Moving With Pets – A How To Guide For A Less Stressful Move

For humans, moving can be stressful. For pets, it can be straight up terrifying. Moving with pets can be extremely easy and to some extent, possibly fun. Here’s how to keep your critter calm on moving day.

1. Before the Move

  • Leading up to the big day, give your pet time to get used to riding in the car. If you’ve got a smaller pet, help them get used to their carrier.
  • Make sure your pet can stand up and turn completely around inside their carrier.
  • Add a familiar toy or favorite blanket to make it more inviting.
  • It’s also a good idea to do research ahead of time to find the right vet in your new city.

2. During the Move

  • Place pets in a quiet, calm area of the house while everything gets carried out.
  • Water and feed your pet (and any friends helping you move) at least an hour before driving.
  • In the car, make sure you have access to water, paper towels, plastic bags, and food. While moving with pets make frequent rest stops for watering and play.

3. After the Move

  • Show your pet the new digs one room at a time. Give them time to explore and adjust.
  • Be patient with them. Pets don’t like moving, but as you start to feel at home in your new place, they will too.

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