If you’re the type of person who struggles with change, there may be a silver lining in it. You know how when your parents or friends have to move? They always say that they’ll miss their old house and neighborhood but are happy about moving places for better opportunities. And while this is true for adults as well (at least emotionally), children don’t see things quite like we do! If you think back on all those times where life has thrown changes at our kids – whether big ones such as bullying, divorce, death of loved ones; or small stuff like new schools- most would agree that these events were hard on them. 

If you are moving long-distance with kids or a child, then keep reading for our guide on how to move long distance with kids! It is full of great tips and tricks to help make the move go smoothly. You’ll be thankful for these helpful hints when it comes time to pack up your belongings, break the news about starting over in an unfamiliar place, and welcoming new friends into your life.

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How to prepare your kids for a long distance move

It’s common for kids to be afraid of the unknown and a long distance move can make that feeling even more intense. But, keeping your child occupied with activities will help them take their mind off what is happening around them better than if you just ignore it or tell them not to worry about it.

Here are some tips on how best prepare children before they leave everything behind – don’t forget we’re here for support during this process too!

Let’s discuss some of the best ways to prepare your kids during this overwhelming period of relocation.

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Preparing your school-age child for relocation

Moving with a school-aged child is vastly different from the move if they are under six years old. Schoolkids understand more, and they have already grown accustomed to their friends at school, teachers – as well as all of the other little nuances that come with being in an environment for so long! That’s why it’ll take some explaining when you tell them about your upcoming relocation. Be positive and point out all of those positives: like new schools or neighborhoods where there will be lots of opportunities waiting just around the corner!

Moving long distance with teenagers

Moving across the country can be very difficult for most children, especially if they are teenagers. These kids have usually already accepted everything around them – their circle of school friends is established and so on; therefore a move will often upset these teenagers as it frightens that which has been familiar to them. It’s important not only to talk with your child about this big change but also accept his or her thoughts and suggestions in order to make this transition less daunting for everyone involved!

It’s important to be patient with those who have a hard time moving. Explain the benefits of their new school and how they will benefit from better education, which leads to more opportunities for college acceptance and jobs in the future. Spend quality time and listen carefully as you talk about why the move is good for them and keep them involved in the process of relocation.

Packing with kids in mind

The Better Way to Move

The hardest part for younger children is being able to pack and prepare all their belongings. They might feel sad seeing things get packed away in boxes, so it’s important to make them last until the day before you are moving or take a small box of special toys with you on your trip if possible.

Save yourself the agony of a scavenger hunt by labelling all your boxes. Fix any kids who can’t write with markers and paper to make them feel like they’re helping!

Labeling your boxes and packing items will make the unpacking process easier because you’ll know where everything goes. Label each box with a room, child’s name, and what is in that particular box to save yourself from future stress! Kids can even write or draw on labels for more personal touch-up.

Moving professionals are a must

You know the old saying, “if you want something done right, do it yourself.” Well, that’s not always an option when moving with kids. Make good use of babysitters and family members to help out so your sanity is saved! Third-party packing and moving resources like Bellhop Movers provide packing up and unpacking services at either end of your journey. This will make the moving process easier for everyone involved – remember there are people who can pack up all those tiny little pieces in a fraction of the time that would take if left alone. Remember too: stress impacts adults as well which may impact children negatively; have a plan A & B ready just in case things don’t go as planned during your move day.

Taking the Road for a Long Distance Relocation with Kids

It’s not easy to travel with kids. But if you want a real adventure, then it is worth the hassle! There are plenty of things that can go wrong and keep your trip interesting: car sickness, traffic jams… even boredom after all those hours on the road in between stops for food or gas. Here are some tips so that everyone has an enjoyable experience!

The best way to combat the stress of a long road trip with kids is arming yourself with lots of snacks, fun car activities and entertainment for your ride. Consider this a family-bonding and adventure opportunity where memories will be made. Keep on hand things like books, games, tablets or DVD players so that you don’t have an episode where nothing seems entertaining enough!

Keep a cooler stocked with healthy food and water. If your kids are old enough, put the cooler where they can reach it to reduce the number of times you have to pull over for assistance. Keep in mind that during long trips, people need frequent restroom breaks so use this time as an opportunity to let them walk around a bit too while giving them freedom from their seat belts or car seats (if possible).

As a parent, it can be hard to keep your kids entertained on long car rides. However, this doesn’t have to happen as you are driving! You could play trivia games at the back of the car with them and get creative by writing down answers or drawing pictures for each question if they don’t know what that answer is. If you have enough time in advance of your trip then plan out some fun activities along the way like seeing national parks or historical sites. These attractions also provide an opportunity for physical activities which might help break up monotony during road trips!

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