Moving to a new city is always challenging. And a large part of that challenge is looking for a place to live. There are so many things to consider when weighing your options-house styles, neighborhood safety, quality of schools, the convenience of location-it all can be quite overwhelming. That’s why we’ve researched the best neighborhoods in Fort Worth for you, so you don’t have to (and by the way of introduction, we’re Bellhop—your friendly Fort Worth movers). We’ve examined what it’s like living in each of these highlighted neighborhoods and created in-depth guides with insider scoops on close-by, popular destinations. Soon, you’ll be living like a local.  

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A Little About Fort Worth and its Neighborhoods

You don’t have to be a cowboy to live in Fort Worth, Texas. Yes, you’ve probably heard of the area’s famous gun shows, rodeos, and bull riding. But one weekend in Fort Worth will show you that there’s so much more to this growing city than souvenir shops where you can buy a bottle opener shaped like a boot.  

This city, sitting 30 miles west of Dallas, continues to grow as more folks leave other urban centers like San Francisco, attracted by lower cost of living, lack of income tax and other savings. Part of the famous ‘DFW’ metro area is has a different feel and mix than nearby Dallas. 

Why this rapid growth? Fort Worth has mastered the balance of small-town feel with vibrant urbanism. Popular residential areas around the city have low crime rates. Housing prices are lower than in other large cities in Texas. And residents take pride in and preserve the area’s interesting yesteryear, making it a city rich in history and full of entertainment.  

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Residents usually talk about the city by dividing it into regions – for example, “North Side” or “East Fort Worth,” or they’ll reference popular areas in the city like Downtown, the Stockyards, and the Camp Bowie District.  

Fort Worth is further sub-sectioned into dozens of neighborhoods, some that resemble the old west, some glittering with city lights and framed by high-rises. Below, we’ve narrowed down five Fort Worth neighborhoods that are top on the list. Keep reading while we explore the 5 best places to live in this welcoming, western city. 


This prestigious and exclusive neighborhood dates back to 1911 when the first house was built in the area. Six years later, the neighborhood took off when top oil men from the city built their homes here.  

Rivercrest features large, high-value homes. One of its main residential streets, Crestline Road, is home to some of the most eye-catching homes in the city. Here, towering houses sit along the edge of a bluff overlooking the river.  

Families and avid golf fans fill up Rivercrest’s beautiful homes. This neighborhood offers a quiet place to live perfect for family life. Its location allows for easy access in and out of the city when needed.  

What’s Happening in Rivercrest 

Located west of downtown Fort Worth, this neighborhood sits just a few miles from many city amenities. Residents of Rivercrest can access all the stops and shops of Fort Worth. But the community has its own downtown area called Crestline. Here, locals can stop in at cafes, shop at local boutiques, or grab lunch with their neighbors.  

But the area is mostly known for Rivercrest Country Club. Access to this pristine course and upscale clubhouse brings frequent golfers to the area. Surrounding the club, residents enjoy upscale living. Rivercrest is also tucked into a wooded area filled with walking trails and paths that are perfect for long jogs and bike rides. 

Schools in Rivercrest 

Some of the great schools near Rivercrest include Burton Elementary School, North Hi Mount Elementary School, M L Phillips Elementary School, Stripling Middle School, and Arlington Heights High School among others. 

Homes in Rivercrest 

Many of Rivercrest’s homes date back to the early 1900s. A few historic mansions speckle the streets alongside Tudor style and cozy bungalows. Large houses, three-car garages, and smart lawns are typical here. But expect to put out a pretty penny for all this luxury. Rivercrest houses typically have price points over $1M. Zillow shows an affordable average home value of $368,000 though property listings are pushing $2M are common. 

Arlington Heights 

Arlington Heights is home to a blend of residents of all ages and stages of life. Families post up next to young professionals, and the area offers plenty of affordable housing options, whether you’re looking for a 1-bedroom apartment or a 4-bedroom home.  

This neighborhood feels like a little suburban pocket that’s tucked close to busier areas like the Cultural District and West 7th. And residents enjoy their easy commutes to any part of the DFW area via nearby I-30.  

What’s Happening in Arlington Heights 

Camp Bowie Blvd. runs through the center of Arlington Heights. This street features most of the area’s best restaurants and shops. For boutiques, high-end stores, and the Movie Tavern, check out Montgomery Plaza.  

The nearby Fort Worth Botanic Garden houses over 2,000 species of plants and makes for an especially romantic date night. Or for some eats and drinks, check out some of the neighborhood favorites like Blue Bonnet Bakery, Mash’d, and Craftwork Coffee Co. 

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Schools in Arlington Heights 

Schools in the area include South Hi Mount Elementary School, Stripling Junior High School, and Arlington Heights High School among others. 

Homes in Arlington Heights 

The quiet residential areas of Arlington Heights are filled with many beautiful homes. It’s a great spot to buy your first home, with lots of smaller bungalow and craftsman-style homes. Prices have risen seriously; affordable starter homes are pretty much gone. Like its neighbor Rivercrest pricier homes abound. 

Montgomery Plaza Mall is changing, tearing down some stores and adding apartments and condominiums. If you like the idea of living where you can play and eat, it’s worth checking out. 


This neighborhood feels like an established community, but it’s thriving with new and diverse residents. Homes sit back on large lawns speckled by aged trees, flower gardens, and pretty, front porches. These houses are still more affordable than other surrounding areas like Westcliff. And the neighborhood still has the lowest crime rates in the city, making this a very popular spot among all age groups. 

What’s Happening in Tanglewood 

Residents of Tanglewood enjoy their close proximity to the new and upscale Shops at Clearfork. Families also take advantage of the close by Overton Park and its jogging trails. For some local eats and drinks, check out Local Foods Kitchen, The Tavern, and CRU Food & Wine Bar. 

Schools in Tanglewood 

Schools in the area include Tanglewood Elementary School, Fort Worth Academy of Fine Arts, Paschal High School, and Westcliff School among others. 

Homes in Tanglewood 

Tanglewood offers a wide variety of housing options. You’ll find homes at various prices and in different styles, and sizes. Along the southern edge of Tanglewood, single-family homes have prices as low as $160K. But near the northern side throughout the Villages of Stonegate, prices skyrocket to close to $3 million. 


This region has been nicknamed TCU for its proximity to Texas Christian University, which has brought in its fair share of new residents to the area. While Westcliff does house a lot of students, this area’s low crime rate, decent housing prices, convenient shops and restaurants, and nearby famous Fort Worth Zoo have brought in plenty of families and long-term residents.  

The neighborhood is also close to other popular spots like Colonial and Tanglewood. These next-door neighborhoods offer spillover residential areas as well as their own shops and hot spots.  

What’s Happening in Westcliff 

This area features a blend of dining options, from hip spots that appeal to the students and recent grads in the area to casual spots that are family friendly. Check out Woodshed Smokehouse with river views and outdoor patio and Dutch’s Hamburgers if you want to please the kids. Need a date night? Stop into a locally loved University Pub. University Park Village also has plenty of shops including boutiques and brands like Anthropologie and LuluLemon.  

Schools in Westcliff 

Schools in the area include Westcliff Elementary School, W.P. McLean Middle School, and R.L. Paschal High School among others. 

Homes in Westcliff 

Closer to the college, you’ll find mainly student housing. But the surrounding streets are full of attractive single-family homes and charming spaces for rent. Prices are a higher than the Fort Worth average with $600,000 being the average price. 


Fairmont is one of the most unique and eclectic neighborhoods in Fort Worth. Dating back to the 1800s, Fairmont is also one of the largest historic neighborhoods in the southwestern United States. The past 10 years have brought an uptick in investment and growth in the area, and today, Magnolia Avenue is buzzing with new businesses and some of the city’s best restaurants and bars.  

With convenient access to Downtown, TCU, and the thriving Cultural District, Fairmont is a great location for singles, professionals, and young families. While this neighborhood is thought by many locals to be the most up-and-coming spot in the city, the area is still affordable with plenty of room for newcomers. 

What’s Happening in Fairmount 

Fairmont is known for its exciting community events like ArtsGoggle and Open Streets. But aside from these occasional block parties, this neighborhood features plenty of great restaurants, bars, cafes, community gardens, live shows, and corner shops.  

Start your morning here with a cup of coffee from Brewed or Dixie House Cafe. Take a stroll through the Fairmont Garden. Treat yourself to two scoops at Melt. Grab a brisket taco from the Mexican Inn Cafe. Buy a bottle of wine, and end the evening with a live concert at Arts Fifth Avenue. 

Schools in Fairmount 

Schools in the area include De Zavala Elementary School, Tanglewood Elementary School, Daggett Middle School, R.L. Paschal High School, and Trimble Technical High School among others. 

Homes in Fairmount 

The houses in Fairmount are incredibly charming with homey wood siding and large welcoming front porches. There are also plenty of places for rent in the area. Homes are affordable with an average price of $176,000 compared to the city’s $300,000+ average. 

There you have it: the 5 best places to live in Fort Worth!

We hope this was helpful, and if you decide to take the plunge soon, don’t forget we offer last minute moving services in Fort Worth! So don’t hesitate to reach out to your friends here at Bellhop. As we said, we coordinate local and long-distance moving services in Dallas and in Fort Worth, and we would love to help.

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