How To Furnish Your First Apartment For $1,000 (Or Less!)

We’re guessing that some congratulations are in order. Maybe you just graduated and you’re moving into your first apartment; maybe you just got a new job and you can finally afford your own place; maybe you just moved out of your parent’s house and struck out on your own. Whatever your situation, you’ve come here because you are looking to furnish that new apartment on the cheap.

And, boy, do we get it.

We move a lot of stuff (a lot of stuff), and we’ve seen just how many expensive items can fill an apartment. Furnishing your apartment can be intimidating—and especially when you’re on a budget.

When you’re standing in your (mostly) empty apartment, it’s pretty overwhelming. Keep reading, and we’ll remove 99% of your anxiety. We’ve broken this post down into all the essential pieces you’ll need to furnish your apartment and where you can find them (we’ve got links and everything). And, yes, we’re going to show you how to do it for under $1,000.

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Furniture For Your First Apartment

One Quality Mattress: $158

We did quite a bit of hunting on the web for mattresses under $300 and the one we saw time and time again was the LUCID. Not only does it have an awesome name, but it has an average review of 4-stars on Amazon and it’s well under $300. Plus, they will ship it to you, which means you won’t have to borrow your friend’s creepy cousin’s truck.

Recycled Bed Frame: FREE

People spend an ungodly amount of money on bed frames. Why not just make one yourself for free? In this YouTube video, you will learn how to take recycled wood pallets and transform them into a vintage bed frame with a cool aesthetic. You can go to pretty much any big box retailers in your city and get your hands on some free pallets.

Couch: $150

New couches are expensive. There’s just no way of getting around it. If you’re looking to furnish the whole apartment for under $1000, a brand new couch probably isn’t going to be an option. That’s why if you’re on a very tight budget, our go-to recommendation is that you check out Craigslist. Often, you can find people trying to get rid of couches on Craigslist (for one reason or another), and some of these individuals are so desperate they’re willing to give them away for free if you’ll come pick them up. So that’s pretty sweet.

With that said, while a free couch is financially enticing, it’s not always your number one choice. Which is understandable. If you have a little more wiggle room in your budget, we recommend you check out this couch from Ikea listed for just $250. Ikea offers shipping at a flat rate, so this is totally doable.

Kitchen Table & Chairs: $89

It’s always nice to kill two birds with one stone (not that we’re into killing birds at Bellhops). If you are going to invest in a kitchen table & chairs, why not have it double as a high top bar? Chances are, you won’t be having massive dinner parties, so we went with something smaller that could fit in any apartment. This 3-piece table set is one of Amazon’s best-sellers for only $89.

Coffee Table: $30

We love this $30 coffee table from Target, which happens to go extremely well with the couch we mentioned and linked to earlier. When it comes to coffee tables, a minimalist look is always nice, making it easier to pair other pieces of furniture with it. Plus, this coffee table can be easily assembled without tools.

Dresser: $50

A dresser is another one of those pieces of furniture that you can get from either a second-hand store or from a friend. While we will leave that up to you, we want to give you plenty of links in this article so that you can outfit your apartment all from your laptop. If you like the idea of housing your clothes in a dresser that is brand new, here is one from that is very affordable. For most people, 3-drawers is all the storage space you need.

Kitchenware: $35

The most stressful part of furnishing an apartment is finding affordable kitchenware. The last thing you want to do is buy everything separately because the costs can add up quite quickly. Walmart has a 40-piece aluminum kitchen set that literally has everything you will ever need for an apartment (we are talking pots, pans, cutting boards, knives, utensils, Tupperware, etc)—all for just $35.

Shower Curtain: $12

Unless your apartment supplies one, which we doubt they do, we recommend spending the $12 and getting a shower curtain. There is no reason not to buy something like this brand new—a second-hand shower curtain would be pretty of gross. This shower curtain from J.C. Penny comes in a variety of neutral tones, so it will go well with any bathroom.

Bottles of Wine: $60

You’ve worked hard, so we think you deserve a membership to Bright Cellars, a cool company that sends wine directly to your front door. While this may not necessarily be an apartment furnishing, it could definitely help ease the moving transition.

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How Much Is All That?

We just fully furnished your apartment and threw in a bottle of wine for not $1,000, but $584. Dang, we are good. While you are probably going to spend a little more money on the interior design—pictures, lamps and other decor—we’ve covered all the essentials here. Bonus tip: as for the interior design of your place, remember that you can find some pretty cool vintage decor from yard sales.

Lastly, we recommend you make sure you are on a budget for your apartment furnishing journey. It is really easy to get excited after first moving in and spending fortunes on stuff you really don’t need… all on a whim. Always remember this rule when you find a piece of furniture that you really want –– there is always a cheaper option somewhere else, that is probably just as good.

Once you have that new apartment furnished, it’ll probably be time for a housewarming party. And don’t worry, we can help with too! Just click that link and enjoy the read.

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