Think back to the last time you moved when you ended up donating 1,897,865,431 items simply because you did not have the space. Now, imagine how much easier it would be to have a portable storage unit so that you can find a place for those items you haven’t decided what to do with before you start moving.

Portable storage units are exactly like they sound: storage containers that you can transport from one location to another. Below, we’re going to cover a few of the top advantages of portable storage units and what makes them right for your upcoming move.

7 advantages of portable storage units

You have various options when it comes to storage units, and mobile storage units are one of the best choices (if you ask our local and long-distance movers). So, what are the advantages of portable storage units? Below is a quick list:  

#1: Park the storage container anywhere.

That’s right! Portable storage units are mobile. That means that you can bring them wherever you want: your in-laws’ house, your backyard, or your place of business. Your options are virtually limitless. 

Having the ability to put a storage unit anywhere you want may come in handy if you ever need to access something inside and don’t want to drive all the way to a storage warehouse. (Of course, we have self-storage partners who offer those, too!)

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#2: Load your items right into the storage container.

We love storage container rentals because they can be brought right to your doorstep, which makes it that much easier to load your items up. From there, the storage company generally picks up the container and brings it to their storage facility. (This varies by the type of storage.)

When your local or long-distance movers load your items into storage, we are careful where we put them so that there’s less of a chance for damage. At the end of the day, keeping your things safe and your customer service experience great are our priorities. 

#3: Get 24/7 access. 

One of the biggest benefits of portable storage is the ability to go to them at any time. If the unit is at one of our partner’s facilities, you can enter 24 hours per day and seven days per week. (That means holidays, too!)

So, there’s no need to stress over your items’ safety. You can check on them wherever you want when you get a portable storage unit using Bellhop Partners Self-Storage Solutions (available for both residential and commercial customers). 

#4: Save on storage costs.

Traditional storage units can get pricey depending on where you live. Portable storage units’ prices are a lot less on average, though, allowing you to keep costs down while keeping your items safe.

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Another nice thing about portable units is that the storage company typically brings them on-site so that the movers can load your things into them. Then, they can transport them to wherever you wish, including one of many storage facilities. In any case, these portable units still tend to be more affordable than traditional storage. (You’re also not necessarily locked into a six-month or 12-month contract when all you need is temporary storage. Learn more about our self-storage here.)

#5: Use storage container rentals however you want. 

As we mentioned above, storage is for businesses and residential customers. That means that you can load your storage container with everything from office equipment and supplies to personal belongings.

One of the advantages of portable storage units is that you can use them as you see fit (within your storage company’s guidelines). So, you can get a storage unit for things from your house that you don’t know what to do with yet or for your office if you want a space for everyday office supplies, utensils, chairs, and more. Either way, mobile storage units have what you need. 

#6: Protect your items. 

Rain and snow are no match against high-quality portable storage units. These units are made with strong materials and are intended to be weather resistant to keep your items safe from damage caused by the elements.

So, instead of turning your guest bedroom into a storage area, why not invest in mobile storage? After all, you’ll know your items are safe, secure, and available to get to whenever you feel the need. (You can’t get much better than that!)

#7: Get backup storage for an event.

As movers, we help residential customers and businesses relocate, but we also offer event support. Portable storage units can help make your event a success since you can use them to hold onto materials, supplies, and furniture as needed. 

That can help ensure you have everything you need for the event and then some, as we all know, things can happen. With on-site storage containers, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that if you need something, you can get access to it in mere moments. 

Need hourly labor for loading up a storage unit? 

As we’ve discussed, there are many advantages of portable storage units, whether you’re moving with your family or relocating a company. Bellhop is proud to partner with several storage companies that can help make your life easier. 

You can hire hourly movers to help you unload your pod as well. Here is a blog on tips for comparing moving companies.

We also offer hourly labor if you need help loading up your portable storage unit. Simply pay by the hour for the services you need. We’ve got your back. Book a move online today.

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