Moving to a new city is always challenging. And a large part of that challenge is looking for a place to live. There are so many things to consider when weighing your options-house styles, neighborhood safety, quality of schools, the convenience of location-it all can be quite overwhelming. Particularly if you have a family.

That’s why we’ve done the research for you, so you don’t have to. You’ve no doubt seen our Cincinnati City Guide, which includes a short section on a few of Cincinnati’s most popular neighborhoods.

This list and our “Up and Coming Neighborhoods in Cincinnati,” “Best Suburbs of Cincinnati,” and our “Best Places to Live in Cincinnati” lists are more in-depth neighborhood guides meant to examine what it’s like living in each of these highlighted areas, with links to popular destinations, as well as available houses for sale and apartments for rent (and by the way of introduction, we’re Bellhop —Cincinnati movers and movers throughout the country).. If you want to learn more about schools in Cincinnati, we have that covered too.

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The Best Neighborhoods for Families in Cincinnati (2022) Bellhop Blog

A Little About Cincinnati and its Neighborhoods

Cincinnati is pinched into the very southwest corner of the state and splashed up on the shores of the Ohio River, which draws the winding line between Ohio and Kentucky. The city has grown to 309,000 as part of the Greater Cincinnati metropolitan area. The metropolis includes counties in Kentucky and Indiana, and has a population of about 2.26 million.

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With the riverbank to one side and a hilly, scenic landscape to the other, Cincinnati has been noted for its picturesque geography. The area’s continental climate gives the city a wide spread of temperatures and weather throughout the year. Cloudy, snowy Christmases and sunny 90-degree summers – residents get a taste of all the seasons.

Cincinnati offers a diverse blend of neighborhoods, from elite and established areas to up-and-coming millennial hubs. Whether you are thinking about moving to Cincinnati, or a sub district such as Hamilton, Bellhop has you covered. Currently, there are fifty-two neighborhoods, many of which were once villages that have been occupied by the city over time. To give you some clarity, we’ve highlighted some of the best family-friendly neighborhoods Cincinnati has to offer.

Indian Hill

With the fifth best high school in the entire state, Indian Hills draws handfuls of families. This neighborhood is more – let’s say – luxurious with valuable homes and higher median incomes than most anywhere else around the city. Crime rates are extremely low here, adding even more allure to families looking for their new friendly home.

What’s Happening in Indian Hill

While Indian Hill matches that of a quieter residential community, it does offer a number of neighborhood activities and events. One local favorite is the Cincy Wine Wagon, a 2-mile drive from the Indian Hill Garden Club. The Wine Wagon tours patrons throughout three local wineries for a full day of sampling and wine education. (If beer is your thing, check out the brew tours offered by the same company:

Other local favorite stops include The Birch, a highly rated, upscale restaurant serving American fare, Red Feather Kitchen, Taste of Belgium for a more casual bistro dining experience, and Arrechissimo for delicious authentic Venezuelan dishes.

Schools in Indian Hill

Indian Hill is notable for its highly rated schools. These include Indian Hill High School, Indian Hill Elementary School, and Indian Hill Primary School among others.

Homes in Indian Hill

Purchasing a home in Indian Hill comes with a high price tag for good reason, as you’ve seen. And there are certainly snag-able deals here and there. Zillow shows $642,000 for an average home with condos averaging $379,000.

The Best Neighborhoods for Families in Cincinnati (2022) Bellhop Blog

Pleasant Ridge

This neighborhood doesn’t seem to receive as much attention as other popular spots in the city. But it offers some great grub, nice homes, and one-of-a-kind local shops. The neighborhood gives off a homey feel, with local, independently owned shops that have lasted decades and cozy residential streets. But Pleasant Ridge certainly isn’t slumbering. New restaurants, bars, and shops keep enhancing the area’s appeal.

What’s Happening in Pleasant Ridge

Check out Everybody’s Records and file through their large collection of vinyl. Sample a beer and order some upscale pub fare at Nine Giant Brewing. Check out chill Gas Light Café for some great burgers and beer plus darts and sports TVs.

The Overlook Lodge serves creative cocktails and a small menu in their hip bar based on Stephen King’s novel The Shining. The Coffee Exchange whips up some of the best lattes in the state. Or go directly to Revolution Rotisserie, serving ‘elevated comfort food’ dishes of Jamaican and Peruvian-style chicken, plus great burgers.

Schools in Pleasant Ridge

Schools in Pleasant Ridge include Pleasant Ridge Montessori School, Nativity School, and Pleasant Ridge Presbyterian Preschool.

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Homes in Pleasant Ridge

Pleasant Ridge is full of charming historical homes as well as newer constructions. Here are the current houses for sale and homes for rent in the area. Average home prices according to Zillow are $300,000.


Located just north of Cincinnati’s center city, Clifton is best known and most visited for its Ludlow Avenue shopping and dining district. The neighborhood which dates back to 1850 still shows signs of its historical past with a few carriage houses remaining. A walk down the historic Ludlow Avenue business district displays independent shops, restaurants, a movie theater specializing in indie and foreign films, all lit by original gas lamps along this tranquil street.

What’s Happening in Clifton

A recent development and contribution to the area is the University Square. This area combines green space, stores, restaurants, shops, and apartments and is packed with a diverse group of patrons.

There are tons of worthwhile stops, but a few of our favorites are Hop Scotch Craft Beer & Whiskey which offers 60 beers on tap, 200 in bottles, and over 100 whiskeys. If you’re in a hurry, J. Gumbos offers counter-service gumbo, jambalaya, po’ boys plus other Cajun-Creole fare. Other great local eateries include Graeter’s, which makes handcrafted French pot, ice cream, and Biagio’s Bistro for some tasty Italian dishes.

The 57-acre Mount Storm Park gives locals a breath of fresh air in the midst of the city. This park features the beautiful Temple of Love gazebo that was designed in 1850. The even larger Burnet Woods Park with walking paths along the waterside.

The historic Esquire Theater shows features independent films & retro favorites in its renovated 1911 showcase. Get extra-large popcorn!

Schools in Clifton

Schools in Clifton include Cincinnati Junior Academy and Clifton Seventh Day Adventist School.

Homes in Clifton

Like many neighborhoods in Cincinnati, Clifton has plenty of old-style row-houses along its hilly streets, but the area is also known for its beautiful historic homes. Homes average $443,000 and condos $186,000.

The Best Neighborhoods for Families in Cincinnati (2022) Bellhop Blog

Mount Lookout

This neighborhood features tree-lined streets, historic and modern homes, beautiful parks, and a thriving shopping district. Just a short drive along the river will get you from Mount Lookout to downtown in a less than 15 minutes. But the neighborhood itself offers plenty of amenities of its own.

What’s Happening in Mount Lookout

Mount Lookout is home to one of Cincinnati’s largest parks, Ault Park, which hosts a yearly fourth of July fireworks show worth visiting, as well as other regular community events. The area is also known for its lively entertainment and business district, Mount Lookout Square, which features trendy restaurants, bars, shops, and local businesses.

Mount Lookout is located right in the midst of some of the best attractions in the city. The Cincinnati Observatory sits atop a neighboring hill and is home to the world’s oldest telescope still in use. For some local favorite eats, check out Muse for their coffee and wine bar, and live music. Checkout Mount Lookout Tavern for sports TV watching, live music on weekends and classic pub food.

Schools in Mount Lookout

Schools in Mount Lookout include Cardinal Pacelli Elementary School, Kilgour School, and Saint Ursula Villa School.

Homes in Mount Lookout

Mount Lookout has plenty of historic homes with various architectural styles including bungalows, Tudor revival cottage, and Victorian style houses. Here are the current houses for sale and homes for rent in the area. Average home prices according to Zillow are $669,000 and condos are $316,000.

There you have it: the best family-friendly neighborhoods in Cincinnati

We hope this was helpful, and if you decide to take the plunge, don’t hesitate to reach out to your friends here at Bellhop. We coordinate local and long-distance moving services in Cincinnati, as well as other nearby cities such as Cleveland and Columbus.

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