Are you hoping to save money and DIY as much of your move as possible? If so, moving your couch and other large furniture yourself and onto a truck or into your home is a good place to start. (It can also help to know how to move a couch in case you ever decide to move furniture around in your house at the spur of the moment and don’t feel like hiring anyone to help you out.)

In this blog, we’ll share the safest ways to move a couch so that you can prevent injuries and keep your home safe. Let’s get started!

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Getting started: how to move a couch 

When it comes to the best ways to move a couch, it’s important to start by breaking out your tape measure and measuring the length and width of the couch. That will tell you what size of couch will fit through your doors and hallways, or whether you’ll need to donate the couch and opt for something new to make sure it fits indoors. (Also, it can help to measure the size of your entrances and windows if needed to know how much room you’re working with.)

After you measure the sofa, the next step is figuring out whether you’re going to do it yourself or with a few friends or movers. It may only take you and a buddy to move a loveseat or small couch. However, sectional couches require more moving help. (Fewer people are required if you can take the couch apart, but you still need to be able to support the couch on all sides so that it doesn’t get damaged or damage anything when you’re transporting it from one location to another.) 

Finally, once you have your measurements done and the team in order, it’s time to get your supplies. Movers will generally have a truck, dolly, straps, and other supplies on hand. However, if you’re moving the couch without the help of professional movers, you’ll need to get these supplies yourself. 

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Now that you know what to do to get ready to move your couch, let’s chat about the proper techniques on how to move a couch.

How to move a sofa by yourself

It’s generally recommended to have someone help you when moving a couch. However, that’s not an option for everyone. So, if you have a small, light couch and don’t have help, what you can do is lift up the end of your couch, and put it on a dolly. 

You can do the same thing to the other side if you have two dollies. Next, tie down the couch so that it doesn’t fall off, and it’s easy to maneuver. Then, push it slowly to the final destination. 

Another option for moving a couch without help is taking it apart first to make it less weight, which can make it easier to relocate. (Psst… Be sure to add any small parts to a bag so that they don’t go missing!)

The Better Way to Move

Floor sliders are also helpful so that you can simply slide the couch if you have room between locations and keep the floor in good condition while you’re at it. That way, you can save time from taking it apart and don’t have to borrow a dolly (or two). 

How to lift the couch safely

To keep your back safe, use your legs and squat to lift the sofa. Do not bend over at your waist. Also, make sure to wear boots or tennis shoes and not sandals so that you have less of a chance of hurting your feet if the couch were to fall. 

How to move it around corners without damaging walls

The easiest way to transport a couch around a corner without damaging walls is to set aside any plastic packaging or cardboard (assuming it’s wrapped). You can also take off the arms and legs if it has them, or disassemble the couch if it’s too big to fit. 

If your couch is fluffy, give it a squeeze to make it smaller, and see if that gives you enough room to get it around the corner safely. Try not to change the direction of your sofa if you’re moving it around a tight corner to prevent any damage. 

How to safely secure the sofa to your vehicle

As a general rule, it’s best to have a truck to move your couch. However, if you have a sedan and a small loveseat or couch and are wondering how to move a couch without a truck, it may still be possible. Just be sure to check your car’s weight limit first.

Otherwise, let’s talk about how to move a couch with a car. You’ll want to start by measuring the couch and determining if it will fit in your truck or the backseat if you fold the seats down. Some professionals also say that it is possible to strap a small sofa to the top of a vehicle. If this is an option you want to explore, be sure to put blankets on the top of your car first and foremost. 

Then, ask at least one person for help, and lift the sofa on top of the car together. Next, tie down the couch with bungee cords, straps, or rope. If you have a truck, you can simply lift the couch in the bed of your truck, and strap it down with ratchet straps or something similar. Make sure everything is secure, drive slowly, and you should be good to go. 

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Good luck with moving!

Now that you know how to move a couch, DIYing your move will be easier than ever. Don’t forget that there are many trucks you can rent to help your move go off without a hitch. That includes companies like U-Haul, Enterprise, Penske, and Budget Truck. 

Of course, if you need professional movers, Bellhop is here to help, too! Book a move online today.

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