Nashville, TN, is known for many things. For instance, it’s the location of the Country Music Hall of Fame, Nashville Predators (NHL), Tennessee Titans (NFL), Ryman Auditorium, and Tennessee State University. It’s also known for its highly rated education system!

The city has 509 schools between public schools and private schools. That means that when it comes to finding a suitable school for your kiddos, you’re sure to have plenty of options. However, you might be wondering, “Where are the best schools in Nashville?”

Today, we’re going to chat about all you need to know. Let’s get started!

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How do you find the best schools in Nashville?

If you plan to enroll your children in public school, it’s vital to move somewhere in the city where you could see yourself living in the long term. That’s because your general location can dictate which schools your kids can attend.

On the other hand, if you hope to put your kids in a private school, you may have more options to choose from. Here are some topics to consider when browsing for the best schools in Nashville:

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  • What is the school’s graduation rate?
  • What are the proficiencies in math and English?
  • What have other families’ experiences been at the school?

Now that you have those questions in mind, let’s chat more about the Nashville school systems.

How are public schools in Nashville?

The Tennessee Department of Education reports a high-school graduation rate of 88.7% for the 2020-2021 school year, which was slightly lower than the year before. In comparison, the Metro Nashville Public Schools had a graduation rate of 81.8% during that same time (with a 29% math proficiency and 26% reading proficiency).

While that graduation rate is behind the state average, many other school districts throughout the Music City are well past the state average. For instance, the graduation rate for Williamson County Schools was a whopping 96.2% in 2021. (The math proficiency is also higher–sitting at 71%–and the reading proficiency is 67%, according to Niche.)

Due to the sheer size of Nashville, you’ll find that there are several schools to consider. The schools on the outskirts of the city tend to score better in terms of education, teachers, safety, and graduation rates, so if you’re searching for the best public schools in Nashville, the suburbs should be on your list.

Top-rated public schools in Nashville

Below are some of the top elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools in the Music City:

Best Elementary Schools in Nashville:

Best Middle Schools in Nashville:

Best High Schools in Nashville: 

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What private schools are in Nashville?

Some of the best private schools in Nashville are:

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Still not seeing a private school near your home that you could see your kids going to? Here are some other private schools in Nashville:

What are suburban Nashville schools like?

Nashville schools generally score well in terms of education, teachers, clubs, and safety. Life in the suburbs comes with even better school ratings. (There is also a lower student-to-teacher ratio, which means that it’s easier for teachers to focus on individual students.)

Of the Franklin Special School District in the suburbs, one person says, “I’ve been in the Franklin Special School District for 7 years now. And it is AMAZING!!! This district offers the best education. Teachers and Staff are nice and they are always challenging you to do your best all the time.

What suburbs have particularly good school systems?

As a parent who wants only the best for your child, the suburbs are a great place to look for quality education. However, they are not the only place to look. There are several schools throughout Nashville that could be a nice fit for your family. The key is to do some reading, check out other people’s reviews, and determine how close schools are to your home.

Of course, if you are eyeing the suburbs, it helps to have some guidance, so we’re here to help. Three suburbs that are rated the best when it comes to public schools in Nashville are Nolensville, Franklin, and Brentwood. Nolensville is a thriving suburb with roughly 9,221 residents. The city has a warm, small-town feel and great public schools, which make it a desirable location for families moving to Nashville from all over.

Franklin is also known for highly rated public schools. There are 80,675 people in this suburb, which residents have called “a beautiful, little Southern town overbrimming with charm and fun!” The public schools, family-friendliness, and diversity are all top of the line in this beautiful suburb.

As for Brentwood, this Nashville suburb is another top place for schools. There are 42,700 people in this eye-catching community, which offers great amenities for families and multiple top-rated schools.

One resident even says, “Brentwood is an amazing place and their school district is top notch. The education program there is very efficient and high! They prepare you well for your upcoming advanced studies.

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What are the best school districts in Nashville?

There are many great school districts in the Nashville area. These include:

Williamson County Schools

Coming up at the top of the list as the “#1 best school district in [the] Nashville Area” is Williamson County Schools, located in Franklin, TN. The school has As on nearly all counts and an A+ in academics. There are roughly 39,817 people going to school there, with a 71% math proficiency and 67% reading proficiency.

Wilson County School District

This is another great school district that prides itself on state-of-the-art academics, abundant clubs and activities, and great educators. Approximately 18,444 students attend that school district between grades PK and K-12. The math proficiency is 53%, and the reading proficiency is 47%.

Sumner County Schools

About 29,588 students attend Sumner County Schools, one of the top-rated districts in Nashville. This district excels in many areas, including helping get students ready for college. Roughly 55% of students are considered math-proficient, and 44% are proficient in reading.

Good luck with your school search

Nashville is known for having great schools with incredible teachers and high education ratings. Knowing the best schools in Nashville should make finding a good school for your kids easier than ever, and Bellhop is happy to help you move to the area. If you require moving services, you can trust us for long-distance moving, local moving, last-minute moving, apartment moving, and more.

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