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Moving long distance is a big, scary decision. What do you need to know about moving long distance? What are the pros and cons of this type of move? What should you pack in my car when going on a drive that could last days or weeks? These are all questions you might be asking yourself before your move. To answer these questions and more, we have compiled some helpful tips from the experts at bellhop.

Get Multiple Long Distance Moving Quotes

Do you know how much a moving company charges or what average long-distance moving costs are? If not, it’s time to find out. The cost of moving can be expensive and the price is often determined by weight, distance, packing services, and other factors. You may think that one quote will suffice but if you’re looking for the best deal on your upcoming move then be sure to get multiple quotes from different companies before making a decision. Most companies should give you a custom estimate by phone. Comparing prices can be crucial when looking into moving long distance.

Get Moving Insurance

Moving long distance is not without risk. You could lose some of your most prized possessions to something as simple and easily avoidable as the backside of an unloading truck door, or see it crushed in transit by another load that’s been piled on top. Be ready for anything bad happening with your stuff when you’re moving – get additional insurance coverage so these things don’t happen! Under Federal law, basic movers’ liability limits are only $0.60 per pound (although this varies under state laws). Determine beforehand if you want full-value insurance protection before signing up for any kind of service; take note too about how much money each type will cost and what their deductibles are like based off those specifics which vary from carrier to carrier.

Make An Inventory List All Of Your Property And Items

When packing up for a long-distance move, interstate move, or cross-country move, it’s important to know how much stuff you have so that the moving company can provide an accurate estimate. This is done by making and keeping good records of your belongings during extensive inventory. The long distance movers will need this list when estimating prices and ensuring safe delivery from one location to another; but even more importantly, having such detailed account throughout the entire process helps keep us organized!

Make A Plan For Your Move

Moving is hard work. It’s not just packing your boxes and loading them into a truck; it also involves preparations like canceling utilities, changing mailing addresses, updating subscriptions – the list goes on! To make sure you don’t forget anything important before moving day arrives, consider creating an official checklist for yourself that contains every task needing attention to avoid missing out on any of those pesky but necessary details. The following are some helpful tips while putting together this essential document:

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  • – Start by writing down all the tasks at hand with their deadlines assigned so you can check items off as they get done 
  • – Get creative in how many ways possible (e.g., create sections such as “Themes” or “Sections”) to make the list easier to follow
  • – Keep a digital copy on your computer, tablet or phone for quick reference at any time
  • – Print out a hard copy and keep it in your purse or wallet to refer back to when needed

Reduce The Number Of Items To Move

The cost of a long distance move will depend on the number of items to be moved between the two homes, as well as their total weight. Cut your moving costs drastically by taking only what you’ll need in the future – more stuff means more money out-of-pocket! Decide whether or not to take or leave an item based on how often it’s been used for over 12 months (if at all) and either sell any unwanted items or goods that still have commercial value online or at a garage sale before iving them away; donate anything leftovers from these sales if they’re no longer needed.

Start A Packing Timeline And Stick To It

Organize your packing job by following a detailed timeline – the only way to use your packing time effectively. Break down, organize, and assign deadlines and a detailed packing timeline so that you can keep track of how much progress you’ve made with each mini-task along the journey from moving out to unpacking at home. As soon as you know your move to another part of the country is just a matter of time, start packing. Follow up on moving preparations by preparing one area at a time and do so in an order that will make things less stressful when moving day arrives. The best way to prepare is to make sure the packing process goes as smoothly as possible. 

Don’t Pack Essentials Items That You Need Immediate Access To

One of the fundamental packing rules is don’t pack anything you’ll need once you get to your new home before the rest of your delivery arrives. That includes any personal documents, such as driver’s licenses and passports since they are not acceptable forms of identification when opening a bank account or applying for jobs in many countries overseas (such as New Zealand). If needed, store these types of papers with someone securely who can give them back to you upon arrival so that everything is readily available on day one!

The Better Way to Move

Don’t pack anything into boxes yet; wait until after finalizing what needs to be shipped and where it will go instead. Keep all personal documents–emails included-separated from other items going abroad – don’t put birth certificates inside shoes while packing up piles if clothing. What if you need to see your passport while in line for customs?

Keep Essential Items Handy

Organizing a long distance move can be challenging, but it is possible with some patience and creative thinking! When packing for the big day, make sure you have your essentials packed in boxes. Pack Items that will get lost during transit such as clothes or sentimental items before they’re separated from their rightful owners – this way if anything gets misplaced en route to its new home everything won’t just turn up missing all together. It’s also important not to forget about yourself when prepping for moving days – pack toiletries into easy-to-carry bags so you don’t end up without toothpaste on an unfamiliar sink (or worse!). If anyone has sensitive belongings like prescription medication or jewelry then consider bringing those along too.

Get Your Pets Prepared For The Move

It’s never easy preparing for a long distance move when you have a pet in your family, but it can be done. If standard moving companies are not allowed to transport pets; what should you do? First and foremost take your little buddy the veterinarian office for one last checkup before they embark on this big journey ahead of them. Moving yourself is usually not an option since most animals don’t enjoy being confined in small spaces like cars so find out if someone else has transportation that will work better! 

Protect Your Mattress

Leaving your mattress outside of a box leaves it vulnerable to damage, dirt and other hazards. However, professional movers can pack the items with care as well as provide you with any necessary moving equipment such as boxes or dollies!

Pick The Best Long-Distance Mover

If you’re looking for a moving company, it’s easy to get quotes from various cross-country movers but the thing is that you don’t need just any mover. You need an absolutely incredible long distance mover who can offer high quality work at competitive rates. Compare the received cost estimates in terms of pricing and additional services because not all companies are created equal! Pick the best option for your budget and expectations by reading through moving companies reviews to check how reputable those movers are in the eyes of their former customers.

Contact Bellhop For Moving Long Distance

If you are considering moving long distance, there is plenty of information available to help, including this guide to comparing moving company quotes. Moving can be an overwhelming experience and it’s important that you have all the right knowledge before starting your journey. Bellhop offers reliable moving services for people who need assistance with their relocation needs. Contact our team at Bellhop today so we can answer any questions or concerns you may have about this type of move!

What exactly should I pack in my car when going on such a drive? How do I plan out my route beforehand? We understand that moving long distance is a big, scary decision. That’s why we have compiled these helpful tips from the experts at Bellhop full-service moving company to answer your questions and give you some peace of mind before you make this life-changing move. These are just some of the many questions answered by our experts at Bellhop. Contact our team at Bellhop today so we can answer any questions or concerns you may have about this type of move!

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