If you’ve been thinking about relocating for a while, you’ve probably got a moving checklist handy and a room full of boxes waiting to be filled. The chances are that if you haven’t lived in your home long, you could probably take on the move yourself or with a buddy or two. (Make sure to bring the pizza and a couple of two-liters.) 

However, there are situations when two men and a truck are just not enough. Let’s chat about when you need a larger team or two or more trucks.

Do you need more than two men and a truck for your move?

The number of people and trucks you require depends on several factors. That includes the number of people in your home, the type of home, the number of boxes, and the timeline–to name a few examples. 

If you are wondering if you need more than two men and a truck, stay tuned. We’ve got you covered. 

Reasons why you need a large team or 2+ trucks

Here are some of the situations when a large team or more than one truck would be useful: 

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#1: You’ve accumulated a lot of stuff over the years.

This especially applies to families. Maybe you and your significant other moved into a home as a newly married couple, and 10 years later, you have kids and pets. That comes with an uptick in items that you have to make sure get safely transported to the new location.

You don’t want to misplace your daughter’s favorite stuffed animal or your kids’ gaming system, after all. You also want to make sure you can get the bunk beds, dressers, and other furniture over to your new home without too much of a delay. That’s what movers are here for. We can handle the heavy lifting and planning so that you don’t have to think twice about it. 

#2: You have multiple pieces of furniture and large appliances. 

Having a lot of stuff is one thing, but having tons of furniture and large appliances (washers, dryers, portable dishwashers, etc.) is a whole other thing. If your new space has all the appliances you need, you might consider decluttering before your move to save space. Of course, if you don’t have all the essential appliances in your new space, having multiple trucks could be important to ensure you transport all the appliances over in a timely manner.

Also, when it comes to large sectional couches, bunk beds, and certain bed frames, you might need more than two men and a truck. In fact, you may need multiple men (or women) and several trucks to get it all over safely. (Don’t worry. Bellhop can help with that!)

#3: You’re moving on short notice. 

Did you get a new job offer and have just two weeks to relocate? That calls for a team of last-minute movers! It takes most people two to three months to coordinate a move. 

The Better Way to Move

If you’re on crunch time, having professional movers there to help you out can save you a ton of time and help you get from point A to point B with less stress. (Wondering how much your move will cost? Check out our moving cost calculator.) 

#4: You’re moving a long distance. 

Sure, you can move from one city to another with a friend’s help and a truck. However, working with movers can make that relocation a lot easier. 

Movers can help coordinate the move, plan out the route, transport your belongings, and much more. That means less time you have to worry about moving and more time spent organizing your new home and enjoying your new city. That also means less driving time and gas money spent going back and forth between the new location and the old one. 

#5: You’re moving locally–with a family.

As we mentioned before, kids’ items can take up a lot of space in a move. That’s one of the reasons why having several moving trucks is handy. It can help ensure that nothing gets left behind that you might need later, and you can get everything to your new destination close to the same time. That allows you to unpack and set up your new home with ease. 

Having a large team of movers can also help your move go more efficiently by ensuring that things are moving along. While one mover works on one task, another mover can handle another task and so forth. That helps things go smoothly and ensures everything is loaded up and delivered as quickly as possible. 

#6: You’re relocating a business.

Office moves can be challenging. There are employees counting on you to help them move from one location to the next, and you have to think about all the equipment that comes with the move (office equipment, electronics, and otherwise, depending on your industry). 

It takes skilled moving professionals to coordinate an office move, and it’s not something you have to do alone. So, yes, you could ask for volunteers to help with your business move. However, you could risk things getting damaged or lost during the transit. Why not trust a team of expert movers and let your employees set up at the new office instead? 

Get help moving today

Using two men and a truck are a great option for a move, but they’re not the only option. Sometimes, you need more (wo)man power and trucks, and that’s okay! That’s what your good friends at Bellhop are here for.

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