the best schools. In Columbus, Ohio, you’ve got quite a few options, and we hope we helped you narrow down your search a bit. When it comes time to move to Columbus, get in touch with Bellhop. Our local and long-distance movers in Columbus would love to help out with your big move. 

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