When most of us think of Los Angeles, CA, one of two things comes to mind: beaches and film. L.A. is a diverse city, often called a melting pot, with fantastic job prospects (especially in the arts and entertainment), delicious food, and our favorite part: over 284 sunny days each year. 

That’s a whopping 79 more sunshine-filled days than the national average. This all just goes to show why L.A. is the biggest city in California and the second biggest in all of the U.S.!

Now, if you’re considering moving in that direction, the next step is to figure out which neighborhood you’ll feel most at home in. Today, we’re going to share some of the best neighborhoods in Los Angeles to help with your home search. 

The best neighborhoods in Los Angeles

A great way to find out which neighborhood is right for you is by looking at what’s there and the general vibe. Los Angeles is, as a whole, a pretty laid-back community. There are many indoor and outdoor activities you can partake in, and there’s no limit on the things you can do. 

In a matter of one day, you can go shopping with your friends, check out the local universities, browse the beach, or be on the set of a local film. 

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Los Angeles has more than 400 neighborhoods to choose from as well, so you’ll feel good knowing that you have not just plenty to do but plenty of neighborhoods to look at. 

Of course, with that many neighborhoods in the running, it can be a challenge to figure out which one is the right fit. If this is the situation you’re facing, don’t worry. We’re here to help.

Let’s chat about some of the best neighborhoods in Los Angeles for families, young professionals, and singles. 

Best neighborhoods in Los Angeles for families

One of the first questions our movers hear from couples with children who are thinking of moving is, “Is Los Angeles a good place to raise a family?” Indeed, it is! 

Not only will you enjoy beautiful beaches, shopping, delicious food, and other amenities, but you also have highly rated public and private schools at your fingertips, from elementary all the way up to internationally renowned universities!

As someone who is thinking about moving your family to Los Angeles, you might be wondering what exactly the best neighborhoods are, what’s around, and what schools to look at. Some of the neighborhoods we recommend for families include Cheviot Hills, Sherman Oaks, Eagle Rock, Santa Monica, and Pasadena. 

Here’s a quick look at three of our favorites: 

Cheviot Hills

Many families moving to Los Angeles quickly find themselves at home in Cheviot Hills, a quiet neighborhood in western L.A. with a lower-than-average violent crime rate and a population of 11,109. This neighborhood is in the middle of Century City and Culver City, and you can get to Santa Monica, Downtown, and Hollywood in just a short drive. 

How much does a home cost in this urban-suburban neighborhood? The median home value is $1,855,858, and the median rent is $2,278. (Approximately 68% of people living in Cheviot Hills own their home, but there are many great spots to rent, too.)

When you head to enroll your kids in school, you can choose from Castle Heights Elementary School, Palms Middle School, Hamilton High, and Cheviot Hills High School. You also have the Crossroads School for Arts & Sciences and many other private schools not too far away. 

If you move to Cheviot Hills, check out the Cheviot Hills Recreation Center. You can sign your kids up for different classes or sports programs, such as baseball. Not to mention, you can pass the time at the pool, play area, or on the court with a friendly game of family basketball. 

And of course: the restaurants! Marty’s Hamburger Stand has amazing burgers, Century Dragon for top-notch Chinese, and local favorites like The Six and John O’Groats round it out. You can’t miss.

Sherman Oaks

If you’re looking for a charming, quiet neighborhood to raise your family–with beautiful scenery to boot–look no further than Sherman Oaks. Located in the San Fernando Valley, this relaxed neighborhood is an oasis for families with teens, in particular, offering tons of foodie spots and multiple shopping malls, including Westfield Fashion Square and Sherman Oaks Galleria. 

Approximately 77,099 people live in this neighborhood now. You’ll find Sherman Oaks on the top-25 list of “best neighborhoods to raise a family in Los Angeles.” Why? For starters, crime is not too bad there, and while it has small-town vibes, you get the luxury of the amenities you’d find in the heart of L.A., such as shopping, food, and much more. 

Regarding education, there are various public schools in the area, including Sherman Oaks Elementary Charter, Milken Community School, Larchmont Charter School, and Renaissance Arts Academy. Near Sherman Oaks, you’ll also find private schools such as Harvard-Westlake School, Windward School, and Marlborough School. 

If you’d like to buy a home in this eclectic and popular neighborhood, plan for a median home value of $1.44 million. However, if you want to rent at first, the median rent is $2,950 in Sherman Oaks. 

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Eagle Rock

Roughly 39,476 people live in Eagle Rock, and there’s sure to be a beautiful home waiting there for you, too. You can purchase a home for a median home value of $1.38 million or rent for a median cost of $2,895. While these numbers are well above the national average, you can look forward to a luxury home or other high-end home that your family will enjoy for years to come–with many local amenities to match.

A northeast L.A. neighborhood nestled between Pasadena and Glendale, Eagle Rock is a beautiful part of the city with a trendy, down-to-earth atmosphere. Some might even call it retro. There are tons of cafes, dinner spots, and more to keep you and your family busy. You’ll also find All Star Lanes there, a bowling alley with tasty drinks and fun karaoke nights. 

Some of the public schools in the area include Eagle Rock Elementary School, Eagle Rock Junior/Senior High School, KIPP Iluminar Academy, and KIPP Raices Academy. If you like the option of private school, you’ll be happy to know that you have Flintridge Preparatory School, Polytechnic School, Oakwood School, Westridge School, and Mayfield Senior School nearby. Eagle Rock also has Occidental College, a private liberal arts school. 

What’s it like living in Eagle Rock? One resident says, “I have been in the Eagle Rock community my whole life, and it has always been so diverse both economically and ethically which makes it even more welcoming to newcomers along the way. Because of what this small neighborhood has to offer, such as their annual festivals, carnivals, and concerts, there is always this sense of family and community.

Best neighborhoods in Los Angeles for young professionals and singles

A great thing about Los Angeles is the never-ending amount of things to do. As a young professional or unmarried person, you can find virtually everything you need living in Downtown Los Angeles, Silver Lake, Echo Park, Playa Del Rey, Ocean Park, West Hollywood, Los Feliz, Beverlywood, and a handful of other neighborhoods. 

These neighborhoods offer close proximity to some of the city’s top employers, conveniently located housing, and all the amenities you could want. Below is some more information on two of our favorite neighborhoods:

Downtown Los Angeles

If you’re single and moving to Los Angeles, you can’t go wrong with Downtown. With 70,298 others in the neighborhood, you’re likely to meet new friends, connections, and others who have similar interests as you, whether that’s enjoying all things outdoors that L.A. has to offer, the Hollywood scene, or soaking up the sun at the ocean side.

Living in Downtown Los Angeles, you’ll have plenty of ways to spend the weekend. You can visit the Walt Disney Concert Hall, the Music Center Plaza, the Grand Central Market, Union Station, or Grand Park–to name a few. (Needless to say, Downtown is one of the best neighborhoods in Los Angeles to visit, just as much as it is a great place to live!)

Want a gym you don’t have to travel far to get to? It has that. Looking for a new place to eat? You’ll find plenty of foodie spots Downtown. Need to stop by the grocery store? You can order delivery or check out one of the various Downtown spots. 

If you end up buying a home Downtown, the median home value is $570,000, a sharp drop since last year. However, if you prefer renting, for now, the median rent is $2,900.. Either way, you’re sure to find a beautiful home or apartment you love.

Silver Lake

Silver Lake is a coveted neighborhood in the east-central part of L.A. The neighborhood has a low violent crime rate and has been referred to as one of the best neighborhoods to call home in L.A. and a top place for young professionals, musicians, and other creatives. 

Why do people love it so much in Silver Lake? Well, that’s easy! First, it has a diverse atmosphere, welcoming people from all backgrounds. Second, it’s only a quick drive from Downtown Los Angeles and Hollywood, making it easy to get in the mix where everything is happening.

Also, as one person puts it, “[It’s] absolutely picturesque [in Silver Lake]. A small getaway from the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles. Incredibly green, beautiful reservoir, and very dog-friendly! Always something to do.

The median home value in Silver Lake is $1,120,345, and the median rent is $1,835. As you might expect, like other California neighborhoods, the housing can get spendy in Silver Lake. However, with the numerous amenities available (coffee shops, restaurants, stores, etc.), you may find that the price tag is worth it. (And at least some of the 33,634 people currently living there would probably agree.)

Get help moving to Los Angeles

Now that you know the best neighborhoods in Los Angeles, it’s time to plan out your move. Bellhop can help coordinate local Los Angeles moves and long-distance moves to Los Angeles (both large and small). Whether you need help with loading, unloading, delivery, or something else, we are there for you. Book a move online now.

Need to move last minute in LA? We can help with that too!

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